Feeling “bad” can also be a catalyst for love

Xiaojie said that she wanted a boyfriend like the actor Liao Fan. “The appearance of the ruffian, and then riding on a horse, like a foreign blockbuster taking me to the end of the world, I am willing to.” Xiaojie covered her heart, her face was fascinated and said secretly.

I can’t help laughing, Xiaojie, Xiaojie, it’s not Liao Fan who can handle you in the end, but the Hollywood screenwriters who are full of romantic plots and skilled in their use, but they may not be as handsome as Liao Fan. Oh.

In “Titanic”, “The Years of Love”, “The English Patient” and other romantic movies that make people want to stop, there is usually a bad boy with a cool appearance. He breaks through all odds, meets the heroine, and finally experiences All kinds of disasters together. Then there must be a fragrant scene: he and she are tender after the catastrophe, he breaks through the worldly badness and becomes an irresistible sexy. At that time, women fans all over the world turned into water with gentleness in front of such a bad-looking man.

If you ask a woman, what kind of man can arouse her lust most? I bet that many people will favor men with cool looks and warm hearts. The “bad” and cool appearance of a man represents an unconventional flirtation in bed, a sexy charm, a small loss of control, an unexpected teasing, and a conquest of male power. But this kind of badness and coolness can only be nothing more than that, life can’t be bad, otherwise it will become domestic violence that annoys women, or cause a bunch of peachy scandals outside.

If you ask a man, what kind of woman is the sexiest? Many men told me that they also like to “do the opposite”: she looks gentle and virtuous, but she has unlimited amorous feelings after being together; she has a childlike innocence, little naughty, but she is a mysterious “bad girl” The temptation is unruly, like Robert in “The Bridge of Last Dream”, Anne in “Roman Holiday” and the nurse Evelyn in “Pearl Harbor”.

A male reader once wrote to me about his distress, saying that the boudoir life of himself and his girlfriend was always unremarkable. He said that when he was single, he was often given a good person card by the opposite sex. Many girls said to him: I think it’s appropriate to be a good friend of you, but being a boyfriend doesn’t make me feel anything… He doesn’t understand. What is it?

Later, he had a girlfriend, and after a few months of getting along with her, his girlfriend also complained. He always didn’t feel passion when he was with him. It was as plain as water with a close brother. Why can’t you always feel the kind of taste and feeling that makes your girlfriend’s heart touched by his “good boyfriend”?

In fact, men and women must have the kind of power that can inspire lust, which is “bad sexiness.” Sex, one of its essence, is actually the impulse of a stranger to explore the secret heart of another stranger. “Good girl” and “good boy” are very good heart-warming partners in life, but as a couple or a couple, this alone is not enough.

Sometimes a little bit of mysterious “bad sexiness” is needed between partners, so that the other person always feels the passion to chase, the urge to possess and the curiosity to explore. These are all effective ingredients for love, a catalyst for lust, and the tension needed for romance and passion.

So, whether you are in love or after marriage, you can of course be warm men and women in your heart or in front of outsiders, but in front of the other half, how to create your own “bad style” sexy?

First of all, in terms of appearance, men can wear a few textured dark-grained shirts with a moustache, and women can prepare some suspenders, or occasionally change to a Japanese style, Bohemia or Cleopatra.

Secondly, in terms of language, you can say some passionate love words and write down the lines in TV movies that make you goose bumps. Maybe you are also very fond of this set. It is not a vulgar thing to occasionally spit out a swear word or two when making affection.

Finally, in action, men can occasionally be rough (note that it is not violence, not to mention domestic violence) and unconventional, which will create a lot of freshness in their relationship; while women can occasionally be a little bit more aggressive and naughty. Will bring the other party more desire to conquer.

Although none of us can be perfect, it does not affect our desire for perfection. What is the perfect partner? They must be the warm men and women in life, but in the boudoir, they are always “bad” and unusual. So, in the bed, if it can be “broken”, then it can be “bad”.