During the long summer vacation, the children were full of energy and enjoyed themselves traveling around the mountains and rivers.

My son and I were afraid that the large expenditure of money would develop their habit of wasting. So, I called the children together and made it clear: “Recently, we have spent a lot of money. Mom and Dad have to work hard to make it back. From now on, everyone has to save a little bit, you know?”

The son spent the most on traveling abroad, and nodded repeatedly. The daughter returned to the room with unlimited sympathy and took out the piggy bank to “relief” me.

After many days, my son was socializing and did not go home for dinner. I was delayed in making dinner because of writing articles. So the son proposed to solve the “people’s livelihood problem” near the Normal University. Whenever I start writing seriously, I always don’t think about it, making myself very embarrassed and red-eyed. That day, because it was too late, I had no time to clean up, so I went out with my children.

In the big bowl of beef noodle restaurant, the mother and son looked at the price list and discussed in low voices. My son had ordered a bowl of beef noodles, but he changed his taste to beef noodle soup. I asked why, and he quietly said, “Don’t you have any money? Save a little!”

I smiled and said in a low voice, “It’s okay, there is still money for a bowl of beef noodles.”

I turned around and asked my daughter, “Twenty beef dumplings, okay?” The daughter also whispered, “Ten pork dumplings are fine! Beef is more expensive, isn’t you very pitiful, don’t you have any money?”

At this moment, I suddenly noticed that a man in his 50s at the next table was quietly listening to our dialogue. I blushed and explained to my daughter: “It’s not a problem to buy 20 beef dumplings. You have to have enough rice! Right?”

So, I ordered two bowls of beef noodles and 20 beef dumplings. While eating, the daughter asked worriedly: “Is there really any money? Then you have to work late?”

When paying the bill, the lady at the counter told us politely: “Just now, the gentleman sitting at the table next to you paid. Isn’t he your friend?”

I was dumbfounded and at a loss. Immediately chased out of the shop. Looking around at a loss, but seeing a group of people moving like a tide, how can there be any trace of that person? I turned around in a daze and took the children’s hands, and accidentally saw a haggard-colored woman dragging two bewildered children in the floor-length mirror of a neighboring store.

So, like the kind-hearted man, I began to wonder if there really was a poor, sad and thoughtful story that happened during it.