The Austrian Lake District that looks like a fairyland

St. Wolfgang is located in south-central Austria and is a favorite holiday destination for Europeans. The scenery is beautiful and the sightseeing spots are well planned. In addition to hiking, swimming, boating, pilgrimage to the church, shopping in the city, you can also take a steam train up the mountain to enjoy the scenery, or take a boat trip to the lake to visit nearby towns. When my daughter went to Vienna as an exchange student, we also stopped by here.

The town was born in a church with a thousand years of history, founded by the Catholic monk St. Wolfgang in 976 AD. According to legend, he received an oracle and threw an axe from the mountain to find this precious place to build a church. When he was canonized in 1052, this church became a pilgrimage site for Europeans. The city is also named after it, and it has grown into the most prosperous town nearby.

After we arrived at the homestay and checked in, we walked to the city center to visit. Walking into the church, the atmosphere is solemn and solemn, and the classical and dark altar murals can be seen by the years. The cloister at the back of the church has hollow arched stone windows. Some people leaned on the windows to look out at the lake, which is a good place to go blank.

There is a White Horse Hotel nearby. It is famous for the background of the opera “White Horse Hotel” and is a famous local attraction. The houses in the town are unique in shape, with bright colors, and the windowsills on the outer walls are decorated with flowers, which are very romantic and beautiful. Various shops sell handmade soaps, porcelain, dolls, cuckoo clocks, kitchen utensils, handicrafts, wooden products, traditional costumes, etc., all of which are dazzling with local characteristics and are quite exquisite.

In the evening, we changed into bathing suits and went to the lakeshore to swim in Lake Wolfgang. The lake here is formed by melting the ice and snow on the mountain in winter. Although it is still a bit cold in summer, it is not so cold after swimming. The lake water is very clear. It is said that the water quality is good and can be directly drunk. The rocks and gravel underneath are clearly visible. I usually like swimming very much. This is the first time in my life swimming in a lake. I floated and sunk in the green mountains and green water with the waves, and I felt very happy.

● The lakes and mountains of Schaffburgh
The next morning, we took a mountain train to Schaffburg Mountain to play. The journey took about 45 minutes. The train went round the mountain and enjoyed the lake and mountains along the way. The weather on the mountain is changing rapidly and it is sunny and rainy. It would be a pity if there are clouds and fog and poor visibility. Fortunately, the sky was beautiful that day, and the whole lake area could be seen clearly in 360 degrees. I saw layers of green mountains and green lakes lingering, which made people feel refreshed. We had a drink at the outdoor restaurant on the mountain and admired the boundless scenery around us. After taking pictures around, I took the return train down the mountain for lunch.

The so-called “backing on mountains and eating mountains” and relying on water for drafting. When you arrive in the lake area, of course you must taste the famous local fish dishes. The daughter chose a lakeside restaurant to dine in according to the online reviews. The fish was kept in the lake, and the ingredients were fresh. I ordered pink smoked lake salmon and smoked trout fillet with skin. Both plates are cold dishes, with salad and mustard sauce. The portions are generous and the taste is not bad. The main dish is a whole fried trout, topped with garlic sauce and garnished with red berries. Although it is not amazing, the garlic sauce is very delicious, rich but not spicy, with crispy fish, good It was sucking, and I didn’t even want to let it go.

After lunch, we boarded the boat at the pier next to the restaurant and headed to another resort in the northwest corner of the Lake District-St Gilgen. A 40-minute voyage, stopping in several small towns along the way. The green grass by the lake, the colorful houses, lined with green mountains and clear water, are very pleasing to the eye.

St. Gilgen is the hometown of Mozart’s mother and the residence of his sister after marriage. Although he has never personally visited, there is also a Mozart memorial. There are some restaurants and souvenir shops in the town. The buildings are all exquisite and beautiful. They are small in scale and can be visited in about an hour. It is a small European town. If you don’t take the mountain train up the mountain, you can also take the funicular here to the Zodiac Peak Mountain overlooking the beautiful lake area.

● Hallstatt must go to this life
Further south, there is also a small town in the Lake District that has become very famous in recent years ─ Hallstatt. Compared with St. Wolfgang, which has the romantic and luxurious charm of everyone, Hallstatt is as fresh and simple as Xiaojiabiyu, natural and quiet. In recent years, although it has lost its charm due to too many tourists, it still does not hide its beauty. . When I first saw the photos of the place, I fell in love with it.

