Sister resurrected

The square podium is like an ancient altar, slowly rising in the sports field. The three ceremonial ladies dressed in cheongsam and enchanting posture attracted everyone’s attention. I saw the medals on the tray, golden, golden, or golden, all gold medals. Big gray rabbits, white mice, bacteria, viruses, antigens, and antibodies. After years of hard work in the laboratory, I finally ushered in the dawn. I crossed the isolation fence and ran as fast as an arrow shot. The podium was in front of my eyes, and the followers were left far behind. I was so excited that I sprinted to the rising steps. A man in a yellow vest blew his whistle, sprang out from the side, blocked my climbing route, and showed a yellow card warning. You are blind, and I have been fighting for many years, but I can’t get a gold medal. I stared at the referee, like a warning football player spitting out. The referee took out the cards again, two yellows and one red, fingers on the sidelines and sent me off the court.

Someone rushed to the podium from the other three sides. Seeing that the golden medal was about to be taken away, I pushed the referee down and stepped over him. The whistle sounded again, hurriedly like a fisherman throwing a fishing net, binding my hands and feet. Miss Etiquette was also kidnapped, and I desperately broke free, dimly seeing the phone screaming.

The room was dark and I felt like I had just fallen asleep soon. Since my doctoral dissertation was returned by my supervisor, I have been like a migratory bird that hurt my wings during migration. I cannot fly to my destination and cannot return to my starting point. I have the fear of nowhere to land. I fall asleep by pressing the Shenmen acupoint dozens of times and taking hundreds of deep breaths. , Counting thousands of sheep, after untold hardships, like climbing a snow-capped mountain across the grass. Who is so wicked? I mumbled and grabbed the phone. At 3:45 in the morning, the caller showed my mother. My mother used to call me when I was asleep. She knew that my time was different from her. When she got up, I was about to go to bed. When I got up when she was asleep, she would either wake up and fight or go to bed after finishing the fight. Now she actually hits in the afternoon, is it really like the cousin said, she has Alzheimer’s disease? I became worried, clicked the answer button, gave a feed, and asked, Mom, how are you?

Okay, mom, mom wants to tell you good news. Mother lowered her voice and said mysteriously, “Your sister has been found back, so please rest assured to study and don’t worry about me anymore.” what? My sister is back! I was horrified, as if seeing a ghost jumping out of my phone, bouncing off the bed to pull the light. The dazzling light illuminates the room, and the darkness hides in a hidden place. Looking at the shadow huddled under the table, I remembered the unbearable past. I just went abroad for graduate school that year, and my sister went to high school, but her grades plummeted. The teacher noticed that the younger sister and the boys were glaring, suspecting that the younger sister was in love early, and asked the mother to work slowly. But my mother was anxious. Hearing that my sister was still humming at school, she rushed out of the kitchen and slapped her twice, scolding her to be a husband at a young age and shameless. The sister was stunned and looked at her mother innocently. The more the mother scolded, the more unpleasant she heard, her finger poked her sister’s forehead. The younger sister touched her face, dropped her schoolbag and ran away. The mother thought that her sister would be back, so she started looking for it in the middle of the night, and then called the police. In the early hours of the next morning, someone found the body under an overpass. It was reported 110. When the mother saw her sister, her head was broken and she couldn’t see her face. The mother fainted immediately.

Your sister is back, so don’t worry about studying. The mother’s hoarse voice repeated, and she kept talking, sounding a little excited, as if there was no sister jumping off the overpass, as if she had forgotten that her ashes were placed in the cemetery in Xishan. The dead sister appeared in my mind. It’s been the third day since I got home. Mom is still in the hospital, dazed. My cousin accompanied me to the funeral home. My sister’s face broke and she had a facelift. I took off my sister’s face mask. My sister’s face was whiter than before, and it was a little swollen, and it didn’t feel real. My cousin said, let it be cremated, don’t let your mother watch it, lest she feel sad. Okay, let’s cremate. I signed, and my sister quickly turned into a pile of black ashes. Did it make a mistake at that time and mistakenly identified the unknown woman’s body with her sister? I felt it was necessary to approve it, so I told my mother, you let my sister listen to the phone. My mother didn’t hand over the microphone to my sister. Mother said that your sister was taking a bath. She stinks and didn’t take a bath for many days.

The room was quiet, and there was no sound of showering water on the phone. I pressed the phone tightly to my ear, trying to figure out the authenticity of my sister’s resurrection. Your sister is not leaving, I will ask your sister to tell you in a few days, you should be busy. Mother babbled a few more words and hung up before I could answer.

