The correct way to open a standard breakfast

Have a good breakfast, lose weight and control sugar
According to German scholars, if the food content and total calories are exactly the same in a day, eating a lot of breakfast will increase the body’s energy consumption, produce a stronger sense of fullness, reduce the craving for sweets, and be healthier overall.

The researchers asked the subjects to eat a high-calorie breakfast (69% of the total daily intake) or a low-calorie breakfast (11% of the total daily intake) at the specified time. The nutrient composition of the two breakfasts is similar. Eat each one for 3 consecutive days, and then swap. The subject rested at 11:30 every night, got up at 7:00 the next day, and could not do physical exercises during the day. The final analysis reached the following conclusions.

Glucose metabolism

If the same food is eaten at night, blood sugar and insulin fluctuate more. Experts explained that this is a response to the human body’s circadian rhythm, and similar results have been found in other studies. Long-term high blood sugar and insulin will promote human aging.

Satiety and appetite

When eating a high-calorie breakfast, the appetite before lunch and dinner was lower, especially the desire for sweets at dinner was lower; moreover, the subjects’ hunger was significantly lower than when eating a low-calorie breakfast.

Changes in energy consumption levels

A high-calorie breakfast can maintain a continuous high energy consumption state after a meal. The resting energy consumption is still twice that of an fasting state until 5 hours after the meal; while the energy consumption level of a low-calorie breakfast is only half of that of a high-calorie breakfast, and after 2 hours Fall back to the pre-dinner level. Experts explain that eating a high-calorie breakfast can burn extra calories. With the same daily total calorie intake, it is less likely to gain weight.

Stress hormone levels

After eating a high-calorie breakfast, the subjects’ cortisol levels increased, while ACTH decreased. The body’s normal rhythm is high in the morning and low in the evening. Therefore, eating more breakfast properly will make people excited and awake, while eating more dinner may cause excessive excitement and adversely affect sleep quality.

Based on the above aspects, the researchers believe that eating more breakfast is more beneficial to health. Previously, studies by scholars have shown that people who often skip breakfast each week have a 48% increase in the risk of overweight or obesity and 31% of the risk of “belly” obesity than those who often eat breakfast.

What is a “good” breakfast
“Good” means eating full, that is, eating very satisfied, and at the same time ensuring enough calories and nutrients. Specifically, breakfast calorie and nutrient intake should account for 40% of the total daily intake, at least 30%, but at present, most people in our country often “get it right” for breakfast, and it is difficult to reach 40%. , Not even 25%, especially the serious lack of protein intake.

The above-mentioned research also gives us a “help” in our daily diet. If you like high-calorie foods, you can choose to eat them in the morning. A healthy and qualified breakfast should include at least three types of food: cereals, such as noodles, steamed bread, bread, etc.; animal foods, such as meat, eggs, dairy products, etc.; fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C that can supplement dietary fiber; It would be better if you eat more pine nuts, almonds and other nuts. As long as the collocation is reasonable, the protein is sufficient, the vitamins and minerals are rich, and the amount of dinner is reduced accordingly, there is no problem eating to the satisfaction.

Breakfast recipes for different groups of people
Choosing a suitable breakfast according to age and occupational characteristics can make people full of energy and keep full of energy.

Office worker

A bowl of noodle soup (preferably noodles containing beans), with an egg, 150 grams of green leafy vegetables, a small amount of beef or dried tofu, and a small handful of raisins in the morning.

Recommended reason: Eggs, sauced beef and dried tofu are good sources of protein, and leafy greens can supplement potassium, magnesium and vitamin C. If lactose is intolerant, dried tofu can be used instead of dairy products, plus green leafy vegetables. Eat some raisins in the morning to add dietary fiber, potassium and carbohydrates to prevent hunger in the afternoon.

The elderly

Oat milk porridge, black sesame seeds, fruits and vegetables; vegetable lean meat noodles, dried tofu.

Recommended reason: The elderly drink a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, which is nutritious and easy to digest. In order to strengthen calcium supplementation, add low-fat and high-calcium milk, shrimp skin, dried fish, etc. to oatmeal to enrich the taste. While drinking porridge, it is best to match it with eggs or dried tofu. You can also eat side dishes, such as dried celery, cabbage, and shredded radish.


Whole wheat bread sandwiches, milk, fruits and vegetables; multigrain porridge, buns, eggs, fruits and vegetables.

Reason for recommendation: Students’ breakfast should be supplemented with carbohydrates. Therefore, no matter how anxious it is, it is best to add staple foods to breakfast, such as bread, rolls, steamed buns or coarse grains with a low glycemic index. Students are in the growth and development stage, and breakfast can be served with a glass of milk and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Fitness enthusiast

Whole wheat sandwiches, half a bowl of eggs mixed with spinach, a glass of milk.

Recommended reason: eggs, milk and cheese are good sources of protein? ; Vegetables and protein combined with whole grain foods help maintain the effect of exercise and maintain blood sugar stability.


Mixed-grain fried rice (including barley, oats, millet, etc., plus mushrooms, peas, dried tofu is equivalent to stir-fry), stir in sauteed sesame or ground peanuts before eating, and a cup of soy milk with protein powder.

Recommended reason: It is very difficult for vegetarians to maintain a balanced nutrition, and they need to get enough protein. Oats and peas are added to the multi-grain rice, and nuts and soy products are used as protein sources. Dietary fiber, B vitamins and a variety of trace elements are available. It is suitable for vegetarians to try.