Haunted cave

Legend has it that there are some passages to hell on the earth, and Pantiri Cave may be one of them.

Cave with a sense of mystery

In the 5th century AD, people quarried megaliths on the Pantiri Mountain in the outskirts of Athens, Greece. These megaliths were used to build huge structures such as the Acropolis and Parthenon.

One day, people quarried as usual, and as the stone slipped, a small hole appeared in the rock wall. At first, everyone didn’t care. The stones around the entrance were mined as usual. As a result, the small entrance became a big entrance. After they cleaned the stones around the entrance, a few meters high entrance appeared in front of them. What is even more surprising is that within the entrance of the cave is a cave with a length of 60 meters, a width of 40 meters and a height of 20 meters.

For this newly discovered cave, many people find it very ordinary, because it looks like an ordinary cave. But someone was curious about what was in the depths of the cave, and wanted to enter the cave to find out, so they walked into the cave together with torches.

In the open cave, the scenery is no different from other ordinary caves. They moved on and came to a few forks. They didn’t know where these tunnels led, so they chose one at random. After entering the tunnel, the light coming in from the entrance of the tunnel became less and less. Gradually, the darkness swallowed everything around, and the light from the torch could only illuminate a small area in front of them. At this time, some people said that they heard a buzzing sound, while others said they heard it. Then, the behavior of these people became weird. Some people waved to the air as if they were about to catch something. Only after asking them did they realize that they saw the vague silhouettes floating in front of them; some people still suddenly They screamed, saying that they saw a cat with only two legs; others said they heard misty music, whispering sounds, and sometimes terrible laughter. Fear loomed over their hearts. They all felt that they had seen ghosts, heard sounds from hell, and seeing the torch was about to go out, they hurriedly turned around and returned.

Although these people came out and said they saw ghosts and monsters from hell in the cave, this did not scare everyone, but attracted more people to explore the cave. As a result, people who explored the cave afterwards had similar experiences. Most people returned shortly after entering the cave because of fear. Of course, there are some bold people who choose to continue walking along the tunnel, but it is said that these people never returned. Because of all these examples, some people have long believed that Pantiri Cave is a gateway to hell, and the things people see and hear in the cave come from hell.

Some people may say that things that ancient people could not explain are attributed to ghosts and gods, but in fact there must be scientific explanations. Many people think this way. In modern times, many people did not believe in evil and explored the Pantiri Cave. They entered the cave with flashlights, cameras, and electronic detectors, hoping to record the mysterious events in the cave. But a similar thing happened to them. After walking into the cave, the normal flashlight began to flicker, and the deeper the flashlight, the more frequent it flickered, and finally it could not be used normally. When they saw strange things, the explorers took photos in time, but when they washed out the photos, the photos were all spheres of different shapes, or colored light bands. It seemed that something was blocking them. Disturb them to record the information in the cave.

A group of people of unknown origin

At the end of 1977, the appearance of a group of mysterious people made Pantiri Cave even more mysterious. They surrounded the opening of Pantiri Cave with barbed wire. Soldiers in uniforms patrolled the cave closely for 24 hours, and no one was allowed to approach it. Explosives, bulldozers and other heavy machinery were transported into the cave. No one knows who they are, and no one knows what they are doing in the cave, only the sound of blasting.

Suddenly, it was speculated that the sky was flying. Some people thought that the entrance to hell in the cave might have attracted the attention of a secret agency. They went to the cave to find this entrance. Others believe that military facilities are being built in the cave, which may be a place to store nuclear weapons. People with rich imagination think that the cave may be transformed into a place for studying high-end technology, such as studying space-time machines. In order to answer their doubts, many people have consulted with local government departments, but the staff said that they did not know what the mysterious people were doing or who they were.

With the passage of time, people’s attention to Pantiri Cave has gradually diminished.

It was not until 1983 that people discovered that the mysterious people in Pantiri Cave had suddenly evacuated for some reason, and the machinery in the cave had also been transported away. Without guards, some people sneaked into the cave and saw that the inside of the cave was completely unrecognizable. Some new tunnels were dug out, while some naturally formed tunnels were sealed by concrete. Why did the mysterious man build a new tunnel and seal the original one? What is hidden behind the concrete wall that seals the tunnel? Did they seal the ghosts in the cave?

The bizarre activities of these mysterious people in Pantiri Cave for five or six years have made the mystery fog in Pantiri Cave.

Who is playing tricks in the cave

Although no one can explain the historical, legendary and real mysterious phenomena and weird events in Pantiri Cave, some scientists believe that the ghosts and mysterious events in the cave are actually human beings themselves. “.

One of the tricksters-human psychology. The cave is very dark, the tunnel space is small, and people do not know what is in the cave. Faced with darkness and unknown dangers, people tend to be very scared. In this case, the flashing shadows from torches or flashlights can scare people into confusion. And the cave wall isolates the insects, birds and other noises outside the cave. In an unusually quiet place, there will be a hum in our ears. In addition, when the wind blows in from a tunnel, it will also make sounds when it hits the cave wall. There may also be some creatures living in the cave. They will also make sounds when they move. These sounds will be amplified in the cave, making it easy to make People have dreams. Therefore, what people see and hear in the cave may be just an illusion.

The second of the tricksters-human physiology. Some researchers believe that it is not just human fear but also other things that make ghosts in the cave. They discovered that there seemed to be an abnormal electromagnetic field in the Pantiri Cave. This situation also occurs in some places where supernatural events or supernatural phenomena often occur. Researchers have used a magnetometer to detect some places where ghosts are said to be infested, and found that the electromagnetic fields in these places are stronger than those in other surrounding areas. They also inspected some megalithic structures left over from ancient times, and the result was the same. These megalithic structures were once used as sacrificial temples. Priests can often talk to the gods in the temples and obtain oracles.

So, what impact does the electromagnetic field have on people? Some researchers have discovered that the abnormal electromagnetic field will affect the human brain. For example, when the surrounding electromagnetic field is strong, people will have strange vision and hearing, which can also make people fear and nervous. Therefore, they believe that so-called ghosts and gods do not exist. The abnormal electromagnetic field is the reason why people see ghosts and ancient humans can communicate with gods. There are also abnormal electromagnetic fields in Pantiri Cave. Based on this, it can be speculated that the abnormal electromagnetic field may be the reason why people experience various strange phenomena in the cave. Flashlights and cameras may also be affected by electromagnetic fields.

In the 1970s, the mysterious people in Pantiri Cave may have come to study the abnormal electromagnetic field in the cave. It is speculated that the sealed tunnels may have been built by them to cut off external influences, and the newly built tunnels may have been dug for further research.

In any case, from a psychological and physical point of view, it seems that some mysterious events in Pantiri Cave can be explained, but there are still many mysteries still unsolved. In particular, does the mysterious person who used to make great efforts to conduct other secret research in the cave? If they are studying anomalous electromagnetic fields, is their research also related to supernatural phenomena?

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