The four “superpowers” that humans once possessed

When I was a child, the game I hated the most was hide and seek, because I could hear the sound but couldn’t catch people. When I grow up, I hate the distant call from others, so please keep talking, otherwise I really don’t know where you are…

To clarify a question: I have no problem with my hearing, but I can’t find the source of the sound. Good hearing is two different things from listening.

Magical listening position

In martial arts dramas, martial arts masters can see six directions and hear all directions.

If your head does not move, can you accurately determine the location of the distant sound source in an instant? We have two ears not for the convenience of wearing glasses, two ears can feel the difference in volume, time and tone, so as to distinguish the sound direction.

When we look for the sound source, we need to keep our ears close to listen, and animals can find the source of the sound instantly by moving their ears. In ancient times, in the complex and harsh living environment, a pair of smart ears was the key to hearing all directions. But why can’t human ears move?

Our ancestors also had flexible ears. There are three muscles that make the ears move, collectively referred to as “auricular muscles.” Everyone has it now, just muscle weakness…

Some people can move their ears, but most people’s ears cannot move. We don’t need to envy the former. Their unmoving ears are the “evolution”.

There is nothing to worry about if the “ear moving muscles” are weak, moving or not moving, it is there, and some muscles disappear quietly in the crowd, which makes people worry.

The disappearing cornice

In costume dramas, many martial arts masters will lightly work. In fact, being a primate, it’s a trivial thing to do light work.

But why don’t we stop now? The muscles of the whole body are degenerating, even some muscles are completely degenerated in some people.

The palm long muscle is a vital tissue of the human upper arm, and it can play a key role in hanging and rock climbing. Studies have shown that the use frequency of palm long muscles of contemporary Chinese women is the highest among upper arm muscles. Among male upper arm muscles, palmar longus is the second most frequently used muscle tissue.

Even so, among people of different races, the reported proportion of palm long muscle loss ranges from a few percent to more than 20 percent.

The muscles that you don’t use all the year round, the body thinks you really don’t want it…Don’t be depressed, those only disappear in some people, there is a kind of “superpower”, now almost everyone has no.

Farewell fur strengthening

Many common animals have a skill-Baomao (fur strengthening), which is a “superpower” that instantly increases the volume. It is said that you can’t make a fat man with one bite, but Baomao can show strong in a second.

In the Southern Song Dynasty, the anti-golden general Yue Fei had this kind of “super power” because he wrote in “Man Jiang Hong”: “Furious, lean on a railing and rest in the rain.”

Although I don’t know whether the Jinjun is difficult to fight, but facing a general whose hair can stand up instantly and top off his crown, anyone will have weak legs.

The ancestors of mankind also had this kind of “superpower”. At that time, the life was hard, and the coldness was completely dependent on the lamina, and the thermal effect was great. Our erect hair muscles are still developed, but with the advancement of human civilization, everyone has begun to use clothes to keep warm from the cold, so the hair is getting less and less (especially the Chinese), and there is nothing to be done.

Modern people are frightened. The sparse, soft, short hairs that are erected have almost zero volume expansion, but the dense goose bumps are still a deterrent to enemies suffering from intensive phobia.

Feeling weaker and weaker? The real regret is yet to come.

The second “nose” that failed

There is a mysterious organ in our nasal cavity called “vomeronasal organ”, but it has been highly degraded and lost its important function-receiving pheromones.

Pheromone, also known as pheromone and pheromone, is a volatile chemical substance secreted by the animal body and has the function of transmitting information. Pheromone information received through the vomeronasal organ can cause behavioral or physiological changes in animals. Almost all animals have been proven to have pheromones.

Pheromone is a chemical molecule that transmits information, everyone has it, and all are different. It is not body odor, but a mysterious chemical substance with information transmission function. Humans use police dogs and military dogs to track criminals. The clue that attracts dogs is not a narrow sense of human body odor, but a pheromone rich in personal information.

The information transmission function of pheromones is much more advanced than smell, and it is even related to love and sex.

According to legend, Napoleon’s vomeronasal organ is very good. He loves his mistress Josephine fiercely because he can receive the pheromones from Josephine and is deeply attracted.

So every time Napoleon returned from the expedition, he would write to Josephine half a month in advance, telling her: “Don’t take a bath.” Only Napoleon was obsessed with Josephine’s body scent? Josephine wrote back: “So do you.”

Many famous beauties in ancient China also have charming body scents, such as Xi Shi, Zheng Dan, and Yang Guifei. They all say “smell the same”, which makes people feel fit and attracted, not just the sense of smell.

In 1703, Dutch doctors discovered the vomeronasal organ on the face of a wounded soldier, but the latest minimally invasive anatomical study found that the vomeronasal organ of humans does not have the powerful functions of other animals.

The vomeronasal organ is not a simple courtship weapon. Snakes can hunt with the vomeronasal device. The signal left by the prey in the air is a small buoy floating in the air for the snake. Following them, the snake can easily track the prey it has locked. Dogs can distinguish the same sex, identity, health status, diet and other information through the vomeronasal organ. Once entering the territory of other dogs, the sensitive dog will start to get nervous, it will worry that the “landlord dog” will suddenly rush out, and the dog will smell the other’s strong “force value”.

Without so many “superpowers”, how did humans conquer the world? Our intelligence has been evolving, and this is the strongest “superpower”.

Now, we also have a new high-end “organ” that no other animal has. It is smart, compact, and convenient. It is a new window for us to see the world and completely explodes the old version of “superpowers.” With it, you can talk and laugh all over the earth, you can ask for a spouse with a shake, you can ask for help with a few clicks, and you can complete tracking by “sharing real-time location”, and you can also call a clone to help you order takeaway.

That’s right! It is your mobile phone. It is simply our external brain. It is fast and has a large memory. Any information can be “at your fingertips”. The knowledge points that used to take a few days to memorize can be displayed verbatim in a few seconds on the mobile phone, and there is no need to memorize things…

However, in the long run, will our brains also become weaker? Thinking carefully…

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