One by one, the balls were like snowballs. Sophie drove them into the pot, and when they touched the oil, they made a sizzling noise. The phone jingles, she tilts her head, is it Wu Lei? Yesterday, she told him to come back today to celebrate this special day.

“Liu Zhi” was displayed on the screen.

She quickly flipped the balls a few times, and the balls turned golden a little bit, and a scent came out–Wu Lei liked to eat Sixi balls. As soon as she got home, she mixed the stuffing and dumplings. The stuffing is meat, add pepper, light soy sauce, oyster sauce, sesame oil, beaten two eggs, add some chopped green onion, dough, deep-fry with corn, drain, put ginger slices, rock sugar in the pot, put Put the meatballs in…In the refrigerator, there are several dishes of braised pork and Xihucuyu. The meatballs are delicious finale.

She added more water to the pot, wiped her hands, and picked up the phone.

Liu Zhi said, Fei, we are in Lhasa. I didn’t expect it to be so beautiful here! The cloud is just above my head, as if you can squat it down with a hand, the sky is like a sapphire, and Gesang flowers are everywhere. In this life, you must come with your loved one once! Then, send her some pictures. Big white clouds, bright and simple buildings, people walking around in national costumes… The last picture shows her and Liu Mingze pouting heads next to each other, as if deliberately trying to put their sweetness in In her eyes.

Tired. Sophie smiled and returned a Liu Harazi’s expression, and added a sentence, be careful not to be caught by Wang Yu.

Wang Yu is Liu Zhi’s husband.

She lowered the fire. The flame was red, and there was a faint blue in the core.

Her cell phone rang again. Hi, Liu Zhi, this Nizi, seems to be in love. She is worried that she will be too deep in the drama. If you love too deeply, it is easy to get hurt. This is the philosophy of simple love.

She did not answer. The bell rang persistently and tenaciously, as if he knew her mind.

She was about to tease Liu Zhi a few words, but when she looked at the screen, it was Li Xu. Li Xu said: Sister Fei, I am going to the project department early tomorrow morning, and the contract still lacks your financial signature.

How is tomorrow? I will go to the unit early tomorrow morning.

Sister Fei, I’m a bit anxious. The contract was finally signed, and people lined up to cooperate with Ascendas. The director just urged me today, explaining that they must let them start work immediately…or else, Sister Fei, I just dropped in, and I shocked you when I came to the community, would you come down and sign?

Sophie thought for a while, and agreed.

The water in the pot stirred a vortex.

After a while, the phone rang. She hurriedly thickened the meatballs, pinched her phone between her shoulder and her cheek and said, “I can’t get out now, or else, come to the elevator entrance on the 33rd floor!”

Li Xu put the contract on her arm, and she quickly signed her name. Li Xu thanked him and went to press the elevator. The elevator didn’t move. She went to press again, but the elevator still didn’t move.

She looked at the railing and saw bright lights across the road. She bent down again and looked at the left and right units. It was pitch black. It turned out that the community had a power outage.

She dialed 95598. The staff said that the transformer was burnt and had been sent to repair it. It is estimated that it will be fine in a while.

Unfortunately, I will go on. Li Xu said.

So high, can’t walk down for half an hour? The knees can’t stand it either. Otherwise, let’s sit in the room for a while.

They entered the house one after another. The sky has dimmed, and the outline of the furniture can be vaguely seen.

Sophie walked into the kitchen, found a candle under the light of the gas stove, lit it, stuck it to the bottom of a cup, and brought it to the sofa.

She opened the pot, made a pot of black tea, gave herself a cup, and gave Li Xu a cup.

Sister Fei, your house is really big. With the dim light, Li Xu looked at it.

One hundred and twenty square meters, enough for three people.

Li Xu is twenty-eight years old this year, and she is eight years older than him. He is responsible for small infrastructure and team management. She is a brand officer and financial specialist. There are some overlaps in her work. In March of this year, they went on a business trip to Nanjing together.

