There is something in the fitting room

Why are there always long lines at the door of the fitting room of a fast fashion brand clothing store? How much time does it take contemporary young people to think about life in the fitting room?

The answer is not on the spot, in social media.

I turned on the phone and found that Moments of Friends and Weibo are full of selfies in the fitting room. Everyone is a fashion blogger, hiding behind the curtain and taking selfies crazy.

Why do everyone choose to take selfies in the fitting room? How did this magic come about?

It’s all the light
People taking selfies in the fitting room always have an illusion that they look very beautiful in the mirror and look good in everything they wear. But please note that this is actually an effect created by mirrors and lights, and has nothing to do with you. Almost every fitting room will engage in “small moves”.

Take lighting as an example, the most basic color temperature selection is exquisite. Color temperature refers to the color of light that people see directly, and it may be red, orange, yellow, white, and light blue. Warm light contains a lot of red light, which can give people a warm and comfortable feeling, while cold light helps to concentrate and improve work efficiency. Recall the lighting in cafes and libraries. It happens to be the difference between the two.

Fitting rooms usually use warm shades or neutral shades. The warm light is soft and comfortable, and the photo comes with a hazy and beautifying effect, making people look ruddy and shiny. Neutral shades will make clothes look more textured, and fast fashion brand clothing can also be photographed with big names.

In addition to the color temperature, the location of the lamp is also asked by universities. Two light tubes are erected on both sides of the mirror to project light onto the customer’s body at a certain angle, creating the most typical “magic mirror” effect. The lights on both sides form a ring-shaped halo just in the middle of the mirror, similar to the effect of a stage light, which can effectively block the shadow of the human body and make people look slim and compact. And most of the light is concentrated on the person’s face and body, so that you can fully appreciate the collocation of the whole body, and you can also take a good self-portrait-the light is concentrated on the face, making people’s eyes bright; the warm yellow light sets off a good complexion , The facial features look a lot more beautiful.

There is also an indirect lighting. Install a pair of lamps on the wall of the fitting room to hit the ceiling, and then use the all-white wall to evenly reflect the light, creating an effect similar to daylight, and the photos taken are also very beautiful.

Fun with the fitting room mirror
The beautiful fitting room selfies are the result of a conspiracy of light and shadow. In addition to the lights, the tall mirrors also contributed.

In the brand fitting room with the best selfie effect, the mirror is usually very large and keeps a certain distance from the ground. The space in the fitting room is also large enough. What people project in the mirror is a small mirror, which looks thin. And slim.

The negative textbook is that in some fitting rooms, the mirror is connected to the ground from the ceiling, the mirror body is flat on the wall, and the head is a giant fluorescent lamp, without other lights for decoration. In such a mirror, all human shortcomings will be magnified.

The image of a plane mirror is as large as the real object. When the mirror surface has a certain curvature, the mirror image projected by the person in the mirror will be “distorted”. The portrait photographed by the convex mirror will have a visually swelling effect, that is, it will appear fat. On the contrary, the portraits from the concave mirror appear thin. Most of the mirrors in clothing stores use concave mirrors. Because of the minimal curvature, the “slimming” effect is not too exaggerated, but it is enough to make you look better than usual.

The mirrors in some shops also adjust the angle of placement. According to the principle of light reflection and refraction, after the mirror is placed obliquely, the proportion of the lower body of the person increases significantly, and the portrait of the leaning back lengthens the vertical viewing angle.

The size and shape of the mirror are also very particular. A narrower, long strip mirror has a better “slimming” effect.

In addition, clothing stores often use three-layer mercury-plated mirrors, which reflect much more light than a mercury-plated mirror. The contours of the portrait will be more distinct, the colors are bright and saturated, and the warm light can make the skin color It looks even and translucent.

Someone once summed up a formula, using a downlight as the main lighting fixture in front of a 60cm×150cm dressing mirror. When the distance between the lamp and the dressing mirror is controlled at 40cm~60cm (under normal floor height conditions), the person faces the mirror. Try on clothes, the vertical surface can get better lighting, the mirror image of the person in the mirror is clearer, the facial light and shadow are natural, and the image is more realistic.

The fitting room is often referred to as the “last step to overthrow customers.” A well-designed fitting room can become a selfie spot and attract countless potential customers.