Your mother may be really sick, Alzheimer’s disease, early. My cousin’s words echoed in my ears again. I am far in New York, and I go home once a year. I usually ask my cousin to see my mother. Since my sister’s accident, my mother has grown old quickly, and I have felt it the first two times I went home. She often misses things, and it takes a long time for people who are familiar to call her name. But she refused to go to the psychiatric department and refused to engage in psychological consultation. A few days ago, my cousin took the initiative to call and told my aunt that she had broken her femur, and at the same time she asked me to send some money to the tutor and quickly get the doctoral certificate and go home. She is worried that my mother will be lost. She visited my mother several times and there was no one at home. The neighbor told her that her mother often went out alone, talking to herself like a headless fly. I also want to get my Ph.D. diploma sooner, but I don’t invite guests and give gifts here. It’s risky to give money to tutors. Mother really has dementia? I stayed for a while, thinking that my hometown was in the evening and my cousin was about to get off work, so I decided to trouble my cousin again.

I video with my cousin. My cousin is still sitting in a law firm with a pile of materials on the desk, like a case file. Her eye circles were a little dark, her mouth was blistered, and the black blood scabs were particularly eye-catching, very haggard. My cousin ran all day long to pick up cases, write complaints, appear in court to defend, and also take care of my aunt who was undergoing fracture surgery. I couldn’t talk about it.

What happened to Auntie? Say it. The cousin glanced at me, her eyes brightened, as if she was about to take a big case. My mother just called me and said that my sister is back… My cousin was scared as soon as I spoke, and she exclaimed. How could it be that your mother has the hell?

What the hell is there! My mother is probably suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and hallucinations. If so… I lowered my head and felt sad. I’ll go and see for you, don’t worry, Xiaobin. My cousin straightened the file on the table and said, I’ll go to the hospital first, and after reading my mother, I will go to see the aunt, and then contact you. My cousin blinked at me and hurriedly disconnected the video.

There was the sound of flushing the toilet next door, and Xiao Fan was woken up by my phone. Xiaofan also came from China. He was in his sophomore year, studied economics, and played computer games for a while before going to bed, like an unweaned child. After I told him once, he mute the computer at ten o’clock every night. It’s hard for a daughter to buy five more sleeps. The walls of the student apartment are thin, and the sound insulation between the dormitories is poor. You must be considerate of each other. I adjusted the phone to vibrate and leaned against the bedside.

The cousin started from the law firm and drove to the second hospital, 15 minutes if everything went well. I estimate that my cousin will stay in the ward for about 20 minutes, and then drive to my house in another 20 minutes. I’m familiar with these roads. I have been to my cousin’s law firm several times, and I have no sleep. I walked through the streets from the law firm to the second hospital and the second hospital to my house over and over again. In the evening rush hour, the streets were busy and chaotic, so I jumped into my cousin’s car. I saw my aunt. She was lying on the hospital bed with glucose in her arms, her right leg stretched straight, and her face was painful. The car came out of the second hospital and climbed an overpass. I saw my mother. Xiaolin, where is my Xiaolin? Mother’s hair was haggard, her eyes were hollow, and she slowly walked onto the overpass. My sister’s death hit her mother too much. After her sister’s accident, her mother’s agent accountant often made mistakes, and her accounting business declined rapidly, and she was completely idle last year. This girl is too self-willed to look at her mother. After telling my sister in my heart, I regretted it too. I doubt the life I chose. If my college entrance examination is not so good, my mother’s requirements for my sister will not be so high, and maybe my sister will not have an accident. My mother is still a competent accountant and is busy with the accounting of five or six small companies. Also happy.

A car ran over the wet street, plowed through the pre-dawn darkness, and the school woke up. I sat in bed for too long, my legs were numb, got out of bed, put my phone on the writing desk, exercised my legs and feet in the narrow space, and went to the bathroom to pull urine.

There was a coughing sound next door, and Xiao Fan withdrew the ban on me. My phone vibrated like a big scared beetle, struggling on the table. I looked back, shaking the remaining urine, pulled up my pants and ran back to the writing desk.

Xiaobin, I can’t care about your mother. The cousin sat in the car, her face half bright and half dark, with a cynic tone. what happened? I ask. What’s wrong? It’s going to turn the sky, your mother has found you a younger sister, maybe she will be your wife. Said the cousin. Her reply was torn to pieces by the wheels. She picked up a girl? I opened my eyes wide. Anyway, there is a girl in your family. I don’t know if your mother picked it up or if the girl came in by herself, I don’t know. Said the cousin. Her face was illuminated by the opposing car lights, aggrieved tears flashed, her speech speed accelerated, like an enraged soldier holding a submachine gun. Your mother won’t let me ask, let me control, she, she let me go, she has a daughter again, what else does she need a niece to do? She let me go far away.

How old is that girl? I was anxious to know the real situation at home, so I got in touch. If your sister is alive, that girl is about the same age as your sister, but she is definitely not your sister. Your sister has been cremated. Besides, will I not know your sister? I can recognize your sister when she is alive. The cousin’s face is bright and dark, the colors are mottled, and there is a secret in her words. The girl is about the same height as your sister, with single eyelids and small eyes, not as good-looking as your sister. I want to take a picture, she ran behind your mother and hid, your mother stopped doing it and seized my phone. The cousin became excited, her lips trembled, and a corner of her purple scab was raised, oozing bright blood. My heart hurts faintly, so I interrupted my cousin and asked, where did my mother find it?

