Melee sperm whale

   The fishermen living on the Indonesian island of Solo are the only people in the world who kill whales by meat catching. Not long ago, in order to make its trump card “Curious Hunting” more popular, Australian TV sent chief photographer Andrew and assistant photographer Mike to Solo Island to shoot scenes of fishermen hunting sperm whales. The hunt was full of blood, violence, and brutality, but it was also warm, friendly, and moving. After the film was broadcast, it caused a huge response.
   The little whale was caught, and the big whale rescue.
   On June 10, 2018, the genius was revealed. The Australian TV cameraman Andrew and Mike followed the fishermen of Solo Island and their employer this time, the president of the American Tony&Angle cosmetic company. Ni Smith is out to sea. Standing next to Tony was a middle-aged fisherman named Cross. He was the leader of the whaling squad. Tony’s price made him secretly happy for a long time.
   Cross commanded a large ship with several small kayaks, swimming mightily on the sea. After driving in peace for an hour, Tony asked impatiently, “Cross, can you find the sperm whale?”
   At this moment, Andrew, who was playing with the camera, saw a sudden spray on the sea not far away from the lens. A column of water and a huge tail fin sailed open the waves. He screamed, “Sperm whale!”
   The fishermen who were still marching just now yelled together, skilfully jumped on the kayak and quickly moved forward. At the forefront was Cross’s son Johnson, naked to the top, showing vigorous muscles, and tightly holding a five-meter-long javelin in his generous palm. The javelin is the main tool for whale hunting, with barbeds, and the fork has a hinge. The barbs are raised after piercing the whale meat to track the whale’s whereabouts.
   This is an adult female sperm whale. It is unaware of the danger around it. It is sneaking slowly. The dark back slightly exposed to the water is like a huge reef. Johnson yelled and threw the javelin with all his strength like an athlete, and the javelin plunged into the whale’s body accurately. The bright red blood immediately spread over the sea, and the injured sperm whale struggled to dive into the water and disappeared without a trace in an instant.
   Andrew was a little disappointed: “It’s so easy to let it escape? When will the sperm whale be caught in this way?” Cross replied confidently: “This whale will come back again. They will come back every hour or so. It will float to the surface to breathe, and then we will have a chance to catch it.” The
   fishermen stared at the sea intently, and from time to time they took out their homemade whaling cannons and threw them into the sea. The whaling gun is a simple shell made of bamboo barrels filled with gunpowder. The loud sound of its explosion in the sea can destroy the sense of direction of whales that rely on sonar to determine their position.
   After a while, another deep whirlpool appeared on the sea. A sperm whale cub about 4 meters long jumped out of the water. Cross had quick eyes and hands. He threw out the barbed javelin in his hand, which was tied to the tail of the baby whale. This is a young sperm whale that was just born. It was obviously frightened by this sudden change, and it was running around the sea in a daze. The fishermen’s small boats fanned over, and the little whale was panicked and had no time to dive into the deep sea. It was already tightly entangled by the nets thrown by the fishermen. It struggled desperately, and the small kayaks also jolted like dancing. The little whale gradually became exhausted and floated on the surface of the sea like compromise.
   Women struggling to beat the drum at the stern to boost the morale of the whaling men. Several young and strong youths on the big ship tied the little whale firmly with leather ropes and long cables, and then dragged the exhausted little whale from the sea to the deck.
   Andrew, Mike, and Tony are all the first time they have seen sperm whales captured alive. Although they are just a cub, they are still extremely excited. The little whale was thrown into the huge tank on the deck, and the smell of blood permeated the ship.
   When the people in the boat were overjoyed, Cross suddenly shouted. Andrew picked up the camera and scanned the seaside, and a huge male sperm whale appeared ghostly in the camera. Andrew couldn’t help taking a breath. He was so shocked by this behemoth that he opened his mouth and couldn’t speak for a long time. There was also a nervous look on Cross’s dark face. He shouted to the fisherman on the kayak: “Quick, lock your body with a rope…”
   The fishermen on the small boat hurriedly tied their waist to the railing with ropes. Before Andrew had time to ask why, a huge wave hit the sky, he choked the sea water, and hurriedly covered the camera with his body. At the same time, two small boats were also lifted high by huge waves. A fisherman tossed in the air like a balloon, and then fell back to the sea with the white waves. Cross had a cold face and loudly commanded the rescue of his fallen companion. Johnson struggled to stabilize the kayak and was about to throw the rope in his hand to the falling companion. An unexpected scene appeared…
   Three or four meters in front of the big ship, the injured female sperm whale just rushed over quickly, and was still on her back. With the javelin inserted, it opened its huge mouth and swept its tail fin. The fishermen who fell into the water immediately rushed into its mouth with the current and died in the whale belly. The fishermen were stunned by the sperm whale’s counterattack. Several women screamed and threw themselves on the railing along the deck, crying bitterly.
