Bizarre university courses

Course for a black female singer

  For those who like to listen to popular music, a major at Rutgers University in the United States can be said to be the ultimate benefit. In the Department of Women and Gender Studies of this university, there is a course “Politicization of Beyonce” for undergraduates. The entire classroom design is based on Beyoncé’s work.
  As a music queen comparable to Elvis Presley, the black female singer is not only sexy and charming, but her half-talked and half-sung hip-hop songs have repeatedly won the music charts. In this course, students can watch the wonderful Beyoncé concert in the classroom and have the opportunity to study the inner meaning of the goddess lyrics.
  Of course, the most important thing is that this is a very serious cross-cultural course on black gender and race. When enjoying these musical benefits, don’t forget to explore the goddess’ music career from the perspective of female gender. Issues of race, gender, and sexual preference, and critically thinking about the public’s treatment of black women.
Foodie Benefits: Research on the Professional History of Maple Sugar and Banana

  If you are a foodie, then this type of profession will suit you well. The 80-year-old Alfred University in the United States has opened a course on maple syrup. This course not only teaches you some theoretical courses about the history and manufacturing principles of maple syrup, but also teaches you how to actually make maple syrup and can go to the maple syrup festival. In addition to earning credits in class, I also learned a solid cooking skill, which is the best of both worlds.
  Similar to the professional course at Alfred University, there is also a course on the culture and history of bananas on the course selection table of Harvard University. If you spend a semester studying bananas, will you be greedy? In fact, the courses offered by this top university in the world are also extremely rich and varied. Just a brief introduction to the curriculum and courses of the undergraduate and liberal arts colleges (generally 3-5 lines of introduction), Harvard University listed more than 1,000 pages in one go. , The elective courses it provides are really confusing, such as the evolution of wings, the words of disease, the history of the cemetery, etc., which sound strange, but many courses are also very interesting.
The popular Harry Potter boarded the Hall of Elegant

  When Harry Potter was studying curse classes, transformation classes, Muggle studies, etc. at Hogwarts College, he must have never imagined that in real life, courses with himself as the protagonist have penetrated into major universities in the world, and the ” “Harry Potter and Genetics”, “Harry Potter and Medicine”, “Harry Potter and Biology”, “Harry Potter and Philosophy” and many other Harry Potter courses.
  However, these courses still use this 7-volume, million-word magical novel as the introduction, and the emphasis is still on the science in real life, as well as the popular culture and philosophical ideas reflected in “Harry Potter” . However, Pomona, a branch of the California State University system in the United States, has opened a course that specializes in the plot of “Harry Potter” novels. This course not only studies the genealogy and historical deeds of the characters in each novel, but also specifically discusses these The relationship between false stories and real history.
Science fiction fans love the course

  For science fiction fans, the biggest allure of the classroom is undoubtedly that the teacher can broadcast a “Star Trek”. Georgetown University, one of the oldest universities in the United States, offers a course on “Philosophy and Star Trek”. Students will be able to explore a range of philosophical issues from time travel to free will while enjoying the film in class. For example, is time travel possible? What is the relationship between your mind and your brain? Are they completely separate or the same? Can anyone transcend death?
  The top and most prestigious public research university in the United States, the University of California, Berkeley, chose a popular game “StarCraft” as its teaching content. In class, students will be able to practice the “StarCraft” game and analyze how the battle in space is conducted. However, although it looks like a game course, it still involves many in-depth theories, from calculus knowledge to how to use computers to accurately control warfare. People without a certain knowledge base cannot control it, and the credits of this course Do not count towards the total credits, want to learn something you are interested in? Work harder than usual.
How to package books with characteristics

  Traditional books have almost completely collapsed under the impact of e-books, so why not give these books a special package to attract readers? The University of Alabama in the United States offers a special book art course. This course is not aimed at art students. Students of all majors, as long as they are interested, can come to learn how to make a book by hand, and how to bind and frame the book. More distinctive.
Pornography is also a research object

  Pornography has always been difficult to be elegant, and it is often used as a witty conversation resource on the streets, but some universities dare to challenge the bottom line of the public and study pornography grandiosely. For example, the Pasadena City College in the United States provides pornography courses to encourage students to view pornography in a more appropriate way. The students’ homework is to watch pornographic videos at home.
  Similar to this is the Wesleyan University in the United States. This veteran Christian university established in 1831 is also very open. It once offered a course on pornography, the purpose of which is to explore the internal and external factors of the popularity of pornography. The final exam is to require students to submit a performance art work, such as a photo, video, or text work.
  Fantasy literature is also along for the ride
  vampires, ghosts, zombies Buddies these strange, though a scientific point of view is nonsense, but they are thousands of years of traditional culture will never fade the classic elements, but also in the movie Common topics are also very valuable for research.
  In order to explore the meaning of these cultures, the Chicago Institute of Chicago in the United States opened a “Zombies in Mass Media”. This “zombie course” systematically explores the origin, history and meaning of zombies. The final assignment is that students need to watch a total of 5 hours of zombie films, and then make their own analysis of each film.
  Compared with the more pragmatic zombie research at Columbia College Chicago, the elven language course offered by the University of Wisconsin in the United States is more imaginative. This course specializes in Sindarin, and this language only exists in the works of the British writer JRR Tolkien. The magical Middle-earth world is the everyday language of the elves in the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy.