Be cautious about loneliness

Not many people watch TV now, and entertainment is all on their mobile phones. A female colleague, after grinding the TV manuscript for a day, did not rest directly when she returned home, but turned on the TV habitually. Her husband was on a business trip and her daughter was at her grandmother’s house. The background sound of the TV made her feel a little popular at home.

My cousin often drove home from the provincial capital, a three-hour drive. When a person is alone, he will turn on the radio, and when the listening is annoying, he will turn on the mobile phone to navigate, although he does not need route guidance. He said that when he heard a voice in the car, he felt that his attention would be more focused.

Another friend is special. When driving alone, she can only listen to music, not stories, and doze off at the first hearing. Heard a lot of stories when I was young? She can’t tell. Tired of listening to music, she would call and chat with her friends, even if there was a traffic jam on the road, she would not feel irritable. But the strange thing was that she was in the office and could not say a word all day.

Humans are longing for nature by nature, and they like to be free and unrestrained. But in public, there will always be a “coat” to converge. Only when you are alone, you will be “excited”.

What do you do when you are alone? Interesting, elegant, or embarrassing?

There is a little brother in my family. When his wife and children are not at home, he likes to take off his clothes and do exercises-push-ups, sit-ups, jumps, squats… After sweating heavily, take a shower and sleep for a while, which is very sour. He felt fettered, unfree, and uncomfortable wearing clothes for fitness.

A lively and outgoing TV colleague, a few years ago quit his job to start a business, engaged in clothing wholesale and retail, business is good. When she is alone, she can dance, and the girl group dances. Not familiar with dance steps, she followed the video to imitate and enjoy herself. Sometimes, she would talk to herself, pretending that someone was interviewing her, and then tell her story in a serious manner; sometimes, she would pretend to sell clothes in the live broadcast room and introduce new brands to fans…In short, it’s all alone. Sometimes, she is very active, and when a group of people, she often switches to the “silent” mode.

Being alone doesn’t necessarily mean being alone. Sometimes it may just be that there is no familiar person around, and I feel like being alone.

A girl came to the provincial capital from her hometown. She was a newcomer and had no friends. Every weekend, she climbed onto the bus by herself, sat aimlessly to the end, and turned around. Along the way, watching the passengers go up and down, they were in a daze, and spent half a day away. Occasionally, when she is upset, she likes to take the stairs, first take the elevator to the top floor, and then walk down the stairs, humming and listening to the echo of the corridor.

What do you do when you are alone? This is an interesting question, which varies from person to person, from time to time, and from place to place. I sent this question to a friend, and the responses I got were rich and varied.

“People are born to be lonely, and come alone will go alone.” To understand this, loneliness has become a neutral word, because the ending is there, you might as well enjoy loneliness. When I am alone, I always like to stew a pot of soup in the kitchen, and I must use a casserole. Move a chair, take a book, and quietly listen to the “beep” of the stew in the casserole. When I am happy, I feel that this sound is very healing, read the story in the book, and feel calm, stable, and happy; when I am sad, I feel that this sound is like the echo of a tree hole, silently shed tears, clean up the mood, and be able to get to the next morning again Smile to life.

You are the more real you when you are alone. The ancients said “being cautious”, they were talking about the moral bottom line of no one’s time and no one. And above the bottom line, we might as well be true, comfortable, happy, and abundant ourselves-it can be said that this is a kind of “prosperity”.

What you say and do when you are alone really hides the path one has walked, the people you have seen, and the books you have read.