Really powerful people are working silently

My cousin is unemployed again. He was 32 years old, but he still didn’t have a stable job, and he didn’t even find a target. He also graduated from a key university that year, but he had some superior hands and inferior eyes. He didn’t look down on hard work, and he couldn’t do the hard work. In this way, the opportunity has been missed again and again. Now whenever his relatives urge him to find a daughter-in-law, or persuade him to work steadily, he attributes it all to that he was not born in a wealthy family, but he did not talk about himself. Lazy and so lofty.

I know a couple who came to work in Beijing from the South and opened a small shop in a residential area outside the Fifth Ring Road for seven or eight years. From the simplest snack department store to later vegetables and fruits. The couple ate and lived in a small shop, with the bed in the last row of shelves. Pull a curtain while sleeping to distinguish it from the outside.

Although it was very hard, they worked very hard. Two people come from the countryside, I believe that there are many opportunities in Beijing. As long as they work hard, they can definitely make money. Chatting with them two days ago, the proprietress said that she had almost saved enough down payment from her hometown, and in a year or two, she could go back to reunite with the elderly and children. I am honestly happy for them.

Two years ago, when I went outside to collect the scenery, I met a boy selling some socks, gloves, hats and the like on the flyover. It was late autumn in Beijing, and the wind was rustling, but he kept greeting the men and women who came and went. What attracted me was his inexplicable sense of liveliness. When he saw me carrying a SLR camera on his back, he said, “Come on, take a picture of me.”

He had just graduated from technical secondary school and wanted to come to Beijing. During the day, with my brother, I ran a small clothing stall at a nearby wholesale market. At night, I went to buy and sell things on the flyover to earn some extra money. Although it hasn’t been long since he first came to Beijing, he has already familiarized himself with the neighborhoods, where there is a lot of traffic, where there are few urban management, and how to set prices and yelling to get everyone to buy things here.

He said that his dream is to establish his own clothing brand in the future. Later, I washed out that photo. In the photo, he raised both hands at the same time and compared it with a “V”. His youthful face was filled with a clear and excited smile, and behind him, the city was full of traffic and neon flashes.

I have seen too many people complain about the unsatisfactory life, how difficult it is to make money, and blindly envy how good other people’s lives are. In the past few years, their lives have remained basically unchanged. There is another type of people who always keep in mind the happiness they want in their hearts and work hard in silence. No matter how bitter and tired, because of the sweetness of the dream, everything will become sweet. They firmly believe that as long as they are moving toward their dreams, all their contributions are worthwhile and beautiful.