Do you know this side?

Early in the morning last Sunday, I went to the “Mei Shuai Pie” again to show off and asked half-jokingly and half-seriously.

Soon after the city was closed, the private custom-made breakfast became an unwritten rule of our “Mei Shuai” WeChat group. Looking forward to this warm spring, my group of colleagues began to dormant in the hall. This time, it also means that we will carry on the warmth and report the safety.

I am a “beautiful and handsome”, and I am the backbone of the workplace, and it seems that most of the gentlemen are from far away from the kitchen. But in this spring of fermentation, many people have become talented through self-study and have become famous in terms of white case technology.

These handsome men who usually rely on cafeterias and restaurants seem to have a special mission in addition to epidemic prevention, to save the food world. I don’t have any special skills. I hope that I am excited and sighed, and I am in danger of being ordered in the group. The responsibility of naming and praise is also my basic gesture of contributing to my group. The Meishuai recipes named by me include Xishi Noodles, Jiaren You Tiao, Meiqun Steamed Buns, Dashuai Youxiang, Erlang Pie, CEO Kang Bing, etc. Every time there is a picture, the screen is full of fragrance, and the teeth and cheeks are full of fluid. My name has gradually won the consensus of the whole group.

You still have to eat rice, no, no, you always have to eat noodles. Can’t continue to learn for the sake of the holy, will I still not “make a new face”? I can’t play with flour, I have to cook some noodles for myself. In addition to playing noodle tricks every morning, you have to rack your brains in the WeChat group to post money for yourself. My unsatisfactory noodles have frequently appeared in the group under various names: Xiao’s secret meatball noodles, Xiao’s secret bacon noodles, Xiao’s secret beef noodles, Xiao’s secret fried noodles, and Xiao’s secret sauces. Noodles, Xiao’s secret scallion noodles, Xiao’s secret soaked egg noodles, Xiao’s secret topped noodles (my net name has a smile).

I played ordinary dried noodles, and my skills were limited to soup noodles and mixed noodles. The “Mei Shuai” colleagues couldn’t stand my ostentation and had to like them all.

Anyhow, after the fifteenth of the first lunar month, my colleagues and I were ordered to sink to a community dozens of kilometers away.

Needless to say, the conditions for sinking communities during the fight against the epidemic are difficult. It is also a problem to buy box lunches in the first few days. Instant noodles are a common phenomenon. Although the box lunch can be ordered soon, the kind of stuff that barely fills the belly can not be expected to please the taste buds. It is incomparable with the ordinary flavor of the home. So I told my colleagues that sinking is a general physical and mental work, so please be sure to eat at home sooner or later.

In the ups and downs of early spring, the story of cooking noodles continues like this. As a sinking worker, I can only get up in the early morning every day and fancy noodles.

March 10 is a good day with historical significance, at least I think so. This morning, I ate a bowl of hot dry noodles at home.

The closure of the city certainly has a great impact on the lives of the people. Only under the item of people taking food as their heaven, according to my observation during the sinking period, in early spring, pork is one of the placebo and stabilizers, so the second, of course, is hot and dry noodles. When the city was closed, it was too early to be outside. It was a fantasy. Not to mention that the snack bar has not yet opened, and even the soda noodle processing has been closed for a long time.

There are several old communities in the card point we are on duty, involving nearly 10,000 people. The entire west end of the street was sealed, and to the east, we were with the community to seal most of the sides with wood and colored strips. On the other side was our day and night duty tent, leaving a movable space for only one vehicle to pass through. We are on duty here, strictly controlling the entry and exit of people and vehicles, and by the way maintain a material supply channel that affects tens of thousands of people. Next to the tent we were on duty, in front of the colored strips of wood that sealed the road, a contactless sending and receiving point was quietly formed.

This means that, as guards, we have inadvertently given priority to more information on purchasing materials for family life.

