Robbing the rich and helping the poor? Rampant robbers robbed 24 banks in a row

In May 2020, a masked robbery gang appeared in the United States. They ransacked supermarkets and shops, and even robbed banks. This caused a serious impact and attracted global attention. However, when it comes to bank robbers, John Dillinger is famous in American history. He robbed 24 banks in just one year, which was an uproar. The thief usually avoids the police, but he even managed to rob 4 police stations and successfully escaped after being arrested.

Make friends after ten years in jail
In June 1903, John Dilling was born in Indianapolis, USA. His mother died when he was 4 years old. His father was an odd-tempered grocery store owner who was very strict with Dillinger.

Due to lack of maternal love, his father always treated each other with sticks, Dillinger was very rebellious since he was a child, and often caused trouble for the family. At only 12 years old, he organized the children in his neighborhood to form a small gang called “Dirty Twelve”. Their “help rule” is: you can’t steal money and food from the poor, and specialize in stealing coal and selling money from passing trucks. This incident annoyed his father. In addition, Dillinger did not study seriously at school. He solemnly said to Dillinger: “It seems that you are not suitable for school, and the environment of the big city is not suitable for you. You are getting more and more impetuous.”

In 1920, after dropping out of school, Dillinger followed his father to live in a remote town. However, Dillinger’s habit of crowing and stealing has not improved. Two years later, he was arrested by the police for stealing a car, and his father severed his father-son relationship with him angrily.

A few months later, Dilling was in prison. Thinking of the disappointed look in his father’s eyes, he had thought about being a man again, but he hadn’t found a job for a long time, and his father was unwilling to accept him. In desperation, Dillinger had to return to his old career.

After observation, he discovered that Morgan, the owner of the food store, would go to the barber shop once a week and carry the day’s business income with him. On April 12, 1924, Dillinger took a bolt while Morgan was not paying attention and slammed the bolt on Morgan’s head and snatched $120 from his pocket. Morgan screamed for help and was seen by a pastor passing by. It happened that the pastor knew Dillinger and went to the police station to report him for robbery and wounding.

Dillinger resolutely denied his crime in court, and the judge promised that his confession would be dealt with leniently. This incident shocked Dillinger’s father. Although he had severed the relationship between father and son, no father in the world could really ignore his son. He sighed, and persuaded him: “Child, confess everything!” Dillinger looked at his father’s kind eyes, and vaguely felt that maybe he still has a chance to be his father’s good boy, and his heart rekindled for kindness. hope.

The result was shocking. After Dillinger pleaded guilty sincerely, the judge went back because he was a habitual offender. Not only did he not take it lightly, but he also sentenced him to the maximum sentence of the crime-10 years in prison. “This is unfair!” Dillinger yelled, only to feel the darkness in front of him, as if he had fallen into an endless abyss.

He was imprisoned in the Indiana State Penitentiary in Michigan City. After he was sober, he coldly said to the guards: “When I come out, I will be the most despicable thug you have ever seen.” The guards listened too much to provocative words. , Simply dismissive of it. But they didn’t know that Dillinger had completely cut off the idea of ​​being a good person at this moment.

While serving his sentence, Dillinger worked as a tailor in the prison shirt factory, working very hard and willing to help others. Here, he got acquainted with 4 good friends, Pierre Pont, Van Mitte, Hamilton and Maclay. In their spare time, the five people happily discussed the “great work” after being released from prison.

On May 22, 1933, Dillinger was released from prison more than a year earlier under a joint petition by inmates. “Don’t forget us.” Pierre Ponte took the lead in hugging Dillinger, and said meaningfully. Dillinger nodded and smiled: “Of course.” After being released from prison, his first goal of action was to save the friends in the cell.

Dillingema kept contacting Pierre Pont’s two friends outside the prison to plan a shop robbery. Unexpectedly, the plan could not keep up with the changes. It was during the Great Depression in the United States. When they went to rob, the store had already closed down. Dillinger threw down his tools and was furious, and immediately decided-from now on, only to rob the bank!

Bank robbery robs the rich and the poor
On July 17, 1933, Dillinger and his group came to Dearwell Commercial Bank in stride. “Hello, I want to talk about business with your president.” Dillinger said to the salesperson politely. The salesperson smiled and replied: “The president is not here, may I ask you something?” “I want to rob.” Dillinger calmly took out his gun and jumped over the counter. The salesperson panicked and let him load money.

In the next few weeks, Dillinger and his gang did the same in 5 different states, robbing more than 10 banks in a row. He bought a lot of guns and ammunition with the money he robbed, and was going to rescue his friends in prison. But in this process, a dramatic scene happened.

