The struggle is intensifying! The US “wartime president” is a bit embarrassed

The United States is still the country with the most confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia. But at the time when the fight against the “epidemic” was most strenuous, a “game of power” was staged in the United States.

As we all know, as early as March when the US epidemic situation was not optimistic, US President Trump proclaimed himself “wartime president.” As soon as April entered, the “wartime president” began planning to end the “battle” in an attempt to push the states to restart the economy. However, this plan has been met with cold reception on many occasions. There have been many criticisms in the public opinion in the United States, and the governors of various states have also ignored them.

“Poor command” was questioned by many parties, and no one responded to the “deployment of troops and generals”. At the moment, the situation of Trump, the “wartime president”, is really embarrassing…

Regarding the question of whether and when to resume work in the United States, President Trump and the governors of various states have waged a long tug of war.

At the White House briefing on the new crown pneumonia epidemic on April 13, Trump stated that the President of the United States has “absolute power” to restart the US economy.

“When a person is the president of the United States, power is absolute. Governors know it.” Trump said at the time. This rhetoric drew criticism from all quarters in the first place. Among them, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s counterattack was particularly straightforward.

“If Trump orders the restart of the economy in a way that endangers the public health of New York State people, then I will not do that.” In an interview with CNN, Cuomo said categorically.

He further stated that if he rejects Trump’s order, the state government and the federal government will then go to court for a constitutional showdown.

“The United States has only a constitution and no king.” Cuomo sarcastically said.

This full-fledged counterattack clearly angered Trump. He said on social media that day: “The governor seems to want independence!” Not only that, Trump also publicly satirized Cuomo calling all the time.” Begging for supplies.

In the face of Trump’s angry attacks, Cuomo said calmly at the press conference: If Trump wants to fight, he will not succeed.

Dare to challenge Trump directly. Such positive “hardness” has also allowed Cuomo to gain support from many netizens on social media who are dissatisfied with the US federal government’s epidemic prevention policies.

After confronting Cuomo, Trump took the initiative to lower his tune. He said that there is no problem with states independently determining how and when to resume work. But Trump also insisted that he would “authorize” the governor to implement corresponding plans in the state when the time is right, and the White House also established an advisory group to promote economic recovery that day. The next day, Trump once again said: The peak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in the United States has passed, and discussions on how to restart the US economy will soon begin.

However, what makes the “wartime president” even more embarrassing is that the governors of ten states in the United States have already bypassed the federal government and discussed the resumption of work by themselves.

The US “Political News” website reported on April 13 that the seven East Coast governors of the United States announced that they would form a working group to propose a plan to restart the regional economy.

The seven governors are from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts.

Coincidentally, on the West Coast of the United States, the three states of California, Oregon and Washington also formed an alliance on the same day.

California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom even bluntly stated on the official social account that health outcomes and science guide California’s decision-making, not politics.

When Trump and state governors were arguing over who could press the “restart button” for the economy, some sensitive media also sniffed the political implications behind this tug-of-war.

The Spanish Global website pointedly pointed out that Trump previously used the US economic strength as his campaign card. Now that he is affected by the epidemic, the US economy is in a mess. Trump can only turn to another campaign strategy that is better than a “good economy”: Become a “wartime president”.

But is this card really good? At least the answer given by the American media and many netizens who was denounced by Trump as “fake news” was “No”.

Some American netizens bluntly said: “In the current epidemic, putting your mind on business is more useful than playing any cards.”

The “New York Times” of the United States used “Trump Is Our (Do Not Need) Wartime President” as the title, and satirized Trump’s ineffective command of the overall situation. “Let’s not deceive ourselves: before the United States changes command, we are destined to fight our leaders.” The report said.

It seems that Trump, who wants to win the hearts of the people with his “wartime presidential card”, is now in an increasingly embarrassing situation.

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