Where do I know? Just when I asked the girl’s life experience, where, how old, and what was her name, your mother was angry and stared at me viciously. That girl is stammering, your mother told me to be nosy. The cousin felt her lips bleed, so she drew a piece of tissue and pressed it. She saw the blood mark on the tissue, like a wounded soldier, with a trace of sadness in her eyes. She may be a liar, or she may sell health products, a scam in disguise. Now that people who sell health care products are capable, they will deceive the elderly crazy. For health care products, some elderly people do not hesitate to quarrel with their children and mortgage their houses. Did you watch the Spring Festival Gala? There is a sketch to play this. I frightened her, I said I was a lawyer, you dare to deceive my aunt, I will take you to court and let the police arrest you. The cousin slowed down and pressed her lips with a tissue. Is she scared? I seized the opportunity to speak again.

She was afraid, she was shaking with fear. But your mother quit, like an old hen who protects a chick, shouting hoarsely to pounce on me, telling me to roll, and roll away. I’m going downstairs now. Your mother seems to be beaten with blood, I can only avoid it. Xiaobin, I can’t help it, sorry. The cousin finished talking and leaned on the seat with her eyes closed, like a frustrated ball, gradually wilting.

Sister, you have tried your best, thank you. I am worried that my mother did not witness my sister being sent to the crematorium, and she was suspicious of her death. I sighed and comforted my cousin and said, let her stay first. It’s not that easy to cheat the house. I might come back in two days. The cousin opened her eyes and nodded silently.

By plane, subway, high-speed rail, subway, I ran tens of thousands of kilometers and finally got home. It took twenty hours for the journey. I departed in the morning and arrived at dusk the next day. My time was stolen for more than ten hours. I came out of the subway, dizzy, and felt that my brain was emptied a little bit over time.

The sky was gray and the jagged buildings gradually lit up with warm lights. I dragged my suitcase and walked forward. The gates of the community became magnificent and an electronic access control system was installed. I couldn’t enter the community. I was standing and hesitating. An uncle pushing a stroller came over, looked at me suspiciously, and swiped my card to open the door.

The road in the community has been renovated, parking spaces have been added, and camphor trees have grown taller. Relative to these changes, the residential building is one year older and feels a bit shorter. I found my building on a familiar road and went up to the third floor with my suitcase. The house was quiet, I took a deep breath to calm myself down. I decided to learn the lesson of my cousin, and then slowly detour.

Tuk-tuk, I knocked gently on the door, and there were light footsteps inside. I didn’t feel like my mother. The door opened, and there stood a girl with short hair in a thick plaid shirt with a pointed chin and thin body, like a stunted high school student. She looked at me and asked, who are you looking for? I go home, who are you? I looked at her slyly and searched for my sister in my mind. My sister was hiding and hiding erratic, as if hiding and seeking with me. My sister has only been away from me for five years, and her image in my mind is blurred. The brother and sister’s emotions were not strong, I was ashamed, thinking desperately, jumped out of my sister who was lying in the funeral home. That sister had put on makeup and looked unreal. Her gaze jumped for a moment, shy, turned around and shouted, Mom, Mom, brother is back, my brother is back.

I carried the suitcase into the house, feeling a little strange. There are no extra items on the sofa and coffee table, and the kitchen is tidy, without the mess and sloppyness of my previous home, and there is no unpleasant sour smell. She is not like a liar, but more like a troubled person, perhaps disguised deeply. I guess, looking at “my sister” with suspicion. I found out that her hair was newly cut and the shirt was newly bought. It seems that she has won the trust and love of her mother. Mom was going to the bathroom. She blushed, bent down and took out a pair of slippers and put them in front of my feet.

Xiaobin, Xiaobin, why did you come back suddenly? The mother ran out of the bathroom with her trousers in her hands. Her gray hair was not disheveled and her eyes were gleaming, unlike a patient suffering from Alzheimer’s. I took a few steps forward, smiled and said, “My sister” has been found back. What a pleasure, I have to come back and see. “My sister” grinned, got past me and ran into the bathroom. There was the sound of flushing from the toilet, and it seemed that “my sister” was hiding a delicate heart under her shy appearance.

Xiaolin, Xiaolin, come here and let your brother take a closer look. Mom fastened her trouser belt and waved to “my sister”. “My sister” came over, glanced at me, lowered her head and called to brother. I responded and said with a smile to my mother, “My sister” has been lost for many years and can still be found. My mother is really capable, how did you find it?

Mom is not confused yet, let’s sit down and talk, sit down and talk. The mother turned and walked towards the living room. The sofa was more worn out, with a sense of vicissitudes like a mother. I helped my mother and sat down on the sofa. “My sister” turned around to pour tea, and her mother pointed to her back and said, she was lying on the bridge alone, lonely, like an abandoned girl. I looked at her twitching shoulder blades and thought of Xiaolin. After the loss of Xiaolin, I have been regretting it all the time, so I went outside to look for it and walked over the viaducts. I asked, girl, are you Xiaolin? She turned around and nodded. I said I was your mother, so I got your sister back, haha. Mother’s old face bloomed, and her eyes gradually faded.

Mom, my sister is in Xishan, I went with you, don’t you remember? I think my mother is self-defeating, so I reminded me. Xishan, oh. My mother seemed to remember something, and suddenly said, I remember it, it was another Xiaolin.

Brother, you drink tea. “My sister” brought the tea and put it on the coffee table in front of me, sitting on the other side of my mother. It’s too light, how can you find a daughter like this? I thought, my sister was resurrected in my mind. My sister’s face was round and not so thin. She looked more magnificent than “my sister”. She must have been alive and well-shaped and slim. I picked up the tea, glanced at “my sister” and asked, you heard what Mom said just now, was that true at the time? Across my mother, “my sister” nodded with me and added, it was like this. At that time, my mother looked at me in a daze. I was suspicious and asked my mother, how do you know my name is Xiaolin? You really left me in the woods; wrapped in a candle bag? Are you really my mother? Mom was stunned for a while, as if waking up from sleep, nodded and said, yes, yes, yes. I was very excited. I grabbed my mother’s arm and asked, when you worked in Baishi Town when you were young, have you been to Xin’ao? Mom’s eyes were bright, like two small light bulbs, and said to my face, yes, yes, Mom worked as an accountant at the Baishi Supply and Marketing Cooperative when she was young. I finally found my mother, happy and angry, and plunged into my mother’s arms. “My sister” was in tears and her voice was choked. I, I beat Mom once and asked Mom, why did you abandon me? Why are you abandoning me?

Mother’s eyes jumped, she turned slowly from the sofa, took “my sister”‘s hand, and said, Xiaolin, I’m sorry, I’ve made you suffer, and I’m sorry. “My sister” gave me a tearful glance. That was what my mother said at the time. She touched my face with a trembling hand and apologized. I’m sorry, you are so thin, I am too selfish, my mother is wrong, and you have suffered. , I’m sorry, mom. I finally saw my mother, and I was speechless and cried in my arms. Mom patted me on the back, choked and said, we go home, we go home, we will never be separated again.

Mother smiled brilliantly, glanced at me, then looked at “my sister” sideways, took “my sister” in her arms, choked and said, yes, we are not separated, we will never be separated again. Uh, uh, I will stay by my mother’s side and never go back. “My sister” burst into tears and wept loudly.

Mother is really confused, or on purpose? I was confused, looked at my mother suspiciously, and my childhood memories came back to life. I was going to find my classmates and stepped onto the old stone paved street. My younger sister ran out of the supply and marketing agency and called my brother to chase. At that time, my sister just knew how to run, and I hated that she followed me and ran. A bicycle was riding over, and my sister hit the wheel cover, bleeding from her forehead. I was so frightened that I didn’t see the cyclist’s face clearly and was scolded by my mother. There is only one younger sister. I was annoyed and asked my mother, mom, where’s your third child?

“My sister” heard the smell of my words, and the crying became louder. My mother’s anger was ignited by the cry of “my sister”, and she glared at me, what do you know, when you were young, I couldn’t have two twins at once. I chuckled, staring at “my sister” and said, I used to have a sister named Xiaolin, you also called Xiaolin? Yes, my mother abandoned me in the grove, and my adoptive parents called me Xiaolin when I picked it up. “My sister” finished speaking, as if she had remembered something, she was really sad, and her tears fell like broken pearls. Xiaobin, what are you doing? Mom hit me angrily, and she shot so hard on my back that she had uncontrollable power. I felt pain. When I was young, my mother always frightened me when she hit me. She never hurt me. I was disappointed and looked at my mother strangely.

Mother stroked the shoulders of “my sister” and said firmly, Xiaolin, don’t be sad, Mom will protect you, and no one will want to drive you away. “My sister”‘s cry was weaker, soft and soft, like a plum rain gradually leaching. Mother’s eyes were far away for a while, and close for a while. My mood was drenched, and it slowly became heavy like a sponge sucking water.

Mother looked at me who had been silent for a long time, her eyes woke up again in confusion, she pushed “my sister” and said, don’t cry, Xiaolin, don’t cry, your brother came to see you from a long distance, we rarely get together, you Talk to your brother, mom will go to the supermarket to buy some vegetables.

Mom, I’ll go with you. Brother has worked hard all the way. Let me take a break. “My sister” wiped the tears from her face and stood up first. Mom, don’t buy it, just eat something. Mom refused to listen and went out with “my sister”.

I looked at my mother’s back, and felt that “my sister” was a little calculating. I took a suitcase to the room. The quilt on my bed was replaced. A pink sweater was placed on it. There was a copy of “Reader” on the bedside table. My room was already occupied by “my sister”. I have a Nestle quilt. Dove is unhappy.

My arm was itchy, I reached out and scratched it, and the scratched arm was orange, like paint. I opened my eyes and found that the sunlight through the curtains had beautified half of the bed. The lack of sleep made up a little, and I was sober-headed. I remembered last night that “my sister” held the quilt and went to shop with her mother and gave the room to me. It was a bit anti-guest.

I am the master of this family, and this principle must be established. I got up, my mother’s room was open, there was no one in it, and the living room was quiet. I felt strange and went to the kitchen to look. There are fried dough sticks and scallion pancakes on the table, and the basin is pressed with a note, “We have gone to the vegetable market, and the red date porridge is warmed in a rice cooker.” The words on the note are small and a little restrained. The scallion pancakes and fried dough sticks are the taste of hometown, full of temptation. I gargle hastily, I bite the fried dough sticks with the pancakes, and then serve the red date porridge. The children of the poor are in their homes early, and I think if “my sister” can take care of her mother with all her heart, I can really feel relieved to study, but I have to figure out what “my sister” intends.

I decided to visit my aunt and verify that “my sister” is not my sister. I took out the deep-sea fish oil I brought. I don’t know if it is benevolent to give to others as they please. Anyway, my aunt is superstitious of deep sea fish oil, so I bought it. In fact, there is nothing wrong with this thing. Most of the people go out to do it, and some are repackaged for domestic exports. I found a pen and added a line to the note, “I’m going to visit my aunt, and I’ll be back for lunch.” My words are big, and I squeeze the words “my sister” into the corner.

I got on the subway, called my cousin, and asked her if she was in the law firm. I would like to discuss with her after visiting my aunt. This weekend, I will also go to the hospital later and see you at the second hospital. The cousin’s words were accompanied by the sound of the cooker hood like an airplane taking off. I’m cooking, the hospital’s food is really terrible. My mother is clamoring to be discharged. I have to make two delicious foods to comfort her.

I rushed to the second hospital before my cousin, walked out of the elevator, and smelled a strong smell of Lasur. I pressed my itchy nose, knocked on the door and walked into my aunt’s ward, and the three half-lying people turned around in unison. Two of them quickly faded and looked at me foolishly by the window. Somewhat dull and confused. I saw the person who was reclining clearly, much more haggard than before, so I cleared my throat and called to my aunt. Xiaobin? Xiaobin, why are you here? My aunt’s eyes lit up, struggling to sit up. Are you ok? Aunt, let me see you. I walked over to my aunt’s bed and said to my aunt with a smile.

My aunt was not careful. You were in the United States, and it made you run all the way, too sad. My aunt’s words caused the other two beds to look sideways, a bit envious. The other two beds looked a little younger than the aunt, and one arm was covered with gauze. I put the present on the bedside table and whispered, “My mother has found my sister, but she is not awake without you, so I don’t worry about coming back and seeing you by the way.” Your mother, your mother is confused. My aunt sighed and said, how can the dead be resurrected? Your cousin went to see it and suspected her to be a liar.

Not a liar. The girl was abandoned when she was a child. The adoptive parents picked her up in the woods and called her Xiaolin, which sounds like my sister. As I spoke, I found the patient next to the bed smiling mysteriously. I closed the curtain between the beds, as if blocking my vision, I could keep some secrets. The girl was probably not happy at the adoptive parents’ house. After knowing her life, she wanted to find her mother, and happened to run into my mother. My mother is so obsessed that she really can’t help it. I shook my head helplessly, and the volume increased by an octave. She insisted that she discarded it and gave birth to twins when she was young. Hearing this, the next bed chuckled at the curtain.

Pull it, who believes it. My aunt knows the wonderful stories that are constantly being separated by the curtain, and no longer evasive, she said frankly that when your mother gave birth to your sister, she went to the countryside, but only gave birth to your sister. Where are the twins? Your mother is really confused. My aunt smiled bitterly and remembered one thing. My aunt said that when your mother was working in Baishi Town, a woman was holding a girl who was just born and looking for the girl’s biological father. She said that it was Li Chengming from the supply and marketing agency who ran to purchase. At that time, the supply and marketing agency was declining. Li Chengming who didn’t go shopping at all. The young woman was deceived, and she wanted to leave the girl in the supply and marketing agency. Someone gave her an idea, found someone willing to adopt the girl, and secretly gave it away. My aunt thought that my mother had taken other people’s things to herself. I think there is such a possibility, but my mother can’t wake up, what should I do? I looked at my aunt eagerly, hoping she would come up with a trick.

