Broken Ghost

  Alan Donald, 48, from Dumbarton, discovered a natural wonder-a special Broken ghost while camping on the Adair Peninsula in Argyll, Scotland. A rainbow spectrum seemed to form a circle around Donald’s own shadow.
  The Broken phenomenon is also called the Broken ghost. The Chinese call it “Buddha light”, which is the halo phenomenon in meteorology. It is a kind of sunlight reflecting through clouds and mist and diffracting and interfering through water droplets in the clouds, and finally forming a In the light image of the rainbow halo, the observer’s own shadow often appears in the halo.
  In the Broken Mountain in Germany, this phenomenon often occurs, so this phenomenon is called “Broken phenomenon”. People used to call this kind of optical phenomenon “Broken’s monster”.

“Most” precious: rewriting the history of the introduction of table tennis

  Table tennis is China’s national game, but it is not a native national quintessence. Regarding the history of the introduction of table tennis to China, the sports and academic circles have repeatedly quoted a version that is almost conclusive. In 1904, Wang Daoping, the owner of a stationery store on Simma Road in Shanghai, bought 10 sets of table tennis equipment from Japan.
  However, a precious postcard rewrites the history of table tennis to China. A European wrote from Tianjin, China to Brussels, the capital of Belgium, on January 22, 1902. It was registered and mailed from the German postal agency in Tianjin. The date stamp is clearly visible. , Written in French, described how table tennis had become very popular in Tianjin at that time.
  The translation is as follows: “Written in Tianjin on January 22, 1902. Here, there is a kind of “tennis” in the living room of every European family, which is very interesting to play. It is placed in the middle of a large table with a net and two rackets with drums. It’s made of leather and the ball is celluloid. It’s like playing on a tennis court, but with the size of the table as the limit, athletes stand at both ends of the table. This kind of sport is extremely popular here. It should be in a toy store in Brussels It’s available here.” This postcard proves conclusively and reliably that table tennis had been introduced to China at least in 1901.
The “most” special: listen to the wonderful sounds and appreciate the famous places

Postage film of “Guizhou Scenery” No. FP7

  Special postcards launched by a local specialty product sales company in Nagasaki, Japan are very popular. This postcard contains beautiful sounds related to the city’s scenic spots, some are the gurgling of the river under the Spectacle Bridge, and some are the bells of Oura Catholic Church. The relevant person in charge said: “I hope everyone will bring their thoughts to the exotic Nagasaki through voice and photos.” There are 12 types of postcards, including peace prayer statues and traditional dragon dance performances in autumn. After reading the QR code on the back of the dragon dance postcard with a smart phone, the sound of dragon dance will appear accompanied by the static dragon dance screen. These postcards are sold at Nagasaki Train Station and Nagasaki Airport, and can also be purchased on the company’s homepage.
“Most” Wrong Version: Li Hongzhang Written as Ji Hongzhang

  Misprinted stamps and postcards have always been the focus of the postal currency card market. Due to printing errors, the State Post Bureau stopped issuing and recycling during the issuance period, resulting in very few “misposts”. Market prices remain high.
  The earliest wrong version of the postcard is found to be the wrong version of Li Hongzhang’s postcard, and the Chinese name was incorrectly written as “Ji Hongzhang”. The key reason for the high price of misprinted postcards is that they are rare and expensive. For example, the postage postcards “Guizhou Scenery” originally scheduled to be issued on November 25, 1998, were sold out more than 20 days in advance due to violations of some post offices under the jurisdiction of Shaanxi Province and Chongqing Municipality, resulting in the outflow of 7274 sets of Group A and Group B. Out of 1567 sets. Post fans discovered that the postage number FP7 of “Guizhou Scenery” was the same as the number of the postage film “Wulingyuan Scenery” released on July 30, and immediately reported to the relevant departments. After receiving the feedback, the relevant departments attached great importance to it. It ordered that the unsold “Guizhou Scenery” mistaken films in the unsold provinces and cities should be sealed on the spot, and all of them should be submitted to the State Administration for destruction before November 18.
  The New Year’s Eve postcard “Love is Born from the Heart” issued in 2009 was wrong in the design. In the postcard picture, a young girl in a red dress stands sideways, holding a paintbrush in her hand, drawing a gorgeous “heart” pattern on a drawing board. But the original beautiful and romantic picture has obvious mistakes. The girl’s hands that should have been on both sides of the body are actually “long” on the left side. After finding out, the postal department “recalled” some wrong editions of love postage postcards, and reissued a new version of postage postcards with corrected errors.

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