Her mother passed away in January. She didn’t want to go out, but no one replaced her. She was silent along the way, her mood was in sharp contrast with that outside the window. On the train, Li Xu would look at her for a while, then his phone. Suddenly, she heard him call her-Sister Fei, look at the mountain outside! Sophie looked in the direction he was pointing, and there was a hill like a cow lying there, surrounded by a puddle of water, and a grassy area by the water, with an elegant scenery. She closed her eyes again. After a while, Li Xu said again, Sister Fei, look at the bridge! He awakened her again and again, as if afraid that she would sink into a lonely dream. Later, seeing that she was still listless, he said that his mother had passed away in the third grade of elementary school… Sophie opened her eyes and looked at him in surprise. Li Xu said that after the death of his mother, his father went to work in other places, leaving him and his grandma at home, the young and the old, not to mention the silence… Sophie did not expect that he would have such a hard time looking back when he looked at the sun. . So she also told him about her mother, and her eyes flickered as she spoke. Li Xu handed her a tissue to comfort her. We can’t repay her mother’s kindness. When my mother passed away, I was only a teenager. As soon as the other children came home, they plunged into their mother’s arms. As for me, the surroundings were empty. Sometimes I really miss my mother, so I cry against the wall. After a few years of learning, I felt better. Sister Fei, I have watched a documentary that said that after a person dies, the soul still exists and will follow the person into the next cycle, just like endless water. From this perspective, people are immortal. So Sister Fei, I believe your mother didn’t leave you either, but just changed her way to stay with you… He looked at her with sincerity in his eyes, and she slowly ironed out the heart that had been pulling for many days.

In Sophie’s view, Li Xu doesn’t look like other young people, wearing headphones and shaking his head all day. He is quite stable in his work, and his face is a little more mature than his age. Approximately thanks to the suffering of youth.

Li Xu then told her that her family was in a mountain village in Shanxi, and she had gone to study in a city dozens of miles away in high school. Every time he went home, he walked while holding a stick-afraid of wild animals on the road. Later, he was admitted to the university in the province, and he worked hard while studying.

I have also studied work-study. Sophie said, I cleaned the library and taught a little girl to learn English in my spare time…

After chatting, they found that the experiences of the two people are so much similar.

They conducted inspections during the day, and at night, he invited her to visit the Qinhuai River Confucius Temple. Nanjing is a prosperous and ancient city, with lakes and mountains facing each other and forested gardens. In the thick light and shadow changes, in the noisy voices of people, her sadness disappeared a little bit, when he handed himself a piece of dried tofu, she smiled.

It’s so big, like us, we don’t know when we can afford a house. Li Xu took a sip of tea.

By the way, did you move out of the singles dormitory?

I moved out and rented a room at the foot of the mountain.

Yo. How did you talk with the girl from the Construction Bureau?

Just like that. Li Xu smiled, a dark shadow appeared on his chin, and his outline was quite handsome.

The phone jingled again, it was Liu Zhi. Fei, unexpectedly this time, the sun is still hanging like a pomegranate! It ignited a cloud of fire, right on the roof of the Potala Palace. Oh my God, I’m going to be drunk. Now, Mingze and I came to a street, what street is it called? Whatever. I want to go shopping, I will bring you souvenirs! Another chase: Fei, you don’t know, I want to stay here!

Sophie wanted to laugh, Liu Zhi was impatient, sitting on the bench and couldn’t rely on it for an hour. She wanted to stay in Tibet not because she was with Liu Mingze and could avoid Wang Yu’s face.

Is this brother-in-law? Pretty handsome! Li Xu asked the man in a family portrait.

Sophie nodded.

This photo was taken several years ago, when Wu Lei was still slim. Like Li Xu now. She and Wu Lei are university classmates, he always waits for her downstairs, helps her fetch water, and takes a seat for her in class. He pulled her to play table tennis, the court was next to the dormitory, and his buddies booed, Sophie—Wu Lei—Wu Lei—Sophie—Sophie loves Wu Lei, and Wu Lei had Sophie… once, She was walking around the park with Wu Lei, who was one-meter-high. She raised her head and asked: Hello, what’s the air above? Wu Lei hugged her, held her high above her head, and said with a smile: Don’t you know if you try it yourself?

Two years after graduation, they got married and formed their own small family.

She glanced at the phone, and there was no news from Wu Lei.

Stomach grumbled twice. She looked at the wall, it was almost eight o’clock.

In any case, he must come back today. The tenth anniversary of the marriage is like a spire, standing for a long time. After this anniversary, she can lift her breath and move on to the next stage. Road is the road of two people, and marriage is also the marriage of two people. If he does not come back, she will not forgive him anyway.

Wu Lei works as a sales manager in an electronic equipment factory. He runs in Guangxi, Zhejiang, and Inner Mongolia. He said he is in Penglai.

