5 ways to relieve children’s eye fatigue

  Some time ago, there was a story circulating on the Internet: in an epidemic, the whole people became cooks, doctors and nurses became soldiers, teachers became anchors, civil servants became doormen, and parents became tutors… Only the children are still “sacred beasts”! Nowadays, with the opening of schools in various regions, the “sacred beasts” have gradually returned. In addition to classroom study and homework, various classes have also followed. The use of mobile phones, computers and other electronic products is even more enjoyable for children. Neither the mind nor the eyes can rest. How to effectively prevent myopia in children and relieve visual fatigue is a problem that cannot be ignored. Here are some recommended actions for parents and children to learn.
  1. Neck exercises. It is divided into rotary motion and linear motion. The linear motion can be divided into side bending motion and head-down and head-up motion. Rotational motion includes clockwise rotation and counterclockwise rotation. Neck exercise is an important part of eye health care. It can make the neck qi and blood flow unblocked, ensure adequate blood supply to the various organs of the head, effectively improve children’s sense of balance, and eliminate loose neck skin. At the same time, it also has a better protective effect on the cervical spine during the neck exercise.
  2. Add the finishing touch. This action is mainly to support the depression of the lower frontal bone with the thumb, and press the root of the nose and the Qingming point with the index finger. By effectively stimulating the Qingming acupoint, it can benefit the brain, and on this basis, it can dredge the lacrimal duct and eyelid collaterals. In addition, from the perspective of medical ophthalmology, Qingming is an important acupuncture point in eye care, which has a good effect on improving blurred vision and can effectively prevent myopia.
  3. The spring breeze is blowing. This action is mainly to cover the face with two hands, three fingers above the eyebrows on the forehead, imitating daily facial washing movements, moving inward and downward under the eye socket, and then rubbing back to the original place outward and upward. This action is also called face-washing action. The hands can promote blood circulation and relax by touching the face. In addition, touching the face with hands can soothe the emotions and enter a state of calm. However, since the massage range is relatively large and involves eyelashes, this action must be performed under the guidance of professionals.
  4. The spring rain blows. This action is mainly to lightly pat your face with the beat, and step on the ground with your feet while patting. Principle: Children gently tap their face to relax their face and upper body, while stepping on the ground is a lower body relaxation action. These two actions can have a better relaxing effect on the whole body. In addition, in the process of tapping the face and stepping on the ground, it will effectively stimulate some acupuncture points in the face and feet, which can not only increase blood circulation, but also has a greater promotion effect on the flow of Qi and blood throughout the body. To achieve the purpose of adjusting the eyes. At the same time, on this basis, it can also enhance the skin elasticity of the eye tissue.
  5. Twirl your ears and blink your eyes. Pinch the earlobe with the thumb and index finger of both hands and press the earlobe, turning the eyeball in different directions in the process. Principle: There is a part in the center of the earlobe called the eye point, which is connected to the eye. Crushing the earlobe can make the eyes clear. In addition, you can also choose a quiet place, sitting or standing, relax the whole body, clear distracting thoughts, open your eyes, keep your head and neck still, and turn your eyes alone. The specific method is: first stare directly below, slowly turn to the left, then turn to directly above the gaze, to the right, and finally back to directly below the gaze. First turn it clockwise 9 times, then counterclockwise 6 times, a total of 4 times. Every time you turn, the eyeball should reach its limit as much as possible. This method of turning the eye can exercise the eye muscles, improve nutrition, and make the eyes flexible and piercing.
  What needs to be reminded is that adequate nutrition can effectively relieve visual fatigue and protect eyes. Vitamin A and carotene are the main nutrients that maintain the normal metabolism of human epithelial tissues. If they are lacking, dry eye and keratomalacia will occur. The best sources are animal liver, milk and eggs, as well as red-yellow and dark green vegetables and fruits.
  In addition, the use time of electronic products should also be controlled. It is recommended that kindergarten children use less or less mobile phones, tablets and other electronic products. Primary and middle school students should use no more than 15 minutes each time and no more than 1 hour a day. Do not watch or watch TV less, and those who are able to keep at least 3 meters away.

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