Sri Lanka: The Pearl of the Indian Ocean

In the Indian Ocean of South Asia, there is an island floating on the sea. There are many stunning temples and Buddha statues, including the world-famous Ceylon black tea, various European-style buildings, azure and endless beaches, unique and mysterious history and culture, and more overflowing on everyone’s face. Brilliant smile… This is Sri Lanka, the most beautiful island in the eyes of Italian traveler Marco Polo.

Sri Lanka was formerly known as Ceylon, which means “Happy Land” or “Land of Light and Prosperity” in Sinhalese. It is known as “a tear in the Indian Ocean”. It is a shining pearl in the Indian Ocean, surrounded by sea and mountains in the middle. . Once upon a time, it was one of the brightest and richest countries in the world.

Colombo –
The ancient is also modern; the eastern is also western

Crowded streets, noisy markets, and prosperous bazaars. Perhaps at first glance, Colombo is more like a rising city. It is both ancient and modern, both east and west, simple and stylish, and it shows the uniqueness of Sri Lanka. Kind of mixed taste.

As the gateway to Sri Lanka, Colombo is known as the “Crossroads of the East”. The bustling streets and the vicissitudes of European colonial architecture complement each other, the noisy bazaars are combined with clean Buddhist temples, and the long seaside scenery blends with the quaint streets and lanes… These are all as beautiful as typical South Asian countries. The country style is the opposite.

However, when you really stop and walk in this city, to appreciate the fresh air in the old track, to feel the emerging charm of modern fashion shopping malls, the beauty of Colombo is in this breath. Reflected. Maybe it is not a city model, but Colombo can bring you into a colorful and charming world.

Experience local life at the Colombo market

The bazaar is a place to absorb human fireworks and a true embodiment of urban culture. Here, the development of the city can be expressed, and the people in the city find the breath of life belonging to the local area, and they are happy as long as they participate in it. Maybe it’s not perfect, or even a little ugly, but it’s real, and it’s worth our heartfelt integration.

In the Beta district of Colombo, there is such an important place to experience the life of Sri Lankan natives. Beta District is located to the east of the fortress area. It is located in the old city with narrow streets, dense houses and dense population. It was once an upscale residential area for Islamic merchants and white people.

The Colombo Beta Market is the largest distribution center in Sri Lanka. Various shops are lined up with a dazzling array of products, and there are also oriental temples and pavilions. Here, you can feel the life of the locals and find the little things you need.

In the middle of Beira Lake, enjoy a quiet time of meditation

In the afternoon, the streets of Colombo were filled with laziness, and the sun gradually ceased to be venomous. At this time, looking for an elegant and relaxing place is no better.

Beira Lake, the heart of the city of Colombo, is surrounded by cormorants, egrets, and other birds. The trees on the lakeside are heavily shaded. It is the favorite leisure area for locals in Colombo. The golden Buddha statue on the shore looks at the lake and the city, just like looking at the years and reincarnation.

There is a wooden pavilion on a small island in the lake, which looks like a temple floating on water from a distance. People call it a “water temple”. The Water Temple was designed by Geoffrey Bawa, a well-known architect in the 20th century. It can be accessed through a wooden passage. It is a temple floating on the water and a meditation center.

On the coast of the Indian Ocean, take the world’s most beautiful train line

In Hayao Miyazaki’s classic animation film “Spirited Away”, there is such a beautiful picture: a train is driving in the vast sea, and outside the window is a strange world of water and sky. Chihiro and the Faceless Man sat quietly on the seats of the train, facing the sea, Hisaishiro’s classic piano variation “The Sea” was heard.

The inspiration for this dream scene was taken from the Colombo-Galle section of Sri Lanka’s coastal route.

Sri Lanka is known as the country with “the world’s most beautiful train line”. The ancient and pristine railway stations are working day after day, and the long railroad tracks are shuttled by trains slowly breathing in smoke.

The rails of the sea train are very close to the coastline. Sitting in the train carriage, leaning on the window, there is the endless Indian Ocean outside the window, and the sapphire blue water is almost at your fingertips. The warm sea breeze fills the carriage, and waves of waves seem to slap your cheeks. The beauty and comfort above the sea are just like traveling in a pure and flawless dream.

Sri Lanka’s seaside holiday paradise

Hambantota, located in the southwestern tip of Sri Lanka, is a famous seaside resort in Sri Lanka. The soothing and calm waves of the Indian Ocean, the dark blue and transparent night sky, and the dense star rain are all calming and dissolving the mind. Hambantota has historic temples, quaint fishing villages and secluded beaches, making it a great place to explore nature easily.

In Muchi Rigora, meet the purest religion

As a religious country, there are more than 6,500 temples on the 65,610 square kilometers of Sri Lanka. People say that Sri Lanka is a tear left by the Buddha. As a result, on the streets of Sri Lanka, there are many temples and Buddha statues at intersections and alleys. That statue of Buddha with a kind face and kindness and tolerance in his eyes, although not inlaid with gold and inlaid treasures, is exceptionally simple, fresh and calm.

Sri Lanka Hambantota Muchi Rigora, is a huge rock with cave temples, some people describe it as a mixture of mini-hikyria lion rock and dambulla. The huge rock of Muchirigola is about 200 meters high and has 7 cave temples of different sizes.