Is it worth marrying for love?

My boyfriend and I are college classmates. He is a “low EQ, budget-conscious Momboy”. He mortgaged a large house with an annual salary of 200,000 yuan in a capital city in the west, and his life was tight. My family is in Hangzhou, and the family’s economic conditions are good. I think he is too self-conscious. He keeps asking me to go to him to find a job, get married, and have a baby, without even considering my ideas. I like to watch dramas. The scene of getting married for a thousand miles in the drama is too touching. I would like to ask, if marrying for love, and marrying far away, is it feasible? What will happen?

With all due respect, romantic dramas have no reference to unmarried women in first- and second-tier cities. On the one hand, these dramas want to resonate with the pain points of the majority of single women. On the other hand, they outline the silly and sweet heroine, who stumbled into the invisible rich or rich second generation… unreasonable and unscientific.

I suggest you read some true stories. For example, Mr. Jiang Xun wrote a passage, he said: “When I was a child, I used to set up a stage for wild stage operas. You can go to the front desk and have a look at the backstage. Folk dramas are very strange. No matter how hard Wang Baochuan is, she must The decoration is gorgeous. I think it’s because the folks are too bitter, so that at least it will make Wang Baochuan look better on the stage. But if you go backstage, you will see that gorgeous Wang Baochuan use the time of the transition to hurriedly untie the clothes. The child is breastfeeding. I can’t forget this picture until now. What you see is another bitterness and desolation in life. She is a gorgeous Tsing Yi on stage, and when she arrives in the background, she is the mother. The husband may beat her and scold She, while breastfeeding the child, quarreled with her husband, but once on stage, it was Wang Baochuan. Everyone felt that Wang Baochuan, who had toiled in the cold kiln, had a good result, but Zhang Ailing said that every time she saw the end of the play, she felt sad. A middle-aged woman who is already an old woman, who is a queen under a little wife with military power, has no power at all, how tragic.”

Yes, because the folks are too bitter, the screenwriter will at least make Wang Baochuan look better on the stage. In real life, women who marry away and get married are too hard, at least in TV dramas, to make their marriage scenes look better. In fact, the heroine of the TV series shows the most beautiful aspect of the urban elite single women, but the reality is often a mess and panic.

What is reality? Marrying away will abandon all your familiar connections and dependencies and enter a new life. Perhaps, there are countless relatives in your in-laws who make you feel very vulgar, snobbish, caressing, and ignorant of the world, they are all the choices you can reach.

What is reality? Marrying away allows you to either give up your career or bend to your in-laws after you become a mother, so that your children can grow up.

What is reality? It is the city you are going to, and there is no job in Hangzhou that can get a high salary.

When you face so many unbalanced hearts, you will cling to love and hope that the man will give you all the love and warmth. But the harder you work, the more tired the other party will be. Under such pressure, will he play the perfect lover all his life and make up for you with his outstanding success and loyalty? We hope so, but it may not be so. To be honest, it is not wise to give everything to others. If you have endured the pain of marrying far away and getting married, don’t grieve. Because there is always a pair of overturning hands over the years, who can change, correct, and counterattack.

It is recommended that you choose feelings that do not require you to overpay. A win-win situation can last. As long as you are not anxious, not afraid, and fall in love with yourself at every stage, you will release that beauty and confidence and attract a man who matches you. Ningquewulan, stick to the original heart and believe in love. Just like the words of the heroine Cheng Lu in the urban emotional drama “Who Said I Can’t Get Married”: “It’s not that marriage is not important, but it is too important. Because it is too important, you must never make do, you can’t make it. Don’t follow the trend, but be firm, wait, and believe even more.”