She and Wu Lei visited Penglai during their honeymoon. “One 30,000 li, He Xiu is deep. The water mark contains rain, and the rock shadow brings the autumn shadow. Although there is no immortal bone, it will eventually be able to grow the heart…” Since ancient times, Penglai has attracted people of all colors, including emperors. They believe that Penglai is the place where heaven and man meet, so they can enter the fairyland and get rid of the fetters of the world. Qin Shihuang sent people to Penglai many times to find the elixir, hoping for immortality. She and Wu Lei held hands and looked at Penglai Pavilion and Sanxian Mountain, then crossed the sea to Changdao, and looked at Crescent Bay and Jiuzhangya… They also took a picture at the confluence of the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea. It was May, and the large tracts of wild chrysanthemums and poppies made bright colors for the water and the sky, and the fragrance wafted from time to time. She looked at the undulating tide and sighed, if we buy a suite here, we will become gods too!

Time has passed, ten years have passed so quickly.

She refilled a cup of tea and gave Li Xu another cup.

There are more than a dozen of your batch, right?

Twenty-one. Li Xu sipped tea and said.

so much. Sophie was a little surprised.

I heard that there will be more next year, maybe there will be more than 30.

Sophie thought, she and the company are really a bit estranged. Hey, I’m getting old, and I don’t know many of the people who got it.

Where, Sister Fei doesn’t look old at all. Li Xu said.

Regardless of whether this is true or false, it sounds very useful. People who have met Sophie also said that she is not her age at all, probably because she has a baby face and short hair.

But Sophie knew that her mentality was getting old. 35 years old is like a watershed. Before the age of 35, she still felt that she belonged to a young man and had a lot of time to squander; once she was 35, the rhythm of life immediately became tense.

The wind today is really big. she says.

Yes, staying at the foot of the mountain, the wind feels like a pack of wolves, rushing down from the mountain, trying to eat people…

This analogy is quite interesting. Here, it is three or four degrees lower than Jecheng. It is cold in winter and windy in summer. Jecheng, in a basin, is warm in winter and like a stove in summer. By the way, how many times do you go back to your hometown a year?

Two or three times. Only my grandma is at home. She had bowel cancer surgery last year, and I went back to stay with them for two months.

I remember that. Your job, Wang Ming, does it for you… Does the operation cost a lot of money?

Not too much, borrowed a little. In this world, my dearest person is grandma. Now that I think about it, when I was a child, I did not cause her trouble less-she raised chickens in the yard, I secretly touched the eggs, knocked on the rock, raised my head and drank; we ran on the straw, stepped and bounced , The master poke at us with a stick; we climbed the tree to have enough locust blossoms, and chopped down the locust branches one by one; we still ran in the river to swim, the more grandma would not let me go, the more I would steal. Once, when I swam deep inside, my feet were entangled by something, and almost didn’t come up. That time, I was seriously ill. My grandma scolded me and wiped her tears…

Boys were naughty when they were young, and so was my brother. Once my mother bought me a pair of shoes and told him not to tell him, but he saw it and rolled on the ground; he and his little partner stole peaches and were caught, and they asked him to hold a sign to steal peaches.”, Didn’t it make my mother pay for someone… But when she went to college, she kept it down. By the way, in college, there must be a lot of girls who like you? Sophie thinks Li Xu’s image is good and considerate.

where. Li Xu seemed a little shy.

Do not believe.

Li Xu scratched his head, um… There is a female classmate who has been very nice to me. But later, we still separated.


Li Xu was silent for a while, because I don’t deserve her. She is in a good family situation, with a supermarket in her house. As for me, my family is surrounded by walls, it seems that there is no future. Her parents don’t want to entrust her to me.

… Sophie was speechless for a while.

When I went to her house for the first time, her parents were very enthusiastic. They served a table of dishes. During the dinner, they asked about my family situation. I told the truth, their faces instantly became cloudy. She invited me again, and I didn’t want to go… Later, I heard that she married a returnee, and now, I guess I have a child.

Sophie sighed and concluded in the tone of an old man that marriages for money are not very happy. One of my girlfriends was that her parents forced her to marry the son of the director of industry and commerce. Now, her male officer is getting bigger and bigger, but her temper is getting worse and worse. She is still at every turn of domestic violence… She refers to Liu Zhi.

Is your grandma at home alone? She took the previous topic.

No, my father is back and is with her. After she had the operation, he came back…

Sophie’s phone rang. She gestured to Li Xu and walked to the bedroom by herself.

This time it was Wu Lei. He told her that the contract had not been signed yet. He was waiting for the other party in Penglai. The man went on a business trip and could only return the day after tomorrow.

Can you go back later? Say yes to come back tonight!

Fei, it really doesn’t work. This contract is very important. I want to go back. If the contract is delayed, the trouble will be serious.

