A woman who loves to read

There are many female compatriots in the unit, and sometimes they are like a nest of sparrows when they meet each other, and they keep chatting. She was the only one who stood quietly by her side, sometimes smiling at us.

This thin, thin girl was admitted to our unit after graduating from university. She was also 25 or 16 years old. Everyone called her Xiao Huang. She dresses plainly, carries a book with her, and sits down and looks down when she is fine.

On a trip, because the mountain was too high and the road was too steep, the female colleagues’ backpacks were all done by male colleagues. Xiao Huang refused to trouble others, and walked with me with a suitcase worth more than 20 kilograms. Her blushing cheeks due to exercise made her always calm face alive like a flower. Along the way, she and I talked a lot about reading while walking, and the speeches were very funny.

Xiao Huang, who is inconspicuous in her work, also likes to contribute some articles on weekdays. She has also subscribed to several literary magazines. Leaders often praise her for her willingness to study and strive for progress. But some people disagree, and think this is because the young people’s life is too boring. It was not until one day that her novella was published in a major journal and then won a literary award, that everyone looked at her with admiration. Everyone knows that she is a talented woman with potential, but only I know how much hard work she has made behind her back.

I live in a compound called Xinglinyuan. At around 8 am every day, farmers near the small town push flat carts to sell turnips and cabbage. Most of these people are middle-aged women, including a thin woman in her early 40s who only sells red onions. This woman sells vegetables without a scale or yelling. 5 yuan is a net bag of onions. Her onions are good, and she never stuffs bad ones in the bottom of her pocket. I like buying them from her. Over time, I found that when someone patronizes her onion stall, she would lower her eyebrows and collect money for change; when no one came, she would read a book and read the newspaper. She looked calm and gentle, gentle and elegant. The woman with a rough voice is very different. From her few words, I can feel that she is a knowledgeable woman with a lot of experience.

Winter is very cold, and some lazy vegetable vendors will not show up in the windy and rainy morning, but she will come. She still stood there holding the little green colorful umbrella. Her face had been rough and skinned after wind and rain, but her figure was still so pretty and tough. A fresh and lovely mushroom. When I feel tired at the desk, I habitually stand in front of the window and look down. Sometimes I can see her thin back. I think she and I, like many women who love to read, bear the burden of life, but never forget to lift themselves in the wind and rain.