Dillinger threw the high-priced gun through the prison wall, but unfortunately he miscalculated the time. Pierre Pente hadn’t come out at that time, and was picked up by other prisoners who came out and handed it to the warden. In order to avoid being discovered, Dillinger thought of another idea, hiding the gun in a string barrel and mixing it with the raw materials of the prison shirt factory. This time, the gun was finally obtained by Pierre Pente. He skillfully raised his gun and led three friends to escape from prison by force.

Just then, a dramatic scene happened again. After finally waiting for the friends in prison to come out, Dillinger revealed that he was imprisoned by the police in Lima Prison in Ohio before he had time to gather. But this time in jail, Dillinger looked calm, without a trace of annoyance in his heart, as if he knew that his friends would come to rescue him. Sure enough, five days later, his friends disguised as police officers in another prison and successfully picked up Dillinger away.

The five good friends finally gathered together, and they were arrogantly preparing to implement a big plan-grab banks, make big money, and rob the rich to help the poor. In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, they rarely rob them directly, and usually sneak into the bank under the guise of another identity.

In September 1933, Dillinger came to the National Bank of Massachusetts Avenue in Indiana after a disguise. He said to the bank manager: “I am a salesman for a security company. Bank robberies happen from time to time. I want to introduce you to a new type of alarm.” He said that this alarm is convenient, sensitive, affordable and so on. Blowing to the sky. When the bank manager heard this, he couldn’t help but feel a little moved: “I think there is no harm in installing an alarm.”

So Dillinger learned about the internal situation of the bank under the pretext of installing an alarm. The next day, Dillinger came to the bank again with his accomplices, and said with a polite smile: “We are here to debug the newly installed alarm.” But after entering, they immediately changed their faces: ” All the money is taken out.” The bank manager and other employees were stunned, shivering and took out all the cash.

In October 1933, Dillinger and his team prepared to rob the Central European National Bank in Greencastle, Indiana. But this bank is in a prosperous area, and there is a police station nearby, which is really difficult to start. When everyone was at a loss, Dillinger had an idea: “I have thought of a way.”

They even dressed up as a film crew and asked a few people to set up cameras and lights at the entrance of the bank, and a few other people swaggered in with their guns to rob the bank. Their actions aroused the onlookers of passersby, and everyone applauded: “It was so realistic!” During the period, two policemen passed by and asked the onlookers what happened. A passerby replied, “I’m making a bank robbery movie.” The policeman nodded and walked away.

After Dillinger succeeded in the robbery, while squandering money, he quietly used money to help the poor, including his father. But he refused to see his father again because he couldn’t look back.

As time went on, Dillinger’s gang continued to grow, but the number of personnel increased, but the weapons were insufficient. Dillinger had the idea of ​​robbing the police station. After stepping on the spot, they found that there was a police station gun room in Indiana, and only one person was guarding it during dinner every day. Dillinger and his gang seized this opportunity and took care of the guard effortlessly, snatching machine guns, rifles, pistols, ammunition, bulletproof vests and other weapons. Next, they used weapons snatched from the police station to rob the bank.

The Dillinger group who robbed banks on the one hand and the police station on the other became the most famous criminal gang during the Great Depression and led to the emergence of bank robbery groups in the Midwest with weaker police forces. Dillinger and his gang have never missed, and the robbed cash exceeded $300,000.

Until January 5, 1934, Dillinger accidentally leaked the news when he robbed the First National Bank of Chicago. The police arrived just as he put the 20,000 dollars in the bag. Upon seeing this, Dillinger immediately took President Spencer as a hostage and rushed to the car that met on the side of the road.

At this moment, Spencer twisted his body inadvertently, revealing Dillinger’s entire upper body. The police had quick eyes and quick hands and fired 4 shots at Dillinger’s upper body, all of which were hit. However, after the gunshot, Dillinger did not fall to the ground. He quickly returned the gun and shot him to death by the surprised police. “Goodbye!” Dillinger pushed Spencer away, shook off the bullet on the bulletproof vest, got into the car, and left.

Since then, Dillinger has become the “public enemy number one” in the eyes of the American police and is wanted by the country. But no one thought that the famous Dillinger would be arrested easily.

Public enemy number one is dead
On January 21, 1934, Dillinger fled to Arizona and robbed a bank, then stayed at the Capitol Hotel in Tucson. He never expected that the police did not find him, but the hotel caught fire by accident. Like all the residents living on the upper floors, Dillinger and his team were rescued from the window by firefighters before they had time to pack their luggage.

After Dillinger was rescued, he grabbed a firefighter and generously gave him a tip of $12: “Please help me rescue a special suitcase containing my very important things.” Yes, he was robbed recently. All the money is in it. The firefighter looked up at Dillinger, nodded solemnly, and performed his task calmly. Dillinger did not expect that the firefighter not long ago flipped through a magazine with real crimes as the content, which published Dillinger’s photos. Because Dillinger’s deeds were so legendary, he remembered Dillinger’s face firmly. After handing the big suitcase to Dillinger, he turned around and reported the case to the police station. The whereabouts of Dillinger and his gang were exposed and were arrested by the police in one fell swoop.

In order to prevent accidents, when the police escorted Dillinger, they did not use a police car but directly transferred him to Chicago by plane. Dillinger became the first suspect in American history to be transported by plane, causing a national sensation.

Dillinger and his gang were sentenced to death and kept under separate supervision. In order to prevent another person from coming to rescue and escape from prison, the prison has added a special post and arranged a machine gun unit to take care of Dillinger. At the time, Chief Executive Holly was very excited. He posed for a photo with Dillinger and confidently announced to the media: “Dillinger is here separated from freedom by eight chains. It is impossible to escape from prison again.” Dilling Jie lowered his head and smiled contemptuously.

One day in March 1934, Dillinger took out a 38-caliber pistol with Cole’s characteristic from nowhere, and withstood the guard’s forehead, ordered him to open the prison door, and after taking a few machine guns from the guard’s closet, Then he threw the 38-caliber pistol of Cole to the prison guard. The guards were surprised to find that it was a fake pistol. Dillinger carved a piece of wood and painted it with black shoe polish to disguise it as a pistol. But it was too late. The prison guard was coerced by Dillinger and walked towards the prison gate. Dillinger also let go of several prisoners halfway.

The experienced Dillinger did not go out directly from the gate. He knew that there was a machine gun unit waiting for him. He ran to the prison garage without hesitation and took the manager of the garage as a hostage. Finally, he drove out of the prison smoothly under the watchful eyes of the guards on both sides of the new Ford car of the officer Holly who had taken a photo with him.

The escape incident shocked the country and abroad, and even President Roosevelt said in a rage: “This is a public mockery of the American judiciary.”

Dillinger escaped as his comrades hoped, but this time Dillinger had no chance to go back and help them escape from prison. Not long after Dillinger escaped, his accomplices were severely punished and all shots were executed, including the four good friends he initially made in prison.

“I don’t have any friends anymore.” Standing in front of the hotel window, Dillinger shed two lines of tears.

Just when the police thought that Dillinger would disappear for a while, he disguised himself as a variety of people, still fighting against the wind, and robbed three banks in three states in a row. He quietly handed over most of the $110,000 he grabbed to the families of four good friends. Subsequently, Dillinger began desperately.

In order to capture Dillinger, the US Bureau of Investigation set up a special task force consisting of 40 agents to conduct an investigation. The Bureau of Investigation also issued a huge bounty to the whole country, catching Dillinger a reward of 10,000 U.S. dollars and providing important clues with a reward of 5,000 U.S. dollars.

In June 1934, Dillinger escaped to Gary City and met a woman named Polly. Once, he and Polly ran into Polly’s friend Anna while having a meal in a restaurant. At that time, Dillinger did not take Anna, who looked weak and slender, in his eyes, and never thought that Anna would become the terminator of his life.

On July 22, 1934, Dillinger took Polly and Anna to the Biography Theater to watch a movie. That day, Anna wore a red dress, which was very eye-catching. Dillinger smiled and praised her: “Anna, you are so beautiful today!” Anna smiled, her face a little unnatural. Dillinger didn’t think much, thinking she was just shy.

When he came out of the movie theater, Dillinger passed by a man, who suddenly lit a cigar, as if sending a signal. Dillinger was taken aback for a moment, he immediately smelled a dangerous breath, turned and ran away. He would never have thought that it was Anna who exposed his whereabouts.

It turned out that Anna was an illegal immigrant from Romania and faced the fate of being deported by the Immigration Bureau. She hoped to use Dillinger’s news to trade her right of residence and bounty with the Bureau of Investigation. The Bureau of Investigation agreed and asked her to wear a red dress that night to facilitate the agents to find the target.

The Bureau of Investigation had already set up a network of heaven and earth, and Dillinger finally came to an end, only 31 years old.

In just one year, Dillinger robbed 24 banks, robbed 4 police stations, and successfully escaped from prison twice. He was the most famous bank robber in American history. Killing Dillinger became the hottest news at the time and the most dazzling political achievement of the Bureau of Investigation. For this reason, the Bureau of Investigation was reorganized into the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) in the second year, and the president personally appointed the director, and obtained greater national law enforcement powers.

In July 2009, the film “Public Enemy” adapted from Dillinger’s true story was released in the United States and became a classic crime movie, which was deeply loved by people. And over the years, people have never stopped discussing Dillinger, who has various titles such as the number one public enemy, Robin Hood who robbed the rich and the poor, and the righteous bank thief. His legend has always been talked about.