Sophie thought he was quibbling. Are you really not coming back? She asked again, a little sad, I thought you were on the way home…

Fei, I will go back the day after tomorrow… Wu Lei assured her.

Sophie remembered the WeChat spied on his phone: See you in the same place. Old place, what old place? He must be with other women at this time! He can’t think of her as a fool.

After giving birth, she and Wu Lei slept separately. She needs to breastfeed and pee at night. Her son was like a little sun, and she was always moving around, and Wu Lei slept in the north bedroom by himself. Later, when her son got older and had a separate room, she was not used to squeezing with Wu Lei. I can’t stretch my legs, and I can’t stand up easily. Probably Xu Wulei felt this way too. Sometimes Wu Lei came to “look for” her, while she was thinking about the food to be made tomorrow, whether to buy the dress or not… Sometimes, when she came, Wu Lei turned over, but said that she was too tired. Passion is eaten a little bit by life. Later, Wu Lei traveled frequently.

In Sophie’s view, marriage is like a river, beginning to be ups and downs, and over time, it will slowly calm down. Everything can’t survive time. What can be carried to the end is the gift of time. In the long time, I don’t know how many twists and turns it takes to reach the realm. Sophie thought she had seen through the texture of love and understood the secrets of life. She also remembered a report she had read: 70% of couples in China, but they live together under the same roof, not many sweet ones. More than half of the couples live more than once a month, and asexual marriages account for almost 7%. She is even more relieved.

But today, today is the 10th wedding anniversary! Her heart was stung by a scorpion, and she felt a sting. The pain followed the blood vessels and spread to the whole body, and she felt a suffocation.

Wu Lei said, Fei, I remember, I will give you a present.

No, she doesn’t want gifts, just him! If he doesn’t come, everything will be meaningless. What about the sweet and sour lotus root, Xihucuyu, and Mapo tofu that she spent several hours making? … She remembered the look he had when he ate Mapo tofu for the first time. He swept her around and said that he had never expected that he would be so lucky and his wife would cook a good dish! He opened his mouth, the tofu was caught between the tips of his chopsticks, and when he raised his head, the tofu slipped into his mouth. He closed his eyes and chirped, like a greedy child. She finds it funny and proud-her craftsmanship is not inferior to anyone, this is still the way she developed when she was a child.

Sophie put down the phone and wiped her eyes.

Li Xu waited for her to come out and said, Sister Fei, I haven’t called for a long time. Or, I’ll go on…

No, don’t go-Sophie took his arm.

Li Xu seemed taken aback.

Sophie herself was surprised. She didn’t know where this power came from. She only wants him to stay! She pressed him to the sofa, really, don’t go, today, but my birthday!

Sister Fei…Li Xu scratched his head.

Really, don’t lie to you. Sophie walked quickly to the refrigerator, took out the prepared braised pork, Xihucuyu… and served the balls, no more, no more, exactly six. She found the goblet again and poured Bordeaux wine.

Is it okay to go back? Feel free to eat.

Sister Fei, really, is it really your birthday?

Sophie nodded.

I haven’t heard you mention it before, you know, buy a gift on the way… Li Xu apologizes.

No gifts. Sophie said, handing him a pair of chopsticks and a glass of wine.

Sister Fei, happy birthday to you! Be sure to make up next time.

They clinked their glasses, and the glasses made a clear sound.

Sophie took a gulp and another gulp.

Li Xu watched her drinking in silence. She seemed to be a little excited, and a little bit happy for no reason. She kept persuading him to eat vegetables and drink alcohol. He felt a little abrupt in a trance, and it seemed to be an alternative. She must have been a little bit lost when the man on the wall didn’t come… He also took a sip of wine.

Sister Fei, I didn’t expect your dishes to be so delicious.

Eat more if it tastes delicious. Sophie pushed Mapo Tofu towards him.

I usually get tired of eating in the cafeteria at work. Going back at night is also improvised.

How is your girlfriend’s cooking? Sophie asked.

That’s it, so-so, I can’t get hungry anyway…

There is a saying, “Lock the man’s heart, first lock the man’s stomach.” Let her practice her craft. Sophie made a joke on him, but she thought in her heart, what craftsmanship is not craftsmanship, if the two people’s feelings fade, it will be no good to eat the mountains and the sea every day.

The candle was lit at one point, trembling, and the shadow on the wall followed.