   The veteran Cross changed his face. He knew that sperm whales are very united animals. If a partner is killed, the whales will rescue the partner regardless of their own danger. Even if it cannot be saved, he will die with his partner. This is why whales often stranded on the beach to “suicide”. And the two sperm whales, one male and one female, who attacked the whaling ship just now, obviously came to rescue the little whale.
   Huge waves appeared on the sea around the fleet from time to time, and the two giant whales were still wandering, with no intention of leaving at all. The moist sea breeze made the air dignified, everyone held their breath… The
   son was injured in his leg, and the father was busy making money
   . After the collision, he quickly gave the order to abandon the raft and board the ship. Johnson rowed his kayak desperately and tried to climb the rope to board the boat. Suddenly he saw a black shadow leap up near his kayak, and the sea was surging with waves like mountains. The male sperm whale looked like a collapsed tall building from mid-air. Smashed against his kayak. Johnson reacted extremely quickly, jumping into the sea before the behemoth hit the raft. With a bang, the raft was smashed in half.
   Johnson didn’t dare to stay with the whale more. With the good water that he had cultivated since childhood, he quickly dived and escaped. Fortunately, after the male whale succeeded in the sneak attack, he ignored the prey and hurriedly dived into the sea. Johnson emerged from the water, sighed, and suddenly saw a few black shadows about one meter swimming towards him. He didn’t think much about it, and desperately swam towards the big boat.
   “Tiger Shark…” Johnson screamed in despair. Andrew, who was standing next to the ship, was scared and lost by the fierce sperm whale. The camera in his hand was shaking so badly. He tried to catch the vivid expression on Johnson’s pale face, but he didn’t know it yet. At this moment, the seemingly calm sea There are many cold-blooded killers swimming, and Johnson will always disappear from the camera at any time. This is another ocean overlord-tiger shark attracted by the blood of injured sperm whales.
   As soon as Johnson’s hand touched the rope that Cross dropped, he felt a sharp pain in his leg, and he realized that he had been bitten by a tiger shark in his thigh. “Father, save me…” Johnson called to Cross. “Wrap the rope around your wrist.” Cross grasped the rope firmly. Several dark shadows were approaching quickly. Johnson resisted the sharp pain and used his last strength to wrap the rope around his arm. He felt his legs peeling off his body a little bit. The fishermen hurriedly threw down the whale cannon, hoping to scare away the tiger sharks.

   Cross and a few people pulled Johnson out of the water forcibly, and a gray-black tiger shark fell from Johnson’s leg into the sea, with its teeth gleaming in the sun still holding Johnson’s thigh. Johnson, who was pulled to the deck, was dying. Andrew forced himself to calm down and recorded the tragic scene with a camera.
   The sea temporarily calmed down, and dozens of tiger sharks were swimming secretly in the sea. They did not dare to attack rashly, and left after swimming for a while. “Father, let’s go back, Johnson won’t be able to hold on for long.” Johnson’s wife Alice cried. Cross clenched his face, he gritted his teeth and cursed: “I must kill these two beasts.”
   Before Cross’s voice fell, the injured female sperm whale jumped out of the water again, using its huge and powerful tail fin to violently Fanning towards a raft, the raft instantly collapsed and sank. Cross and others used a javelin and a harpoon to stab the most vulnerable and deadly part of the whale, the spine, when the sperm whale fell to the surface and its huge body was exposed. The dark red blood wave spread again, and the female sperm whale was hit hard again and hurriedly dived.
   Johnson, who had just been unconscious, regained his consciousness, groaning in pain. The fishermen on Solo Island have limited medical skills. They only have self-made hemostatic medicine and bandages on board, but the tiger shark’s bite wounds are deep, and the bandage on Johnson’s leg has been soaked with blood. Alice looked at Cross with sad eyes and begged again and again: “Father, let’s go back, Johnson will die.” Cross had a gloomy face, and she glared at the sea without saying a word.
   Tony looked at the seriously injured Johnson and the distressed Alice, and lamented in his heart: “Mr. Cross, let’s go home. I don’t want ambergris.” Cross yelled, “We sacrificed so much.” Big, do you want to escape? These two whales are huge, and there must be ambergris in their bodies. You don’t want them, I can still sell them to others at a high price.”
   Andrew was stunned by Cross’s words . Xiang, in order to get money, so indifferent to his son’s life! Looking at the whale blood left on the sea, Andrew suddenly felt sorry for the sperm whales. They ignored the danger and refused to leave for a long time. They tried and attacked again and again to save their own kind.
   Assistant dispute fame and fortune, the photographer was abandoned
   Cross noticed not far from a small reefs, white waves being washed by the reef dark, sperm whales enormous size, easy to run aground in shallow water, the fishermen command he quickly turned around to reefs Drive away.