The cousin came to the ward, and the blood scab on her lips had fallen off, and she had restored her former beauty and skill. Sister, I shouted and stood up. Xiaobin, have you seen “your sister”, are you a liar? The cousin put the dishes she brought, turned her back to me and went straight to the subject. The story can be shared, and the core content cannot be leaked. I blinked with my cousin, pointed to the corridor, walked out, and waited at the end of the corridor.

The cousin came over, her eyes were shining brightly, and there was such a taste of gloat. Is it okay to be sympathetic? My head hurts. I used my elbow against my younger sister, and I could be naughty in front of my cousin. Puff, my cousin laughed, looked at me and asked, is it a liar? My doctor. Not a liar. My mother always fantasizes about her daughter’s return. The girl was abandoned when she was a child, and she wanted to find her mother when she knew her life. The two met on the viaduct and sparked, like an unexpected love. . I lied for hate and swayed my mother and girl’s emotions. is it? The research has yielded results. The cousin nodded appreciatively, with a smile in her mouth.

The girl knows a little bit of housework, so it’s not bad to let her accompany my mother, but I don’t know if there will be any harm in the future. I yelled my sister and got serious. The cousin lowered her head for a moment and gave me an analysis from a professional perspective. She thinks the girl expects to have problems in my house. First of all, the girl eats my family’s food and drinks my family’s food. After a few years, she matures and wants money. The court will find this factual employment relationship. Secondly, I don’t know the family situation of the girl’s adoptive parents. There must be a reason for the girl to come out. In case her adoptive parents find out, it will cost 20 years of alimony to make trouble. Also, your mother is sometimes confused and sometimes sober, the girl treats her well, if she gives the property to others on impulse, you will have nothing. My cousin is worthy of being a senior lawyer, and I shuddered after hearing it, and was shocked in a cold sweat.

You have to explore again and find a way to figure out the situation of her adoptive parents. The most important thing is the real estate. You have to take away the real estate certificate under your mother’s name so that she cannot easily transfer the house. The cousin glanced at the pedestrians in the corridor and whispered to me. The onlooker cleared, I nodded vigorously, my expression solemn.

The lunch was good, but I was wondering how to get my mother’s real estate certificate, but I didn’t taste it. “My sister” went to wash the dishes, and my mother looked at me as if she had seen my mind. I was afraid of being cautious about being exposed, and my heart palpitated. The dishes are all cooked by your sister, right? The mother finally spoke and turned to the road of secular life. I thought about it and praised vaguely, good, delicious.

Your sister doesn’t know how to cook fish, so I have to watch and teach. Mother looked at “my sister” in the kitchen and whispered to me. Huh, is it? I temporarily got rid of the shackles of the real estate certificate and returned to my mother. Yes, my mother taught me to cook the braised fish. I either turn it early or turn it too late, and it doesn’t cook well. “My sister” heard my suspicion and testified with her back to the living room. Mother grinned and smiled triumphantly. Let you rest assured to study, right? Mom is not confused yet. I remembered the days when I entered the city. Mom made my favorite sweet and sour pork ribs and fried octopus. A warmth rose in my heart. I patted the back of my mother’s hand to take care of it. Now “my sister” has found it back, and you want to go out. When you go, let “my sister” accompany you to the park instead of climbing overpasses.

Mom, brother, you all have a nap. “My sister” came over from the kitchen and took off her apron. Your brother doesn’t stay long and will have to go back to school soon. I want to stay with him for a while. Mother looked at me gently, her eyes slowly diverging, turning into an endless ocean. “My sister” hesitated for a moment and squinted at me, seeming to know the importance of mother’s rest. Take a nap, Mom, I slept less the last two days and wanted to take a nap. I swam out of the ocean of maternal love and got up from the sofa. “My sister” took two steps forward, helping her mother on the sofa.

My mother lay down, and “my sister” kindly invited me back to the guest room. I feel that “my sister” is already closer to my mother than I am, and a faint sense of loss is in my heart.

I closed the door, lay down, and my cousin’s tricks revolved in my mind. I was sitting on the bumpy bus with my mother and “my sister”. My mother fell asleep and I was drowsy. Here we are, here we are. “My sister” rubbed me a bit, and I saw a few wisps of smoke, only to discover a small village hidden in the shade of the trees, as if asleep. I got out of the car and there was no one in the old wooden house. I lay down on an old wooden bed and entered the swamp of sleep.

The crisp sound of closing the door dispelled the haze that had enveloped me. I got up and found that my mother and sister were not at home, lying on the window and looking down. Sunlight fell on the ground through the leaves, and the roads of the community were mottled. Mother and “my sister” came out of the corridor. The autumn wind blew up her mother’s gray hair. Mother raised her hand and stroked her hair. “My sister” waited. , Took her mother’s arm.