She remembered that when she was a child, candles were always lit at night. At that time, electricity was not very popular, and her family was poor. Once, when she was doing homework and writing, she suddenly smelled a burning smell, and a puff of green smoke rose up in front of her eyes. It turned out that her hair touched the candle wick and it ignited. She quickly swooped with her workbook. Late at night, mother and brother fell asleep, and sometimes she came to the yard. The moon rose inch by inch, sitting on the locust tree, the stars blinked and the wind blew, it seemed to fall from the Milky Way. She lowered her head and saw a caterpillar arching and arching under the milky moonlight, sneaking in the night. The crickets, playing grand music in the corner, on the contrary, more and more set off the night sky and quiet. How long has it been without a power failure? Sophie thought. Is the power outage on this day an implied meaning? She thought of Wu Lei, and the pain came into her heart again. It turned out that she did not have the ease and ease that she imagined, nor the calmness she imagined. She thought, Wu Lei must be drinking a bar right now? Drinking outside is noisy and lively, and women are often indispensable.

When they first got married, she and Wu Lei set up an elegant table and two square stools on the balcony. Before going to bed, they would often drink a few mouthfuls. One summer night, when they were drinking and drinking, rain suddenly fell outside, and the rain caught the wind again, rushing on the glass. When the wine entered the belly, it seemed to arouse a bunch of splashes in my heart. Drinking and drinking, they drank to the floor. The wind and rain are violent outside, and the harmony of heaven and earth inside. She will never forget that night.

She took a few more guts.

The whole body slowly heated up. There seemed to be a river hidden in his body, struggling to break through numerous obstacles, gurgling out.

She held on to the sofa and went to the bathroom. Turn on the faucet, dip a few drops of water, and pounce on his cheeks. The heat on the cheeks slowly dropped.

Her mind glided over Liu Zhi, what is she doing now?

Her face was bashful, and she looked in the mirror with the glimmer. The man inside has soft lines. “Xiuqi” is the most commented on her by others. She likes this evaluation, and thinks it has more flavor than “beautiful”.

She picked up the comb, combed her hair carefully, and bit her lip again. Scarlett Scarlett, the heroine in “Gone with the Wind,” does this when she doesn’t wear lipstick.

Fei, we are going to Jokhang Temple and Potala Palace tomorrow, Yanghu Lake the day after tomorrow, and Linzhi the day after tomorrow! You know, I want to walk all over Tibet. When you come here, you will find out what two people are really “a paradise of love”… As soon as she walked out, Liu Zhi’s WeChat followed.

The waves go. Sophie thought, but there was a faint melancholy in her heart.

Li Xu’s shadow dangled on the wall, tall and tall, covering himself. He was motionless, not knowing what he was thinking.

The air is condensing and condensing, and there is a sense of stagnation.

After a while, Li Xu broke his silence. Sister Fei, I heard that our company is going to make drastic reforms?

Sophie said, yes, I also heard about it, saying that everything should be simplified and intensive…

I don’t know if we will still be in the Ministry of Political Work…

Who knows, what is the most annoying to change, which department is still different? Always do those jobs. Moving the office is too much trouble.

Li Xu agreed. I heard that the Ministry of Political Work and the labor union will be united? At that time, there were more than four directors, and at least two directors were leaving.

You said, where will they be transferred? Sophie asked while holding the cup.

Maybe it will go to an overhaul company or a material company? To be a party branch secretary or top leader, the same was true for the last reform.

Then our department will elect a new director. The chief teacher is a policy of their unit to support talents. After a few years, the chief teacher becomes the deputy director, and then the director. I heard that Wang Ming in our department is actively active…

Li Xu’s hand seemed to shake slightly. He said, Wang Ming, the unit he and I entered together, we attended the training together and slept in the same dormitory. His entry score is not as good as mine. Last time, he didn’t get a place in the provincial exam…

Sophie smiled, but what does that matter? I heard that he has contacts in the provincial company…

Silence continued to flow, long, dragging two people into the dark ocean.

Li Xu suddenly raised his head and drank the wine in his glass.

His cell phone rang, he fumbled for a while, glanced at it, no, not going back, you can eat by yourself, I will eat with my friends.

Sophie crossed her legs and moved towards Li Xu. She wore a short knee-length lace skirt, which was carefully selected to meet Wu Lei.

Li Xu held his forehead.

Sophie saw his hair dense, like night, and reminded me of the grassland in July.

Wu Lei was less than forty years old, but he was a little bit appalled. He neglected to manage his figure. Before, he was not like this. At that time, they were lying on the bed side by side, she went to pull his hair, and touched his stomach. The belly is flat, and her hands are on the ribs again. Wu Lei said: “Don’t touch my ribs.” “Just touch it, I want to eat it!” So, Sophie turned Wu Lei’s body, opened her mouth, and gestured to gnaw off his eyes, nose, and chin. The mouth slipped on the “spare ribs” again. She chuckled while rubbing. Wu Lei’s stomach hit, she fell. He stepped on her, dare you? Dare you? The sound of two people arguing in the bedroom, and then the voice gradually became smaller and became a moan.