Although this village was listed as a world cultural heritage by the United Nations as early as 1997, it was still a declining salt mining town more than ten years ago, and its population was constantly losing. It was not until the 2006 Korean drama “Waltz of Spring” was filmed here that Asians discovered the ethereal beauty of this place. With the spread of the Internet, the popularity here is getting higher and higher. Later, the Kingdom of Ellendale in the Disney animation “Frozen” is said to have also been based on this place. Therefore, in recent years, it has become a popular tourist attraction and has been voted as one of the must-see towns in this life. It has become the dream place that many people desire the most.

The place is named after the salt mine. There is the oldest salt mine in the world on the mountain. People collected salt here 7000 years ago, and it has many prehistoric cultural relics. The salt factory was closed in 1965 and has been transformed into an educational and entertaining tourist attraction. In addition to viewing the natural beauty, you can also experience history and culture. It is well worth a visit.

● There is no cold spot in the salt mine tour
On the day of arrival, we first took the cable car up the mountain and overlooked the village and lake of Hallstatt from a height. After walking uphill for more than ten minutes, we arrived at the Salt Mine Tourist Center. Because the temperature in the salt cave is set at 8℃ all year round, in order to avoid the cold and prevent wear of their own clothes, before entering the salt mine, visitors must put on a miner’s suit, lock the backpack in the locker, and be led by the guide , Can enter the salt cave.

Walking about 2 kilometers in the cave, there are many exhibitions and explanations along the way, and introductions of multimedia videos. The most exciting thing is that there are two sections of wooden miner slides for tourists to experience for themselves. Those who are as timid as me, simply slide down with their husband. Although the slide may seem steep, it is not terrible. We screamed as we slid down, deliberately creating a tense atmosphere. At the end of the journey, everyone lined up in a row, straddling the wooden mine train, and weaving through the narrow tunnels. It took a while to return to the world from the depths of the salt mountain and see the sun again. A 70-minute tour of the salt mines, the mysterious and dark ancient salt caves are equipped with high-tech sound and light special effects.

After going down the mountain, buy an amethyst rough stone as a souvenir at the visitor center, and stroll around the town. The houses here are built around the mountains and lakes, and each building has its own characteristics. At this time, we were hungry, so we went to the lakeside restaurant of Seehotel Gruner Baum, a four-star hotel in town. This hotel is located in the square in the center of the town. It is the most advanced hotel in the area. Princess Sissi and some princes and nobles have stayed here, and the price is not expensive. Although I cannot stay here, I can dine here and enjoy the beautiful lakes and mountains. I feel very happy.

We ordered three dishes. The famous local grilled trout was served whole fish, and the side dish was potato, which tasted ordinary. Another dish of stewed beef slices. The beef is stewed until soft and not rotten. The shallow clear soup is accompanied by shredded mustard and carrots. The side dishes are two European-style dumplings made of mashed potatoes, flour and green vegetables. Not bad. The most delicious and good-looking thing is the fried fish fillet with beetroot stew rice. The purple sauce is wrapped in rice, soaking in the sweetness of beetroot. The fish fillet is also decorated with white bubbles like molecular cuisine, taste and taste. All are very special. Sitting by the lake, tasting delicious food leisurely, sipping a refreshing berry mint iced tea, watching the smoke on the lake and the white swans swimming around, I feel very comfortable.

When staying at the B&B in Obertraun on the opposite shore, there are fewer tourists and more secluded. In the early morning, the mountains were misty. We took a walk to the lake and saw wooden houses on the green meadows along the road, lined with yellow daisies in the wild, fresh and beautiful. Although it is not a famous scenic spot, this natural and simple rural scenery, poetic and picturesque, like a paradise, quiet and peaceful, let me temporarily forget the troubles of the world.

This year, due to the impact of new coronary pneumonia, it is impossible to travel to other places in the short term. But thinking of the beautiful scenery of the small Austrian Lake District still makes me fascinated. I wonder if these villages were lucky enough to escape the ravages of the plague? I hope that one day I can revisit the old place and wander in the beauty of heaven and earth again.