Men don’t say, women don’t understand

Don’t love so much, just love a little

His eyes are very charming when he smiles, much like her idol Chen Kun. Because of this, she gradually fell in love with him, and finally fell in love with him madly. He loves to drink porridge. She has always been spoiled and seldom cooks at home, so she gets up early every morning to make porridge for him, and changes the way to make him various breakfasts. His job is to stand at the counter in the mall every day, and one stop lasts ten hours. She feels very distressed and ran to the bathing center on the street to learn foot massage. Every time he returned from get off work to the nest where the two lived together, a pot of steaming footwashing water came to him involuntarily, and then, a pair of dexterous little hands would fly on his almost numb feet. Every time he massaged, he had a drunken expression, like drinking a psychedelic.

However, he eventually left her. He said to his friends that she was very good to him, but her love was so crazy that she almost gave him “to death”! He wants to live a normal life, he doesn’t want to have a suffocating love!

His name is Afeng, 22 years old, a handsome boy, and her name is Aping. She is seven years older than him. She is also divorced and lives alone with a five-year-old daughter. Two years ago, after they met, she fell into a sea of ​​love and hardship.

From the outside, Ah Ping’s dress is very fashionable, her hair style is the fluffy “lion head” that young girls born in the 80s like nowadays, a small red jacket with a pair of whitish jeans and a pair of white travel shoes. Give me Feels like a “crazy girl” who just finished high from the disco. Who would have thought that she was already the mature woman of “Ben San”.

Sitting in front of me, Ah Ping burst into tears, who was so wounded by this love. She said that although she had also been married and had three love experiences before meeting A Feng, all of them had been in the past. Only when she was approaching thirty years old, she was on a boy seven years younger than her. Found a deep love, a feeling similar to first love. This love made her happy, it made her crazy, and it made her forget about it. For Ah Feng, she even threw her own daughter to her parents, because of Ah Feng’s words: I don’t like children. In order to marry her beloved boyfriend, she not only willingly went for an abortion, but also went to the countryside twice to ask her future in-laws in a low voice, even if she was turned away. In the end, the marriage was in vain, and she drank dichlorvos in front of her boyfriend, just to prove her infatuation! A week later, she was discharged from the hospital, but he left without looking back. Nowadays, she who is devastated by love has only one request: Afeng, you come back soon, the marriage may not be married, the child may not be, but please don’t ignore me, because I can’t live without you! Unless I’m dead.

Ah Ping’s story makes me very sad. For this “late love”, she devoted herself wholeheartedly, even using the child in her belly to use her life as a bet. Unfortunately, the other party was too young to bear it, and eventually lost her armor and armor and fled. Ah Ping loves so much that there is no regrets, no regrets, nothing wrong, Afeng loves so exhausted that he retreats, there is nothing wrong, the fault lies in the two people’s inconsistent pace of love, the depth of love is different, one is “you will love you when you die “, one is “just love a little bit”. Here, I would like to persuade Ah Ping: Loving someone is like making a bowl of porridge. You have to master the heat, otherwise once it is too thick to melt, not only will the taste be lost, it is very likely that this bowl of hard-boiled porridge will become It was dumped because it was difficult to swallow.

At the beginning, Hollywood star Angelina Jolie’s first love was also turned upside down. In order to keep this unforgettable love in mind, she and her boyfriend used mutual tattoos to prove it. How good were they at the time? According to a friend close to Julie, when the two embraced each other deeply, one could not wait to swallow the other! I’ve only heard that when you hate someone, you want to kill the other person alive. I didn’t expect that you would have this urge to love someone to the extreme! But the result? After the vigor, the blazing fire of love quickly disappeared. When the fire of love extinguished, Julie described the withered body and wounds, like a small flower that was destroyed by a storm, lonely and withered.

How can you love someone to the end? Why are there so many scars in exchange for a relationship?

Whose fault is this?

I didn’t understand when I was young, but I gradually understand when I grow up. In fact, cultivating a relationship is like cultivating a flower. If the water is not enough, the flower will wither due to lack of nourishment; but if the water is too much, the flower will also wilt because it cannot be absorbed. To love someone is to learn how to stop, to learn how to rewind, not to love so much, only to love a little bit. Just like the lyrics written by Li Ao: Others’ love is as deep as the sea, and my love is shallow.

Sometimes love is like driving a car. You have to learn to slow down, watch and pass, and don’t keep pressing the accelerator. If the speed is not well grasped, there is a risk of a car crash or even a car overturn. Even if you suddenly realize that a sudden brake is applied in the middle, you will be shocked in a cold sweat. When I drove to the end, I almost turned over, so why bother?

If you want to marry, marry a man like Tom Hanks

A woman around me often asks me this question: If you marry, what kind of man is best to marry? At this time, I often blurt out without thinking: Tom Hanks. This middle-aged man with a small fleshy nose and a straightforward appearance can be called the standard of a good man, and a role model for a model husband. Marry him, you won’t be frightened after marriage, afraid that your husband will become lazy, afraid that your husband will learn badly, afraid that he will not love you as much as before, afraid that he will have an affair everywhere. In short, if you marry a man like Tom Hanks, you are basically the same as buying a pension insurance and signing a ten-thousand-year contract. He will never terminate the contract in advance and default. He is what Andy Lau once sang affectionately on the stage. The man in “Love You Ten Thousand Years” who will stay with you forever.