The houses in the community are short and occupies a large and peaceful area. It takes a while to circle around. Feeling an opportunity had come, I ran into my mother’s room, scanned it again, and started looking for a real estate certificate. There is not much furniture in the room. The bedside table and the wardrobe each have two drawers. I sat on the edge of the bed and opened a drawer. There were various medicines, and my heart ached. Pulling another one down, rags of woolen balls in gloves and socks are very messy. I was stunned for a while, stood up and pulled the closet drawer, a bright mooncake box squatted in it. I guess it was in stock. I took it out and opened it impatiently. A scent of mothballs rushed out, I sneezed, and saw the retirement certificate, accounting certificate, household registration book, and the real estate certificate at the bottom.

The corridor is quiet. I listened attentively and took out the real estate certificate. A photo of my sister was in it. I was taken aback, as if seeing my sister staying at home. In the photo, my sister is wearing camouflage uniforms and standing on the sports field. She is brave and heroic. She should be a photo of high school freshmen during military training. My mother’s name was written on the real estate certificate. I separated my sister’s photo from the real estate certificate and smiled contemptuously when I saw my sister looking at me. My hand holding the photo of my sister trembled slightly, and my heart throbbed like a new thief. I put down the real estate certificate and used my mother’s retirement card to hold the photo of my sister. One side of the photo of my sister was exposed. In my user book, the photo of my sister was shown up and down. I placed the photo directly in the mooncake box, and felt my sister shudder, as if she was cold. My mother’s money for my studies is much more than a house. Looking at my sister’s photo, I feel that the real estate certificate is my sister’s house. I couldn’t place my sister anymore, my hands trembled so much and my body kept shaking. Helpless, I put my sister’s photo back into the real estate certificate, put it back in the mooncake box, and fled to the living room.

My mother and “my sister” came back from a walk. “My sister” raised what was in her hand. I was taken aback and saw that it was a bottle of white wine. The Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, we celebrate the festival in advance. Mother put on slippers and put the moon cake in her hand on the table.

“My sister” went to the kitchen to talk about dinner, and I chatted with my mother. My mother complained about memory loss, so I took the mobile mother to see the psychological clinic. The mother categorically refused. She believed that memory loss was the cause of age and it was useless to look at it anywhere.

Mom, do you not add salt to the crabs? After a while, “my sister” shouted and asked in the kitchen. Don’t let it go, mother ran to the kitchen to see. The cooker hood was buzzing, and the room was filled with the scent of vegetable oil and fish. “My sister” had a lot of problems. My mother ran back and forth in the living room and kitchen, with a spring breeze on her face, and a sense of accomplishment.

Dinner began. I opened the white wine, poured a little bit for my mother, and then poured it for “my sister”. I, I, do not know how to drink, and a little bit, “my sister” grabs the bottle. My sister can drink, so I said in my heart that I forced half a cup for “my sister”. Xiaobin went home, we celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival in advance, happy Mid-Autumn Festival. The mother owed her body and raised the cup first. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, my sister and I toasted to our mother.

Mother took a sip, smiled and sat down. I bowed to my mother and wished her good health, and then clinked glasses with “my sister” to welcome her back. I drank the wine in the glass grumblely, waiting for “my sister” to drink. “My sister” stared in surprise, stood stiff, at a loss. Have a good drink, and you can drink it after all. The mother spoke to relieve the burden of “my sister”. “My sister” held her breath and took a big sip, her face distorted, as if she had never drunk.

Eat vegetables, eat vegetables. My mother divided the crabs and put them in front of everyone. She first broke one of them. My sister and I looked at each other and also broke the crabs apart.

A crab got off his stomach. I think since the Mid-Autumn Festival is ahead of schedule, I will take the title of Mid-Autumn Festival. I added a half glass of wine to myself, held it to my sister, and said, sister, the glass just now welcomes you, and I am very happy when you are back. The Mid-Autumn Festival is a day of reunion. Every time you miss your relatives during the festive season, your adoptive parents must be thinking of you. It’s not easy for them to raise you so big, I really want to toast them a glass of wine, this glass… No, I won’t go, neither will you. Before I finished speaking, “my sister” interrupted me. Why? We have to be grateful, right. I looked at “my sister” intently, “my sister” was speechless, and silently lowered her head. Xiaolin, what your brother said makes sense. Mom chewed the crab, savoring the truth in my words. I have to take care of it, take mom’s words, right, take me on a trip while I have one day left.

No, I won’t go, neither will you. “My sister” panicked, saying the same thing repeatedly, flushing with anxiety. why? We are rules, and we must know the good news. I stared at “my sister” and forced her to the corner. No, no, let me go. “My sister” seemed to be offended by dignity. She glanced at me and stood up, went into the room and put on her coat, ready to go out.

It’s all you, why are you so anxious? My mother was anxious, glared at me, shouting sister’s name, blocking “my sister”. “My sister” was sobbing, her shoulders shrugged, and the early reunion dinner was messed up by me.

