Giving is like splashing water on the ground

You have had a torrential rain for others, and sometimes you may not even be able to change the wet land. When you shout out, Da Shan may not give you an answer, let alone a person whose heart is upset. Don’t have so much hope, there won’t be so much disappointment.
Every effort in life is like splashing water on the ground, you can’t get it back. Later, a piece of green suddenly grew there, but it was just fortune in life. You meet a good person who has a kind heart and treats you wholeheartedly, which only means that you have the best fortune.

But the fortune is sporadic. It is the most suitable axis of time and space, a visit or passing by you. After that, it will leave and create the next encounter. For fortune, if you stare eagerly and expectantly, you will only wait until your heart is desperate and cold.

Still don’t have to wait, let everything go, put down everything you took out, forget everything. It’s like never paid, like never been here, and then the curtain hangs a small silver hook, and then becomes the sloppy person in Wollongong.

Any deliberateness will be painful. Deliberately waiting for someone, deliberately waiting for something to happen to you, it seems foolish. Infatuation is a mean and unfeeling towards oneself.

No one must be reliable and loyal for you, time will change many things. In the face of time, you have also changed a lot. If you see yourself clearly, you will naturally look down on all the changes and changes in this world.

One leaf flat boat, one scull, while shaking, while watching the earthly country. Looking at you, you will understand that what you can hold tight in the end is only the scull in your hand, and everything else will go with the water. What beauty, fame and wealth are not yours. In fact, it is enough to have this scull, as long as you want to open it, it’s up to you to be happy, it’s up to you to be calm, and it’s up to you for a lifetime.

In the life of the world, a similar group is in balance with each other, and such a balance easily produces happiness. You are no better than me, and I am no worse than you. Just like you, I am the whole of this happiness. At this time, the part that is slightly better than others becomes a sense of glory above happiness. People’s vanity is often spawned in this sense of glory. When vanity becomes an abyss, happiness disappears. When a person cannot contain vanity, the pain begins.

There must be greed to live with vanity. Although there are very few people who live to the breeze and bright moon, it is these people who raise the altitude and purity of the human heart and become the confidence and strength of this world.

Look down
Envy those who have seen something but are not moved. Because life is simple, you won’t be entangled in superfluous things. Because I know what I want, I no longer want everything.

Some people are in the quagmire of desire, but they yearn for simplicity in their hearts. To live such a person is a struggle. On the one hand, the hustle and bustle of the world cannot escape, on the other hand, they long for the tranquility of the spirit.

Of course, struggling means that you have not been completely inspired by profit. It is precisely because of such strife and compromise that the corner of the soul can always remain bright. Some people are too deep into the play, can’t take off their costumes, can’t wash off the oil paint, they are stuck in their own routines, it is difficult to extricate themselves.

In this noisy world, I believe in clean and simple. Because, when a group of people are desperately chasing after their hoarse voices, there are always people taking a back seat and watching everything indifferently.

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