Perhaps as a woman who pursues happiness, you can’t help but ask, is Tom Hanks really so attractive in the impetuous age when men become bad when they have money and learn bad when they have no money? Is it really worth a woman to entrust him for life?

I want to say yes. There is no god in this world, but there are men who are close to gods; there is no perfect man in this world, but there are men who are close to perfection. He is Tom Hanks.

Who can easily create a billion-dollar box office? Who can win the Oscar winners without any effort? Who is the model for the new Hollywood man? There is only one answer: Tom Hanks.

Since the debut of “He Knows You Are Alone” in 1979, the global box office of films starring Tom Hanks has exceeded 2.2 billion US dollars in 28 years, and the box office appeal has surpassed Stallone, Schwarzenegger, and Tom Crew Harrison Ford is not the same; because of the “Philadelphia Story” and “Forrest Gump”, he won the Oscar winner for two consecutive years, becoming the only Oscar company after Spencer Qusay in the 1930s. King Zhuang is also the first Oscar in fifty years.

Tom Hanks also created a miracle: as early as 2001, he won the Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Film Institute. That year, he just turned 47 and became the youngest person in the 30 years since the Lifetime Achievement Award was founded. The winners can be seen by their deep skill and strong charm, not to mention the “Tarzan Beidou” of the American film industry, at least they are also the “Lonely Seeking Defeat” who has not encountered an opponent in the world for more than ten years. Such an accomplished man, do you mean perfect or imperfect?

What’s even more rare is that Tom Hanks kept his body like a jade while he was in need of wind and rain. He said, “Marriage is a mistake, divorce is awakening, a lover is a character, and no lover is a waste.” “In the colorful world, Tom Hanks actually developed a diamond body that is not bad and became a model of a new good man. You said that you would not marry such a man. That is really your loss!

If Leonardo DiCaprio on and off the screen, Brad Pitt belongs to “I love you so much, but you turn around without attachment. The scars that cannot be healed, the feelings are always two ends “(Borrowing a few lyrics from Qiu Haizheng’s “I love you so much tears”) Such unruly prodigal words, Tom Hanks just belongs to “marry at ease, watch comfortably, and use it with ease (abbreviated as’Three Heart card)” Such a man. If you are a girl of marriageable age and you want to marry someone, please don’t marry someone else, you must marry a man like Hanks. Married to him, you will never worry about him having an extramarital affair in your life, because Hanks belongs to the kind of man who “will not act when his heart is moved.” He may be moved by a woman, but he will never act because he will always Stick to a sense of responsibility, so you can rest assured that you marry him. It is said that Tom Hanks in his life has only two marriages. Since meeting his current wife in the late 1980s, he has always been a husband and wife, and respected each other as guests. He said, “Get married today, leave tomorrow, get married again the day after tomorrow, and get away again the day after tomorrow. “In Hollywood, Tom Hanks’s private life is as clean as tofu mixed with shallots. Some people say that he is another perfect man in Hollywood after Parker.

All women who marry him can rest assured that this man will never have an extramarital affair; all mothers can rest assured that they have such a son, and will wholeheartedly take care of her retirement; all sons who have such a father can rest assured that he will not play truant. Failure to pass the exam and be beaten; all leaders can rest assured that they have such a subordinate. He will always be diligent and conscientious: all subordinates can rest assured that they have such a leader and never have to worry about being fired. In short, Comrade Tom Hanks is such a man who makes everyone feel at ease. He can be called a model of “Shuangxin”. I think he is the “Ten Quan Da Bu Wan” among good men. No wonder he is called the “sister-naked killer”-in fact not only “male and female killer”, but also “old and young killer”.

I remember that when “Forrest Gump” was introduced to China as the earliest imported blockbuster, I was still a reporter in a newspaper. At the time, a colleague of the newspaper was also named Gan. This colleague was usually very inconspicuous. He wore a pair of glasses and spent the entire day. So, without making a sound all day long, I know I will work hard. We gave him the nickname “Lao Ling”, in short, he was a “wholesome man”. After “Forrest Gump” swept the mainland, all of us saw him call him A-Gump. We didn’t expect that he would be “stretched” by calling him like this, his waist straightened, and his temperament became much more cheerful. , I also joked with my colleagues: “Look, I still have a brother in America, also named Forrest Gump.”

A movie has changed a person! This is not only the charm of Forrest Gump, but also the charm of Tom Hanks’ personality. In fact, from “Sleepless in Seattle” to “Forrest Gump”, from “Saving Private Ryan” to “Leaves of the Deserted Island”, I always feel that Tom Hanks looks like both on the screen and in life. He is the twin brother of Forrest Gump. I sometimes feel that he is particularly like Guo Jing in “The Legend of the Condor Heroes”. He is so wise and clumsy, so Americans like him, and Chinese accept him. Americans have found a new standard for a good man in him, China People saw the shadow of Confucian culture in him. I think that in the past two years, there have been two people from the East and the West who have supported a sky of good men. The East is Ang Lee and the West is Tom Hanks. Although the two of them have very different personalities and different cultural backgrounds, they have obvious things in common: they are both so gentle and elegant, knowledgeable and reasonable, and they are both “the best” among men.

So from a certain perspective, if Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise are typical “external cool”, Tom Hanks is truly “internal cool”! All the women who are addicted in love, wake up, men like Tom Hanks are your lifebuoy. Look around and see if there is such a good man with the “three-heart card”. If you have one, you must marry if you cry or cry, otherwise the opportunity will not be missed.