Going home is a good medicine for insomnia. I sleep deeply, like a fish lurking under the water. With a scream, like a thunder and lightning piercing the black water surface, I woke up, my heart palpitated, and I felt that the struggle was still going on, just nearby. I think of “my sister”. I turned around and tried last night, which seemed to arouse the sorrow of “my sister”. I once lost a sister. Even if the sister my mother found was not true, I didn’t want her life. I got out of bed, ran a few steps quickly, and opened the door on the opposite side.

Help, help. Dimly, I saw “my sister” lying behind my mother’s feet, twisting and struggling, making a vague cry for help. Xiaolin, what’s wrong? Xiaolin, what’s wrong? Mother sat up and looked for her sister in the dark. I thought of the nightmare and turned on the light to drive away the invisible panic. Xiaolin, it’s okay, are you okay? Mother touched the “my sister” in her sleep, her eyes were full of horror. “My sister” struggled to wake up, opened her sleepy eyes, sat up and apologized, sorry, sorry, I had a nightmare, and woke you up.

It’s fine, it’s fine, silly girl, what’s so scary about dreams? Mother took “my sister” by the arm and smiled generously. I dreamed that my brother pressed me on the bed and raped me. “My sister” was in shock, and her body trembled slightly. What, am I that kind of person? I opened my eyes angrily. Where do you want to go, will your brother do such a thing? Silly girl. My mother hit her sister lightly, and her beating eyes turned to me. It’s not my own brother, it’s my foster brother, mom, don’t send me back. “My sister” looked at me, her eyes filled with apologies for the wrongdoing. I found myself wearing an undershirt and shorts, smiled awkwardly, and ran back to the bedroom to get dressed.

There is also a brother in the adoptive family? Mother glanced at me in my coat, and looked at “my sister” indifferently. Uh, uh, “my sister” nodded. Is that brother going to assault you? The mother raised her head, her face confused. Uh, uh, mom don’t let my brother go to raise her mother’s house, don’t let them know that I am here. “My sister” begged, tearing into her mother’s arms. It almost caused a catastrophe, and my heart shook. Good, good. Xiaobin, you heard, not many things. Mother pulled the quilt, wrapped “my sister” with her arms up, and gave me a wink. Okay, brother is not going, don’t worry, brother is not going. I understand it in my heart and promise it.

The elder brother who took care of his natal family was stupid, and his brain was not bright. “My sister” hung up in tears and sighed, telling me that Ge Da Ge was ten years older than me. When I was in junior high school, Ge Da Ge was more than 20 years old. The big brother is not good at his brain, and his body is big and tall. There was an uneasy door between the room of the foster mother, and an old batik cloth was hung. After I went to junior high school, I developed, and my chest stood up. The big brother got through the curtain in the middle of the night to touch my breast. I screamed for help in horror. When the adopted mother heard it, she got up and yelled, beat the eldest brother, and dragged him back to his bed. At that time, I didn’t know that I was the adopted daughter I picked up. I believed that the adopted mother was in charge of Brother Han, not particularly afraid.

“My sister” pinched her nose and continued her talk. I graduated from vocational high school and didn’t find a suitable job. I went home a few days ago to do housework and farm work. In the middle of the night, Big Brother came to touch my chest again. After I woke up, I shouted for help. I got up and drove the Big Brother away, climbed onto my bed and told me about my life. I didn’t believe it at first, but as far as I can remember, the adoptive mother has always treated me well, like a biological daughter. The adoptive mother brought a candle bag, embroidered with the words “God Bless a Kindhearted Man”, I believe it. The adoptive mother asked me to be her daughter-in-law and marry her. I was very scared. I considered the hypothesis. After dawn, I took advantage of the nanny to go up the mountain to pick oranges and escaped.

“My sister” finished speaking, she curled up in her mother’s arms, pitiful. I trembled for a while, raised my heart, and looked at “my sister” solemnly.

Your foster mother can’t find you, your brother has promised that he will not go to Baishi Town. My mother squinted at me and shook “my sister” gently. I looked at the back of “my sister”. The younger sister who was hit by the bicycle got up, threw herself into the arms of her mother, and overlapped with “my sister”.

If you stay at home with peace of mind, your mother will protect you. Whoever bullies your mother will fight her. The mother shivered and held “my sister” tighter. A picture of my sister wearing camouflage clothes appeared in my mind, and I glanced at the closet drawers, and felt that a house was nothing compared to living life. Just let my sister resurrect, I made a decision in my heart, and solemnly said to “my sister”. Xiaolin, you are my own sister. I will not push my own sister into the fire pit. Please rest assured to accompany mom.

Uh, uh. My sister shrugged her back to my shoulder. I think I have to buy an ordinary smart phone, give it to “my sister”, add friends, and then go to school with confidence.

Chirp, chirp, chirps of birds sounded outside the window. I turned my head to look at the sweet-scented osmanthus tree in front of the building, as if I heard the footsteps of dawn.