Lobo the Wolf King

In the United States, the North American gray wolf is listed as a first-class protected animal. They are protected and treated with blood and life by a gray wolf named Luobo more than 100 years ago.

Luobo, known as the smartest and greatest wolf king on the North American continent, led five gray wolves to kill 2,000 cattle one after another, and successfully escaped thousands of poisonous killings and roundups. However, with the appearance of its beloved wife, Luo Bo’s Achilles’ heel appeared. In order to rescue his wife, it knew that humans had prepared an overwhelming trap, but he was willing to die for his wife.

Fortunately, Luobo did not die in vain. He awakened the conscience of mankind with his own sacrifice…

The brilliant wolf king
In the late 1890s, the animals in Krumpu Valley, New Mexico, USA, were living comfortably, but as the herdsmen discovered here, a large number of cattle and sheep were raised in captivity.

This morning, the herder Andain took care of the bullpen as usual, and suddenly a scene of horror appeared in front of him: a calf glared and died in the bullpen. According to the characteristics of the calf’s death, Andean knew that this was a masterpiece of the wolf pack, but what made him wonder is that there was no abnormal sound in the cow pen the night before, how did the wolf pack start?

The news spread that the young calves were hunted by wolves in Andean’s house, and the surrounding herders took measures one after another. Some put chickens soaked in poison, and some set up wolf traps around the cattle pen.

But to everyone’s disappointment, on the third day the calf of Dax’s house was attacked by wolves. After hearing the sound, he rushed out with a shotgun. In the darkness, only a wolf flashed ghostly. Before he could shoot, he disappeared.

Two in a row were attacked by wolves, and for a while, everyone talked about the wolves. As everyone knows, as herders moved into the area, humans occupied the habitat of the wolves, and also hunted and chased away the local bison, moose, and pronghorn. The wolves without food sources must not survive in order to survive. Do not hunt herders’ calves for a living.

In order to prevent similar things from happening, the herders proposed to leave Krumpu Valley, but here is a natural pasture with abundant water and grass. It is really reluctant to give up such a good place. As a result, everyone had a meeting, with one person from each household and patrolling around the ranch irregularly at night.

Although everyone was cautious, the wolves came out again. It was the herder Bryant who was attacked. He tremblingly said, “I saw five wolves. Under the command of the wolf king, they bypassed the traps set up by everyone. They have never heard of chickens soaked in poison. As if knowing our trap, I have never seen such a smart wolf.”

Although everyone knows that wolves have a high level of vigilance, there are not many situations that can see through human traps. Everyone laughed at whether Bryant was frightened by the wolves and talked nonsense.

“I’m not talking nonsense. Under the command of the Wolf King, they advance and retreat in an orderly manner, as if they have received professional training.” Bryant said.

The wolves attacked the cattle repeatedly, and the herdsmen named the wolf king “Luobo”. Although it was so fascinating, no one had seen its true colors.

At noon in September, when Bryant was grazing in the valley, suddenly a wolf appeared in front of him. He shuddered, could it be Luo Bo? He squatted down, and through the grass, he saw five wolves appearing one after another in his sight. He was sure that it was Luobo and its wolves. He held his breath and watched in amazement at what happened before him: Luobo’s men were surrounding a small herd of cows. It did not participate by itself, but was sitting nearby. Command the action on the top of the mountain.

The entire herd is tightly enclosed in a circle with the horns aligned outward. However, it didn’t take long for this airtight line of defense to leak. A cow was frightened and involuntarily retreated towards the center of the circle. A wolf immediately seized this opportunity, rushed to bite the selected calf, but failed to completely disable the prey. Luo Bo, who had been watching the battle, lost his patience. With a low howl, it rushed down the hillside.

The appearance of Luo Bo completely collapsed the already fragile line of defense. The cow herd suddenly fled as if blown up. The injured cow ran a few meters away and was overtaken by Luo Bo and bit its neck. , And then used a lot of strength to throw it to the ground.

The force of this fall was really amazing, and it actually made the cow land head down. Although Luobo also fought, it immediately regained its balance, and the other members of the wolf pack took the opportunity to swarm them, and a few strokes resulted in the cow’s life.

Seeing that the wolves were about to eat the cows, Bryant didn’t know where the courage came from, so he picked up the gun and fired at the wolves.

Luo Bo didn’t panic. He first looked at Bryant, and then let out a low howl before the five wolves evacuated in an orderly manner.

