Running on the web

I have followed a few beautiful women on Weibo. They have in common that they like to work out and take photos of themselves. The photos usually hide their faces and expose their arms and shoulders. What they exposed most frequently was their abdomen, which was flat and had abdominal muscles. Their dream is to have four to six pack abs, which is very similar to my ideal. These beauties have been exercising for many years. Not long ago, one of them had just completed a half marathon in Australia. The result was more than two hours and ten minutes. I checked her previous Weibo and found that she was going to run a half marathon at the earliest. The wish of “horse” was only half a year ago. She persisted on the treadmill for half a year and fulfilled this wish. Some professionals say that a person never runs very much and only needs half a year of training to finish a marathon. I think this is too optimistic, but it turns out that there is nothing wrong with running a “half marathon” in half a year of training.

There are also a few comrades women who don’t upload photos, but they automatically upload the running results recorded by the exercise software every day. One lives near the workers’ body and runs around the workers’ body every day. Her record is like this—today use hourly I ran 3.5 kilometers at a speed of 7.5 kilometers, and today I ran 4 kilometers at a speed of 6 kilometers per hour. Every time I see this lady’s record, I forgive my laziness, run such a short distance at this speed, eat two eggs, and come back. It is a pity that this lady has not exceeded 8 kilometers per hour for more than a year, and the distance has not exceeded 5 kilometers. However, considering that this lady is about the same age as me, she is a middle-aged and elderly woman, so I forgive her for her slowness and treat it as a walk. Another lady I know turned out to be a food reporter. To tell the truth, she ate a bit too much. Six months ago, she was happy and posted pictures of her baby son on WeChat. Suddenly, she started running. She recorded this way— -On the first day, 3 kilometers; on the seventeenth day, 7 kilometers. I don’t know her speed, but her distance has gone up in two weeks. It seems that her postpartum recovery will be completed by running.

I wake up in the morning and look at Weibo. There is an old man who lives in Shanghai and posts his running records every morning. He usually runs around the Century Park for 10 kilometers. The speed is amazing. Usually it consumes 800 kcal. Heat. This man has a Ph.D. in the United States and is now an engineer in a Taiwanese company. Another man lives in a villa area in Beijing and runs in Shunyi every morning. The shortest distance is 10 kilometers and the longest distance is more than 20 kilometers. His strong muscles look like a lad. This old man is a lawyer who travels between China and the United States. He has two daughters. The eldest daughter just won the first place in the youth swimming competition held by Stanford University. He happily shared his daughter on Weibo. The results. I saw the Weibo of these two guys, so I ate some sweet potatoes and eggs and went to the gym to exercise.

There is also a fierce little brother who posted photos of himself participating in various running competitions on WeChat. He has participated in the 100-kilometer ultra-long marathon, the 10-kilometer run in the mud, and the Beijing Guangzhu Run, often topless. Expose six pack abs. Through this little brother’s WeChat, I can see a bunch of more professional runners.

In the past few years, the smog situation in Beijing has become more and more serious, and it seems that the number of people who can run has increased. The blue sky in Beijing became like a kind of commendation. Seeing the blue sky in the morning was like a rare gift, so everyone went out for a run. I have observed our cat in the haze and rainy weather, he is a little gloomy and sleeps in the corner. When the weather is good, his interest also rises, jumping up and down and running around the house a few times. I don’t know whether from an animal behavior point of view, good weather will make animals move more instinctively, but in my personal experience, exercise can indeed make the depressed mood a little more relaxed. It always makes me happy to see so many friends running and working out on social media every day. Although we exercised in different places, it seemed that we met during the run. Say hello and continue running.

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