Wow, hot dry noodles! We heard an exclamation that day. What kind of good news and consolation in the hot-dry noodle show group shopping products, shows that the epidemic situation has turned for the better, and the food processing industry has quietly loosened.

This is March 9th and we saw hot dried noodles and sesame sauce among the items purchased in the community group. Many residents are grouping the scarce supplies. Just like the residents buying pork in groups two days ago, the unprecedented and exciting scene swept away the long suppressed haze.

The on-duty colleague who sighed, in accordance with everyone’s requirements, by the way asked the contact information of the hot dried noodle supplier. Soon someone took the initiative to deliver goods to our tent. The “face blessing” from the sky is also for the people of Si! What are you waiting for? I can only express the enthusiasm of my colleagues and the joy of being saved, I can only express it by misinterpreting Du Sheng’s poem: But looking at the worries of my wife, I am ecstatic.

I listed it as a diehard fan of hot dry noodles, so I bought 3 catties of hot dry noodles (the price of the day was 3 catties 15 yuan), and also bought a bowl of sesame paste in bulk. When I went home that night, if it wasn’t for the family who had already prepared dinner, I would immediately grab a bowl of hot dry noodles to relieve my greed.

Still waited until the morning of March 10. The idiot seduce me to get up early, and I boiled water and noodles quickly. The reason why I dare to claim the secret hot dry noodles with ingredients is because I added a few slices of Chinese sausage when I picked up the noodles, and then added some pickled cabbage after the pot. The familiar taste began to permeate, and then bombarded. From the respiratory system to the digestive system, my internal organs were all overwhelmed by it. I was overwhelmed by it. The first few chopsticks were a bit fierce, which made me choke several times. When I stopped and choked, my thoughts even flew to that distant ordinary day, to the long-lost downtown alley, and flew back to the hot and boiling market life.

If I want to get out of the subway station of Jiyuqiao, wander the alleys of Hubu, and eat the noodles of Cai Lin’s family, how can I get it?

Got it, tears flowed.

The hot and dry noodles that day gave me a chance to show off in my “Mei Shuai” group. For the first time, it caused an unprecedented sensation in front of those tall and tall playing flour pie. Those likes and kisses quickly got me back a point and earned me enough face.

After eating the secret hot dry noodles, on the sinking road that day, I felt that my legs and feet were stronger, and even the mediocre camphor trees on both sides of the road looked less monotonous.

In the following days, the supply of hot dried noodles and sesame sauce gradually became smoother. My handsome friends all quickly invested in the cause of fighting the epidemic and guaranteeing supplies. They have a natural mood of playing flour, their skills are solid, and time and energy are not allowed, and they quickly fell to my lonely noodle pie. Since then, flour and ordinary dried noodles have all started to stand aside, and what we both look after is hot dried noodles. I briefly reviewed it. During the sinking period, I bought at least ten kilograms of hot dry noodles, and my friends also bought 10 kilograms and 8 kilograms.

Hot dry noodles is indeed an inspiring thing. In the sinking morning twilight, after eating out, I often wandered on the street, caressing the camphor trees beside the tent that did not miss the season and the vitality of the camphor trees. If there were no hot and dry noodles, would we still be able to sustain life? Dangerous sinking mission? Will the “beautiful handsome” friends all be safe and sound? Even if our city has a glorious history of inventing hot dried noodles, will we embrace peace and regain glory so quickly?

Last Sunday morning, I made a bowl of hot dry noodles in accordance with the style of March 10th, and put them in the group to ask questions. Everyone deliberately held back and followed up——

do not know. do not know. do not know.

Until the group owner intervenes: unless you change the name.

Noodle soup. Noodles. Hot Noodles with Sesame Paste. Fried noodles. Anti-epidemic side. Home noodles. Beautiful noodles. Longevity noodles. After my “Mei Shuaiqun” fancied dry noodles, my naming skills have long been poor.

Suddenly, I had an idea and said: Xiaoshi’s secret system is comprehensive.