The mystery of the “Mattley phenomenon” that caused the strange fire

  Hadiyan Village in the hinterland of Saudi Arabia lives a shepherd: Rashid Matli. At noon one day after Eid al-Fitr in 1986, one of his yurts made of wool suddenly caught fire. Mattley and his wife put out the fire together. The next day, an inner house caught fire again, and Mattley became anxious and immediately reported to the village chief. When the village chief arrived, the fierce fire burned three houses at once. Matli was panicked and reported the matter to King Fahd, Prince Naif, the Minister of the Interior and relevant government departments, and asked the government to send experts to the scene to investigate. The Prince Hanadia’s Mansion was the first to send an investigation team to the scene, only to suggest that the Matli family move to another place.
  So the Matley family went to Haswood, 30 kilometers from Hardy Rock Village, and set up two tents. Unexpectedly, the tent where his wife and daughter lived was on fire again, and a piece of clothing he put in the car also spontaneously ignited for no reason.
  The strange fires in Mattley’s house have become famous.
  The Islamic League investigation team and some scientists from other countries and regions arrived after hearing the news. After investigating, they found that the strange fires in Mattley’s home occurred during the day, especially at noon and afternoon, and never occurred at night. As for why the fires happen frequently, it failed to make a convincing explanation. Therefore, people named this inexplicable strange fire “Mattley phenomenon”.
  The “Matley phenomenon” has not only occurred in the Middle East, but also in other parts of the world.
  There is a luxurious residence in Illinois, USA, where the Changnu couple and two children live. Unexpectedly, since March 1989, strange things happened in the house. The power socket on the wall will emit flames for no reason, like a flamethrower. This flame is about a few inches wide and a few feet long. The bedding, furniture, and utensils on the bed were burned by flames. The experts of the insurance company thought at first that there was a problem with the indoor wiring installation, so they invested money to refit all the wires in the entire building. However, the strange fire is still endless.
  What’s even more strange is that while strange fires appear in the house, thick smoke gushes out from time to time, and the whole house is full of smoke billowing, looking eerie and terrifying.
  In desperation, the insurance company had no choice but to buy the house and bulldozer level it. A decent luxury residence no longer exists because of the mysterious “Mattley phenomenon”.
  Kochinko, the chief physician of a Ukrainian hospital, once treated a boy named Sasha. According to Sasha’s parents and relatives, Sasha’s uncontrollable supernatural powers have caused more than 100 fires and brought disasters to relatives and friends, forcing them to move and take refuge. Sasha’s mother, Anna, said: “As soon as Sasha enters the room, the carpets, furniture and electrical appliances inside will often burn in an instant.” She also said that people in the family dare not sleep together and must take turns on duty to prevent fire hazards.
  In fact, Sasha is not alone in the similar “burning man”. A few years ago, people in the Italian tourist resort of Parma, found a teenager Benedetto Subino whose eyes could eject heat that was not easy to be noticed. Once, Subino went to see a dentist and picked up a magazine to read when he was waiting, but the magazine burned. At night, when he just fell asleep, the sheets were burned out again.
  Therefore, some experts and scholars pointed out that the “Mattley phenomenon” may be that these “fire people” “set fire”, but the reason is mysterious because these “fire people” do not know that they have the special function of “fire”. , Will unintentionally “arson” everywhere, causing the “Mattley phenomenon” to happen frequently.
  Professor Bi Qi from the Brook Village Polytechnic Institute in New York, USA, is an authority on the study of explosive electrostatics and an expert on the “Mattley phenomenon”. He believes that the high-strength static electricity carried by the human body causes it when it is released. Strange fire.
  Professor Bi Qi explained that in the dry winter, the static electricity on almost everyone rises to several thousand volts. Among 100,000 people, one person has extremely dry skin, so the static electricity generated is extremely high. Anyone with this kind of static electricity on their bodies is very dangerous. If they “radiate” and encounter excessive amounts of combustible gas in the air, they will easily “collide” out a “single fire” and “set a prairie fire.”
  An electric motor factory in Ohio experienced frequent fires in a period of time, sometimes as many as 8 in a day. Professor Bi Qi personally inspected the factory. He asked each employee to stand on a metal plate with an electric plate in his hand, and Professor Bi Qi paid attention to the changes in the electrostatic voltmeter. It was found that the static electricity on a female worker was 30,000 volts and the resistance was 500,000 ohms. Bi Qi suggested that the factory owner transfer the female worker to a department that does not come into contact with flammable materials. Later, there was no fire in this factory.
  The above-mentioned explanations are related to the human body. There are many explanations other than the human body. The most famous one is the theory of “burning particles”.
  Professor Louis of the University of France believes that “burning particles” are particles smaller than atoms. They exist in all matter on the earth. Due to various reasons in a certain area, such particles may accumulate too much, which may cause causes. Unexplained burning.
  Of course, since the existence of “burning particles” has not been confirmed by experiments so far, this is just a hypothesis or speculation.