The gunfire drew herders patrolling nearby, watching the dead cows. Someone quickly dropped three poisons on the dead cows and left. People knew that the wolves would come back to enjoy the spoils later. Usually trust the prey they kill.

However, when everyone came to check the results of the poisoning the next morning, they found that although the wolves had come, they carefully avoided all the parts contaminated by the poison.

Luobo and the wolves escaped once again! Over time, Luo Bo was called the “King of the Valley” by the herdsmen, and offered $1,000 as a public reward for its “wolf head.”

Repeated hunting
In those days, 1,000 US dollars was tantamount to a sky-high price, and people from all over came in droves.

Tanno is a cowboy in Texas. His wolf hunting equipment is extremely sophisticated-the most accurate shotgun, the fastest mount, plus a large group of tall and mighty wolfhounds. When he was in Texas, he didn’t know how many wolves died in the hands of him and his hounds. In his opinion, it would take a few days for Luobo’s head to become his bag.

After reaching the Krumpu Valley, Tan Nuo immediately started hunting without rest. Soon the wolfhound found the trail of the wolf pack. In a canyon, Luobo and the wolfhound met on a narrow road. Luobo stopped and looked at the wolfhound carefully. dog.

At this moment, Tan Nuo commanded the wolfhounds to form an encirclement and sent out an offensive signal. While Luo Bo directed the four wolves to calm down, he raised the hair on his neck. Suddenly, Luo Bo rushed out of the pack and rushed towards the wolfhound.

“You are going to die!” Just when Tan Nuo thought the wolfhound was in his hands, Luo Bo suddenly turned around and scattered the wolves with him.

Obviously, Tan Nuo underestimated the strength of Luobo. It chose to live in this area after careful consideration. Not only is Klupo covered with large and small rocks, but also with dense streams, dividing the vast landform into numbers. Unclear pieces.

Tan Nuo, who was accustomed to riding a horse, could only watch the wolves disappear from his eyes but could not chase them. To make matters worse, the wolfhound was separated by the wolves soon.

Half an hour later, Tan Nuo encountered three scarred wolfhounds. Only then did he realize that Lobo and the wolves, who were familiar with the terrain, had waited for the wolfhounds to disperse and took a siege.

This time the hunt failed, Tan Nuo attributed the failure to too few wolfhounds, and he urgently transported twenty wolfhounds.

Tan Nuo set off again, but Luo Bo seemed to have disappeared this time, and Tan Nuo couldn’t find them no matter how he searched. After a week, the initially excited wolfhound became languid.

On the tenth day, when Tan Nuo and the wolfhound were resting under a big tree, Luobo and the wolves appeared again. This time Tan Nuo let the three wolfhounds in a group and chased them separately, and he drove his horse closely behind him. However, when Tan Nuo was about to catch up with Lobo, he suddenly got off his horse like losing control. Flew out, a moment later dizzy.

Don’t know how long it took, Tan Nuo woke up, and saw that the horse had fallen to death ten meters away. He checked his whole body carefully, but fortunately, it was only a bruise on his arm. An hour later, Tan Nuo ran into the returning wolfhound, with eight missing. The disappointed Tan Nuo no longer had confidence, so he had to go home.

Like Tan Nuo, who were initially full of confidence are the James brothers. They have a new type of poison. This poison has a huge psychedelic effect even if it smells, and they also cast spells and spells specifically to deal with Xiang Luo “Werewolves” like Bo.

However, the James brothers dropped poison in a place where wolves frequented, and Lobo smelled the poison 100 meters away. The spells and spells of the James brothers didn’t work either. They met Luo Bo’s wolves by accident that day. They hurriedly cast the spell, but Luo Bo suddenly attacked them. Fortunately, the two of them carried them with them. dagger. Luo Bo let out a howl, and the wolves stopped immediately, and then left in an orderly manner.

After the successive killings failed, Lobo became more legendary, and the story of the Wolf King caught the attention of Ernest Seton, a recent college student. On the one hand, he is very interested in 1,000 dollars, and more importantly, he also wants to see Luo Bo’s true face.

Next to the snowy creek, Sidon found Luobo’s footprints, and what surprised Sidon was that there was a row of footprints one size smaller beside Luobo’s footprints.

Sidon deduced that the one-size footprint next to him came from his wife. Sidon suddenly had a strategy in his heart: Since it is too difficult to catch Luobo, it is better to grab Luobo’s wife first. The wolf is an animal that is extremely loyal to love. Net!

