Coffee pine

I have a special liking for tea, and I deeply feel that there are many ingredients with Chinese flavor in it; I have never dared to climb high on coffee, thinking that it was drunk by Marx and Balzac, only holding a quill pen while writing “Das Kapital” and “Comedy on Earth”, it can be regarded as complementary. He didn’t have that good beard, let alone drink it.

Later, I think about it, this is the mischief. The main reason may be that the coffee is too expensive. A bottle of black fines costs hundreds of yuan, which is enough for me to buy a dollar of rice paper and two bags of flour.

By the way, I have a bottle of instant coffee. I bought it during the year of the monkey and forgot to drink it. Over time, the coffee expired and caked.

That day, I painted pine trees. On the four-foot banner, pine leaves and pine stems are all marked out. When coloring, I was struggling not to find the ocher paint, so I wanted to change the pine tree species in the pen.

At this time, I saw the bottle of coffee that fell out of favor under the painting, and I was busy pouring water and stirring it, and dyed it on the pine dry with a pen. The coffee is soaked naturally, and the pine dry has another effect, which feels more textured than painted with ocher paint. I drew several banners and loose scrolls in succession, and signed a Song Monk poem:

The old pine and the old pine grow the old way, the branches do not grow leaves and grasses.

When the pedestrian does not see the tree planting, the tree sees the pedestrian for a while.

It was a time when a pine questioned boundless China. Just then, my friend Mrs. Huang asked me to draw a picture. I gave her this painting casually, with a letter informing me about painting loose with expired coffee.

Using coffee to draw pine trees, I think this is my invention. I am considering whether to apply for a patent because there is a kind of pine on the four-foot rice paper called coffee pine.

Half a month later, when I received a package from Mrs. Huang, I opened it carefully.

Mrs. Huang wrote in a letter saying: “Knowing that you used it to paint, I sent you half of the expired coffee without throwing it away.”

I don’t know whether to drink or paint for a while.

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