   Sure enough, the two sperm whales followed, and they roared like thunder and deafened. And the little sperm whale on the boat writhed its blood-filled body from time to time, making a clatter, seeming to be responding to the call.
   This is a huge coral reef plate, surrounded by sharp edges and corners. Cross docked the boat next to the island, and the female sperm whale was really fooled. It followed the whaling boat and made a leap, and she ran aground on the coral reef tray slightly out of the sea! This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to kill sperm whales. Cross commanded all the fishermen to pass, and weapons such as javelins, harpoons, and machetes all attacked the sperm whales struggling in vain on the reef.
   Suddenly, there was a commotion in the sea near the reef, and the tail fin of the male sperm whale came out of the water. It noticed the companion who was stranded and swam over. The male sperm whale seems to ignore the presence of the fishermen, swims straight to the reef, and then constantly pushes its companions with its huge head and tail fin, trying to bring the female sperm whale to safe waters.
   Cross and the fishermen naturally wouldn’t let this self-snarling sperm whale go. They changed the direction of their attack and attacked it fiercely with javelins and harpoons. When Andrew saw the part of the male sperm whale exposed to the surface, his skin and blood dripped, but he still had no intention of leaving, and continued to use his head and caudal fin to help the stranded companion…At that moment, Andrew couldn’t help but have a tenacious fighting spirit and desperate spirit towards the sperm whale. With awe.
   Cross furiously waved the roped javelin and slammed it hard at the male sperm whale. Because of severe pain, the male sperm whale suddenly lifted its tail fin and slapped it towards the rope on its back. Andrew exclaimed: “Cross, danger…” Unfortunately, Cross has been taken out of the hull by the rope wrapped around his wrist, and he clung to the wooden railing with his strong arms. Andrew quickly handed the camera in his hand to the assistant Mike, and ran to help Cross. The male sperm whale made a huge noise, and tried its last strength to churn, and the sea was turbulent, and in the blink of an eye, Cross and Andrew along the side of the ship had disappeared.
   The fishermen on the boat suddenly became confused, and even forgot to continue attacking with their weapons… This tragic human-whale battle lasted for more than two hours, and the dark red blood seemed to cover the sea with a rose-colored veil. . Tony said to the Solow Island fishermen on the deck, “I will pay you the same, let go of the two whales, and let’s go back.”
   Before the fishermen could discuss the results, the sea was quiet for a while. Roll over. Everyone followed the prestige and couldn’t help taking a breath. The sea around the island reef seemed to be boiling, and huge gray tail fins appeared on the sea from time to time. The island reef was surrounded by crowds of sperm whales coming over.
   A fisherman murmured: “They’re here to help…”
   Tony looked at the angry behemoths anxiously, and suddenly remembered the little whale on the boat. He anxiously said to the fishermen: “We quickly let go of their cubs. , Don’t anger them anymore.” The fishermen knew that as long as they waited until the high tide, these sperm whales would flood the island and reefs, and everything on board the whaling ships would be buried under the sea.
   They lifted up the dying little whale and threw it into the sea. The two severely wounded sperm whales swam slowly over and used their huge tail fins to bring the little sperm whales into the deep sea. Around the islands and reefs, hill-like figures jumped into the air from time to time, and the sperm whales roared loudly, as if they were demonstrating to the cruel invaders on board.
   After half an hour, the red blood of the whale gradually faded, and the sea returned to calm again. The killing just now seemed to have never happened. The thrilling fishermen quickly started looking for Cross and Andrew.
   The fishermen found Cross and Andrew who had escaped by swimming on the reef. They helped Cross and left a small kayak for Andrew. Andrew yelled and yelled. He didn’t know why the fishermen would do this to him and let him kayak back alone, which was tantamount to throwing him into the perilous sea again. But no matter how Andrew fought, the fishing boat never turned its course back to pick him up. Andrew spent a night in extreme pain in the fright and cold. Fortunately, on June 11, he was rescued by another whaling boat… After returning to the shore, Andrew learned that the fishing boat abandoned him. It is because the assistant Mike proposed to give each fisherman on the boat 100 dollars, the intention is undoubtedly despicable: to monopolize the shooting rights to kill the sperm whale and replace Andrew as the chief photographer…
   After returning to China, Tony sold his cosmetics company, and he was caught Was deeply moved by the ancient and beautiful life of whales, he resolutely joined the International Greenpeace Organization and began to spare no effort in anti-whaling operations. Also working with Jack on this action is Andrew, who died a lifetime of nine deaths. His filming has aroused great repercussions and discussions in Australia. Everyone is thinking: humans can easily betray their most precious feelings for money, even at the expense of their loved ones. His life shows cold animality. But the sperm whale can reach out to its companions in times of crisis, showing warm humanity. In today’s highly developed human material civilization, should we slow down and wait for our purest soul?