Su Fei suddenly felt that what she said just now might be too cruel. After all, Wang Ming is Li Xu’s biggest competitor in the unit. Li Xu…

Li Xu raised his head and raised his mouth. Sister Fei, look at how nice you are. You can’t compete in the unit…

Is Sophie indisputable? No, she argued, but then gave up.

When she first worked, the department director “respected” her very much and arranged a lot of work for her. Every day, she is the first to come to the unit, first mopping the floor carefully, then wiping the table, after wiping this, then wiping that. At that time, she always worked overtime. Day after day, she was almost mad at this monotonous and trivial life, desperate to get rid of it. As a result, she worked harder and took the initiative to take over the work that others did not want to do. She hopes her hard work will be seen by the director and affirmed. She thinks about the comfort of being promoted every day. At that time, she just needs to move her mouth. However, this illusion was quickly broken, and the daughter of a vice president took the place of her dreams. Later, a kind elder sister instructed Sophie: You not only want to do it, but also “can” do it. She finally woke up and sought an opportunity. Once, the province came to check the work, and the leader named Wang walked into the bathroom, and Sophie followed in. She stepped out first and turned on the tap. The leader’s convenience ended and came out. She smiled sweetly at him, handed a piece of paper, and said, Secretary Wang is good. Secretary Wang asked her name. She reported her name and said that this project was her responsibility. Finally, when the leaders came to check and accept it, her brain cells would be burned if they didn’t come. Secretary Wang was amused and laughed. When I watched the exhibition board, I asked a few more questions. When eating at noon, Secretary Wang praised her in front of everyone, saying that the project was well done, with obvious characteristics and good results, and it could be promoted by companies in other cities. I heard that Xiaosu is in charge? Talking, raise a glass to her. She was very happy in her heart, and at a glance, the director’s cold eyes floated over. After that, the director slowly ignored her. It’s the kind of cold outside that is hot on the outside. He no longer entrusted her with important work, only let her do trivial trivial matters. She can’t figure it out. Later, someone told her that at that time, the director wanted to take credit for himself. He had been in this position for eight years. Unexpectedly, the provincial leaders believed that most of the credit was due to Sufi. What do you think a director hates most? Leapfrog reporting. She still doesn’t put the director in her eyes? Sophie felt a chill, and after working, she was ready to cope. If the director doesn’t break her attitude, she won’t be as serious as before. However, there are many people in the department, so you don’t do it, and some people do it. Sophie hides and struggles like an abandoned bug. Later, the director was transferred and a new one came. But she has experienced more things and met more people, and her enthusiasm for “career” slowly cooled down. When an official, how old is an official? Their general manager is no more than a division-level cadre. She suddenly felt that those people were just ants at the feet of God, circling around a rice ball all year round. Later, I saw everyone around me get promoted one by one

Really, Sister Fei, you are indifferent at work, unlike Li Ran and the others…

Li Ran? Isn’t it the director of the marketing department?

Li Xu took a sip of wine. Maybe he drank in a hurry. He coughed a few times. Yes, Sister Fei, let’s tell you, once, I saw Li Ran coming out of a hotel holding Mr. Wang’s arm… …”

Li Ran was very beautiful, his eyes were like cat’s eyes, and he was babbled.

In fact, Sophie has also seen her and Mr. Wang. One night, she returned to the company to get the gas card, got down from the office building, and saw Mr. Wang’s car driving past. She had to pass the traffic lights, so she unconsciously swept over Wang’s car. The Audi was not driven by the driver, but by Mr. Wang himself. He drove a few hundred meters out of the intersection and stopped slowly, and a thin, wavy-haired woman got into the car. That bright back is Li Ran.

Later, when Sophie was having a dinner with a few girlfriends from her unit, she mentioned Li Ran, her eyes filled with a surreptitious smile.