Soon, Sidon found Lobo’s wife, a she-wolf with white fur, Sidon named her Blanca.

After half a month of observation, Sidon found that Blanca stayed with Lobo most of the time, but there were also separate routes, so he set up multiple traps along the road.

A week later, Blanca was trapped in a trap with bull’s head. When Sidon looked at the trap, he saw Blanca close at hand, and the legendary wolf king Luobo, who was huge and dark-colored next to him.

Seeing Sidon coming, Luobo had to leave Blanca and ran to a place farther to guard.

Sidon glanced at Luo Bo, then raised his shotgun and shot Blanca blankly. After that, he tied the dying Blanca to his horse. The blood left a string of marks. Luo Bo went all the way. Trailing, sometimes issued a sad wolf howl.

Redemption after awakening
However, Luo Bo followed for ten minutes and disappeared into the grass with a long howl. Sidon was full of confidence. As long as Blanca was in his own hands, even if it turned into a corpse, Luo Bo would come to rescue it.

After returning to the ranch, Sidon hung Blanca’s body on a wooden stake and arranged hundreds of traps around it. He believed that the hunt for Branca had already caused Luobo to mess up, and the traps now were enough to deal with Luobo.

However, Sidon was disappointed, and Luo Bo did not show up for the next two days, only to hear it howl in the valley. It was very loud at first, and slowly turned into a long, struggling sadness.

From Luobo’s grief, Sidon knew that it was already in the pain of losing his wife, and that it could completely defeat its “king of the valley” with the last blow.

However, Luo Bo did not show up on the third day, and no longer heard howls. Sidon thought it was far away from the valley and was looking for another “wolf love”. At midnight, he saw Luo Bo in the faint light of the ranch.

After not seeing him in three short days, Luobo no longer had the prestige of the past, he became thin and his eyes were full of confusion. However, Luobo did not come forward to retrieve Blanca’s body. It seemed to have seen through Sidon, and disappeared into the night after a few minutes of observation.

In the next two days, Sidon saw Luo Bo again, but he only observed it from a distance for a few minutes before leaving.

Sidon knew that Luo Bo was comparing himself with himself. If he rushed to make a move, all his efforts would be lost. Sure enough, on the eighth day, Luo Bo seemed to be unable to wait. Through the shady, it sneaked into the pasture.

Luo Bo slowly approached Blanca’s body, while Sidon in the dark watched everything in front of him closely. When Luobo took down Blanca’s corpse and was about to leave, Sidon suddenly rushed out of the darkness. After Luo Bo fired a shot, Luo Bo dodged and escaped the bullet, but its four legs were deeply trapped in the wolf trap, bloody.

Sidon approached Luobo cautiously, and Luobo stood up stubbornly regardless of the serious injury. It looked like a soldier who looked at home like death, glaring at Sidon, howling and roaring, and refused to fall.

Sidon was moved by Luo Bo’s blood and fighting spirit, and decided to take Luo Bo back. Sidon tied Luobo with a rope and put a muzzle on it. He wanted to find a way to domesticate Luobo. But Luo Bo refused to eat, staring at Sidon with fierce eyes intently, and he kept roaring.

In order to appease Luobo, Sidon put Blanca’s body in front of it, Luobo struggled to move to Blanca, and then wailed. After a while, Luobo calmed down, his eyes fell on Blanca’s corpse, staring quietly. Four hours later, the seriously injured Luo Bo shook his body and finally fell.

Luo Bo, who was determined to die, was deeply imprinted in Sidon’s mind, and could not disperse for a long time. This life-and-death contest shocked Sidon and made him think about the problem of getting along with nature. In the end, he woke up.

After Luobo’s death, Sidon will keep its fur as a specimen, put it in a museum in New Mexico, and write Luobo’s story into a novel.

Lobo’s story touched the world, and at the same time changed the views of all walks of life in the United States on wildlife protection. Sidon actively called on the United States to legislate to protect the North American gray wolves and build more wild habitats for them.

Before Sidon died in 1948, he still remembered: “They were once demonized, but I want to say that we should express our sincere respect to every wild creature on this continent. They are the precious heritage of nature. There is no right to destroy them.”

In 1973, the United States finally legislated to protect the timber wolf.

In 1995, Yellowstone National Park reintroduced the gray wolves that had disappeared for 70 years. Today, the North American gray wolves are once again active in the North American continent, and they reproduce freely in their habitats and live endlessly.

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