Teaching 40-year-old daughter to play the piano

I teach guitar in a piano shop and sell pianos by the way.

In July last year, an old woman came to the piano shop and said she would buy a piano. Judging from her age, we thought she was going to buy it for her granddaughter. As a result, she said that she wanted to learn and teach her daughter to play the piano after she learned.

When she used a rough index finger to strike a few messy notes on the keys, I realized that for her, learning piano would be very difficult. My mother-in-law said that her surname was Hu, and she was more than 60 years old this year, so we called her Aunt Hu.

Aunt Hu saw a black upright piano, which cost more than 9,000 yuan. She tapped the piano key, listened carefully, and then said that she didn’t have that much cash on her body, and hoped that we would go to her house to collect the money when we gave the piano.

“Tomorrow you go with the masters to deliver the piano.” The boss said to me as he opened the order.

The next day, I followed the master who carried the piano to Aunt Hu’s house.

This is an old building. Aunt Hu’s house is on the highest floor, the fifth floor. After entering the door is a small balcony. The floor is full of unknown items, all wrapped in plastic bags, a full one meter high. There was a coal stove on the other side of the balcony, and a pot of things was being cooked. The smell was strange.

When the things on the balcony moved almost the same, I walked into the house and was taken aback. The bags of unidentified items were actually densely packed into the entire living room, reaching the ceiling. I originally thought that Aunt Hu was collecting waste products, but there was no need to wrap the waste products in plastic bags. When I helped tidy it up, I found that the plastic bag was not heavy, and it felt like something like cotton.

When collecting the money, Aunt Hu said she wanted to make a request. I felt a little flustered. Looking at Aunt Hu’s family situation, I was a little worried that she would not have the money to pay the bill.

Aunt Hu explained that because it happened to be used yesterday, she couldn’t pay the full amount. She could only take out 3,000 yuan and asked if I could pay the remaining money in three installments. I called the piano store and the boss agreed. But there is still a problem. Aunt Hu cannot transfer money and can only collect cash at the door. This happened to me again.

After the request was met, Aunt Hu said with a smile that we are all good people and will be rewarded, and then continue to move the bags and bags. I couldn’t help being curious, and asked Aunt Hu what the bags of cloth were for and what was cooked in the pot. “Those cloths are used to make diapers for my daughter…” Aunt Hu said. Her daughter is prone to incontinence after taking medicine for a long time, so she prepared these things. The pot of things cooked outside is actually high-temperature sterilized cloth.

“My daughter just went to the hospital last night and will be back in a few days.” It turned out that the hospital collected the remaining money for the piano.

“Is it too much preparation?” Looking at the pile of bags, I thought it was too exaggerated.

Aunt Hu said that her eyes were not very good, and one of them was almost blind. The reason for preparing so much is to think that one day when the eyes are completely invisible, I can get these cloths by myself.

After setting up the piano, I noticed that there is only one room in Aunt Hu’s house without a cloth bag. The room has no door, but it is locked with iron railings. Said it is a room, in fact it is more like a cage. Realizing that this might be the room of Aunt Hu’s daughter, I faintly felt a tightness in my chest.

Aunt Hu told me that her daughter is 40 years old. She did very well when she was a child, but her classmates excluded her. Gradually, she became reluctant to go to school and stayed at home for a long time and became sick. Aunt Hu’s daughter should have encountered school violence. Sometimes, the ability to lead a healthy collective life mostly depends on the students’ own tenacious vitality.

The medicine that my daughter has taken for many years doesn’t work. Aunt Hu heard that music can cure illness, and her daughter also wanted to learn piano when she was young, so this time she saved money and bought one. “I was thinking about learning to play the piano while I was still healthy, and then slowly teaching her, hoping to alleviate her condition. If I am not here in the future, she can also play the piano to relieve her boredom.”

After returning, I called a friend who taught piano and said that I would introduce a student to her. She was very happy at first. When I told her about Aunt Hu, she was silent for a few seconds, preaching that it was a bit embarrassing to teach a 60-year-old mother-in-law who had no foundation. I persuaded for a long time, and she finally agreed.

A month later, my friend gave me some feedback, saying that once in class, Aunt Hu came to the piano shop but hid in a corner. It was busy that day, and she forgot to have Aunt Hu’s class, but the old lady waited for two hours for nothing.

“You must find my friends when you go, don’t be afraid to disturb, you spent money.” I said solemnly to Aunt Hu.

There is also a headache. Aunt Hu’s eyes are not good and it is very difficult to read music. It is not easy for the elderly to learn things, and the problem of eyes makes her even more difficult. The friend who taught her had mixed feelings. I told her not to be burdened. Even if Aunt Hu only played the “Little Tang L” (Introduction to Piano Textbook), it was great enough.

The second time I went to Aunt Hu’s house was to collect the first installment of the piano. This time I met Aunt Hu’s daughter. When I first saw her cage-like room, I felt that I had come to the scene of “Resident Evil”. Now it seems that everything is my extra imagination. Aunt Hu’s daughter is very well-behaved, like a cat.

She had short, fluffy hair, and she wore a still childish dress with lace trim, which she washed very clean. In the minds of parents, no matter what the child becomes, it is still the baby, but Aunt Hu’s child has stopped growing up since the age of 14, and even went abnormal, like those flowers that withered before they bloom, which is regrettable. .

Aunt Hu called her nickname Amei and asked her to bring me fruit to eat. She brought me a bunch of bananas in a while, some apples in a while, and then some oranges. I don’t know if she didn’t remember it or was too hospitable, she almost brought all the fruits from the house.

I see that Aunt Hu has been busy and she may not have time to teach her daughter to play the piano. She couldn’t control her time calmly like other elderly people, learning piano, chess, calligraphy and painting. I said: “Auntie Hu, go play the piano and let me listen to it.”

Aunt Hu patted her head and said, “Yes, let Teacher Cen teach it.” She took Amei to sit next to the piano. Although the action of playing the piano is very stiff, Aunt Hu can already play some simple songs. Then Aunt Hu dragged A-Mei’s hand, while singing, she helped A-Mei find the sound from the keyboard.

As the music sounded, I used a slightly exaggerated voice to cheer and shout: “Okay! Yes! Very good! Very good!” A-mei seemed to be infected by the atmosphere and became a little more positive. But her emotions can only last for 5 minutes. As she keeps making mistakes, A-mei begins to become irritable. I vaguely sensed that the black emotion was about to explode.

Aunt Hu realized A-mei’s anxiety and took her hand back to the room. It took about 10 minutes before she came out. Aunt Hu said that Amei’s illness came back and forth again and again, and she usually studied for about 3 minutes.

After listening to her, I said: “Aunt Hu, this piano is not easy to buy.” Aunt Hu said: “It’s okay, but I have saved money for a year.” She said that she had it every month. With a pension of more than 3,000 yuan, the daughter also has a subsistence allowance, and living expenses are still sufficient, but Amei has to be hospitalized often, which is sometimes a bit difficult.

The third time I went to Aunt Hu’s house, she asked me to collect the balance of the second installment. She knew that it was more than 20 kilometers from me, and felt that it was troublesome for me every time, so she collected the money and gave me the balance of the third period. With the money she handed over, I felt a little hesitant for a while, but in the end I accepted it. After all, I am not the boss.

A few months later, I called her a return visit after sales. She still remembered my voice, we greeted each other and chatted a few words.

“Aunt Hu, how is your piano practice?”

“I can almost teach A-mei to play a complete song.”