Regardless of her superficial beauty, secretly, I don’t know how many people are burying her… Sophie said, Li Xu, you are still so young, and there will be opportunities in the future. Besides, Wang Ming’s story is only heard, not necessarily true. What…

Li Xu raised his head and poured wine into his throat. He leaned his body on the sofa and sighed, Sister Fei, you don’t know, I come from a rural area and my family is suffering. Everyone hopes that I will have a future. Since I was young, I have also warned myself. Since the first grade of elementary school, I have been the monitor, and my grades have never dropped to the top five. At that time, I was quite confident, thinking that as long as I worked hard, I would be rewarded accordingly. But at work, I gradually realized that it was not like this. Alas, in fact, the year I first joined, I got the second grade. I could have been assigned to the office, but Li Yabin replaced me. Sister Fei, you said, how can a man get ahead? In addition to relying on relationships, it is to work hard. I came and went alone, so I had to bury my head… You see, the director gave me the most important tasks-small infrastructure, team management, and mid-year employee medical examinations. I work overtime almost every weekend. Sometimes when I stand up, I feel that the road will not go anymore, and my bones creak. I have read some news, saying that young people do not care about their bodies and are easy to overwork. I also asked myself, is it worth it? I thought about it and it was worth it. Young people, shouldn’t they exercise more? How many times can they beat in life? But now, I don’t see much hope…

Just tell me, I’m going to the project department with the contract. The director can’t wait for them to build tonight. How many times did I run back and forth for this contract? People just ignore it. The director wanted to see the results right away. I knew that they were in time for the project. When the province came to inspect, they wrote in the report how many days before the completion of the project and how to overcome the difficulties…

Sophie sighed slightly.

She shifted her body, filled Li Xu with wine, and poured another glass herself.

The wine rolled over the wall of the stomach, and Sophie’s cheeks slowly became hot. Don’t think too much… She patted him on the shoulder.

Li Xu’s shoulders are very thick. He didn’t move, and didn’t seem to feel the presence of those hands.

They touched the wine a few more times.

Sophie held her chin, thinking of something. She turned around and turned on QQ Music.

The road is rugged and you are not afraid of being tempered. I wish to experience the pain and happiness in my life, and the joy and sorrow will be around and around… the familiar tunes echoed in the house.

Sophie felt the river in her body surging and surging continuously with the singing, finally, breaking through the obstacles and gurgling out. It jumped over the rugged rocks, over the misty jungle, forward, forward…

Sophie said, when I am alone, I always like to play some music… She approached Li Xu and glanced at him, Li Xu, do you think men like Li Ran like this? Her tone was a little coquettish. She didn’t know why she wanted to do this, these words seemed to be on the tip of her tongue, and they flew out.

Li Xu didn’t say a word, and paused for a while and said, how could it happen.

You lied to me. Sophie’s voice is soft, a bit like a cat.

Really, Sister Fei. I remember once, when you came out of the building, wearing a lotus-colored dress and holding a light flower parasol, that scene really looked like a painting…

Li Xu raised his head and looked at her. He didn’t say that she looks a bit like his girlfriend in college.

Sophie can’t remember, but she is very happy. He likes her, likes her, that’s enough.

The surrounding area suddenly fell into darkness, and the candle went out. The two were stunned at the same time and looked at each other.

When she poured the wine again, Li Xu held her wrist, no, she would be drunk if she stopped drinking sister Fei…

Sophie didn’t seem to hear, and opened another bottle to fill him up. The sound of wine splashing, like a touch of light in the dark night.

Usually at this time, her son would pester her and let her talk about “A Thousand and One Nights.” But now, he has gone to the country’s grandmother’s house, and will not come back until school starts in September.

The world is so quiet, as if returning to the state of Hongmeng, and as if the world is huge, only he and her are left.

Sophie was wrapped in the boundless darkness and seemed to be in a dream. She heard the air tighten and shrink a little bit, and with a “pop”, it split into buds. The bud popped and opened again. She smelled the fragrance of it drifting by.

She was in a daze and felt a little tired. The tide of old life surged over her eyes. She is like a swimmer, pulling hard, floating from the water, flicking her hair. In the distance, there are invisible mountains and invisible water.

Liu Zhi flashed in her mind again. At this moment, she should go to sleep and stop disturbing her…

She suddenly felt a little stupid. Love. Love makes people reborn. Liu Zhi’s words rang in her ears.

Why can’t she love? Why guard the siege of marriage and look up alone? Isn’t she worthy of being loved by others? What right does she have to lock the river, the mighty destiny? What right does she have to easily summarize her life from now on?

The night is like a tide, floating her body, she seems to become a feather, light and elegant, swinging in the boundless space.

She remembered a sentence when she was playing a blog: Everyone is a forest, the lost person is lost, and those who meet will meet again.

She and Li Xu weren’t just two forests separated by a distance. When the wind blew, they realized that the auras were so similar, and their lives were somewhat similar.

She heard her own gasps, and she also heard Li Xu’s gasps in a daze.

