Every cloud is the face of a loved one

The clouds, just like that, float around, playing freely in the sky. Sometimes it becomes the most enchanting flower, shining with dazzling brilliance; sometimes it becomes the thinnest rice paper, waiting for the poet to splash ink; sometimes it becomes the lightest feather, inciting the breeze of nostalgia; sometimes It becomes the softest snow, covered with some names you love.

This afternoon, I leaned on the windowsill and saw the cloud, my heavy heart became light. Suddenly I wanted to write a letter to my family on Yun’s letterhead, my dears, how are you?

When I was young, I always liked to lie on the high stacks with my brothers and sisters, waiting for my parents to come home from get off work. The stupid sister always took the trouble to set the clock hand of the clock, let it go to that happy moment as soon as possible. This trick of concealing the ears and stealing the bell made her wait happily, and disappointed again and again. “I’m afraid there is something wrong with this clock, so I always go to the wrong point.” My father looked at us suspiciously while adjusting the clock. At this time, my sister blushed and lowered her head. She thought she could control the time and control the years by manipulating a clock, my lovely silly sister, that way, youth won’t fall from you, and you won’t marry another country, we won’t hear You cry over the phone. We can also stay together forever in the garden of youth and youth, catching the hidden hidden things we can never catch.

In those evenings, we looked at the clouds in the sky while counting the cars on the road. My brother was holding a big pancake, and a carriage came over on the road. He grabbed a small piece for us. When he came over a bicycle, he grabbed a smaller piece. Passing by a car, he pulled off a big one. piece. There were few cars at that time, and one pancake was enough for us to eat for an afternoon. We hummed nursery rhymes, guessed riddles, and waited for the return of our loved ones in this way. The sky at that time was as blue as sea, clouds, and white as a newborn baby.

I remember the situation in my grandma’s house as a teenager. My grandma’s family is in the country, and my grandma is an old lady with hunchback and little feet. She loves me very much. After every meeting, I have to cook two fresh big goose eggs for me. When I left, I was even more admonished. I always thought that after I walked out of her sight, it turned into a swaying and weak grass. When I heard her warning and walked less than ten meters away, she would rush up with her little feet again, and think of some more words for me to remember. For example, where there is stagnant water on the road, don’t play there, and where the wall is about to fall, stay away from it. What often makes me laugh or cry is that after listening to her, I find it hard to move, but it’s still hard to listen. Okay, because after she told me twice, and I walked further away and thought I was finally relieved, she always panted and called my name behind me. Sometimes just to see if my strap is strong, sometimes just to repeat what I said in the first few minutes. Looking back at her small, gray and thin back, it seemed that she had never appeared on the ridge, but I was still not sure whether she would suddenly catch up. Or because I was afraid that going too far would make her chase harder, I started to dawdle at that spot, kicking the soil bumps, or looking at the seedlings growing in the ground around me, looking up at the sky, clouds, as if Each one is the face of a loved one. It wasn’t until it was getting dark, and it was long enough to be sure that she would not come again, and then she spread her legs and ran wildly on the desolate wild trail to catch the last bus to the city. At that time, I was not afraid of falling pain, I was afraid of distress.

Nowadays, the fast and intense modern life makes me forget my clouds, the only poetry is forced to desperate. The dazzling white clouds are just doing patches on our souls, silently comforting our dusty hearts that are rushing around in this world.

We rushed and toiled in the low places and left our hometowns, but the clouds missed our relatives in the highest places.