The river in the body has strong power, it stirs up a series of water waves, rushing and howling. She was held by it all the way, rushing, rushing.

Li Xu… She grabbed his hand.

Li Xu shook her hand and buried his head in her hand. She felt his shoulders shaking.

He was sobbing, his voice somewhat suppressed, rushing from left to right in the cavity.

The voice gradually grew louder, and the back of her hand was wet. He is like a wronged child.

Sophie looked at him quietly.

Li Xu suddenly raised his head, took the cup, and pointed it at himself. The liquid was dripping into the belly.

Sophie also picked up the cup.

Li Xu hiccuped and the alcohol drifted away.

They kept drinking, drinking, one cup after another, as if there was a childish intention. As if they really become children, they have to cross the high fence to pick the flowers and grass.

The wine seemed to become a river, flowing in the body. The sand at the bottom of the river was picked up.

Sophie hasn’t drank like this in a long time.

Li Bai Su Dongpo was drunk, and the chairman was fluttering, chanting three hundred poems; people on the street were drunk, they would open their arms, legs, and head straight up, as if there was a shadow in the sky. Suck them at once and throw them into a safe and proper place.

It’s like being on a bed.

Sophie’s ears buzzed.

They drink for a while and laugh for a while. Laughter and tears mixed together.

They seemed to open a door and walk in.

They walked holding hands, listening while walking.

What’s the sound of falling. It is a pair of chopsticks.

They filled the wine again.

This, this birthday, I have the happiest… Sophie hiccups.

She felt hot all over, and there seemed to be countless caterpillars crawling.

The river roared, rushing to the sky, looking for an exit.

Sophie raised her head, and fell down.

She swallowed the jade syrup in her hand.

The time has passed and never goes back, the past can only be reminiscent… You have also added a new year… Time is gone and never goes back… The song is lazy and sad.

They fell into a sea of ​​singing.

Come, me, we, have a dance… Sophie took Li Xu’s hand.

Li Xu’s hands were soft and hot, hanging on his legs.

She pulled him up again.

She pressed against Li Xu’s chest and held one hand on his palm.

The palms of his hands are a little wet.

She pressed his ears and said, in the future, the annual evaluation recommended by the Ministry of Human Resources, I, I will not fill in others, only you…

Li Xu responded to her with alcohol hiccups. His chest is broad, like a thick wall. The wall is full of holes for breathing, nervous, rushing, and seeming to be about to collapse.

Li Xu,… Sophie leaned on his chest, her voice eager and somewhat warm.

Li Xu hung his head on her head. Like a leaf, sweeping in the windy space.

She slid her hand on his lips, groping little by little, as if Li Xu’s lips were a mysterious place.

His lips were shaking, like a fire that had been kindled.

Sophie shook her body and stepped on his feet. He grabbed her by the waist.

The river turned a corner and stood her up. I, I… Her words are light, like a pollen, flying to another pollen, the pollen immediately melted, entangled, and grind together.

Her hand was sucked into a well, and she fell quickly and down.

She almost fainted.

Li Xu let go of her hand and looked arrogantly on her face. He found it. She gave her tongue.

The two entangled, staggering toward the sofa.

At the same time they fell heavily on the sofa.

Time and space seem to have lost its place. They heard each other’s gasps. The river is flowing freely, happily. The whole is its world. Their hands kept groping and searching. Sophie became a feather again in a trance, flying in the sky, flying…

There was a knock on the door.

The knock on the door continued.

The knock on the door became louder and louder, like an arrow shot from the dark, piercing their ears.

They parted ignorantly. Sophie pressed her chest and sat up.

Li Xu also sat up slowly.

She staggered to open the door.

As soon as the door opened, the neighbor Xiao Wei said, Sister Fei, do you still have candles in your house? Damn it, I haven’t called yet, and I haven’t finished a report yet.

Sophie shook her head. Through the crack in the door, Xiao Wei saw the darkness rising in the room. She grumbled a few times and went back again.

Sophie walked to the railing. The wind blew in coolly and brushed on his face. She touched her cheek, feeling a little puzzled for a while. Slowly, she distinguished the electric car in the corridor and the cardboard box she had left there.

She looked downstairs. There are a few lights in the distance, and some cars are driving back and forth on the gray road.

She took a deep breath and stayed for a while.

She opened the door gently. The room was suddenly white, refrigerator, TV cabinet, fish tank… everything was clearly displayed in front of her. She blinked.

She went to the living room. Li Xu was neatly dressed, stood there holding the contract, and smiled at her.