Yearning crowd

Recalling Haruki Murakami’s words: “Looking at the sea and looking at people for a long time, I want to see people when I see more people.” I have never wanted to see more people like now.

I used to think that the hustle and bustle of the sea can only find the lonely soul away from the crowd, and the sober and clear life can be experienced only on the empty seaside. But at the moment I finally understand that the place where there is a crowd is the world, and the dust and the world are the most tender. I miss the lively scenes in the world very much, even including words related to the crowd. Crowds of people, crowds of people, vocal crowds, endless stream, bustling, bustling, shoulder-to-shoulder…Every word, every word is so sweet and lovely, every stroke of these words seems to be dynamic, fresh and full of vitality of.

The people we have complained about are overcrowded, but at the moment it is very missful. The first time I felt so deeply, the crowd was really a vivid word. For example, people in all kinds of markets are simply alive and vivid. The crowd is a cloud of clouds, floating over, drifting past, with a strong breath of life and fireworks.

In the crowd, men, women, young and old, tall, short, fat, thin, with different looks and different expressions, each person’s face is more or less written about their life. People come and go, some pass you by, some go with you. The relationship is deep and shallow, gathering and scattered in a quick glance at each other. Even if they sometimes interfere with each other, they still meet each other and smile, and integrate into the crowd. Or occasionally there is little friction, and mixing two mouths, will not be worried. This is the case with the crowd, like the sea, containing everything and eliminating everything. The crowd and the vegetable market should be standard: the dense arrangement of various vegetables and fruits gives infinite satisfaction. It can especially arouse people’s longing for the fireworks in the bottom of the heart, and it can also give people a sense of security and feel that they have This little happiness is enough.

Of course, the same is true of people elsewhere. I think of people taking pictures of tourist attractions during long holidays, crowds and crowds. Everyone sighed, where is looking at the scenery, obviously looking at people. Yes, the crowd is so impressive, but we didn’t experience it at the time. We once complained that the bus was crowded and that the long queues were disturbing, but that was the taste of life. People don’t live in the crowd, just like in a castle in the sky, they can’t catch their breath, they are always unreliable, and they lack temperature.

Only live in the crowd, it can be called human. A person lives in the world, his life is called life.

If you are far away from the crowd, like Wang Wei, sit alone in the secluded chapel and play the piano to restore the long whistle; or like Thoreau, find a Walden lake in seclusion. I think that if people live that kind of life all their lives, it can’t be called life, at best it can only be regarded as Xianyunyehe’s contentment. What is life called leaving the crowd? Even if they have a deeper sense of life, if they do not come out and share with the crowd, all of them are isolated and thin. Any thought can be rejuvenated when integrated into the crowd.

The crowd is the warm world on which we live. Everyone is like a drop of water and needs to be integrated into a broad crowd like the sea to find their own value; everyone is like a grass and needs to be rooted in a crowd as large as the land, To take root. We depend on the crowd, and we also form the crowd, the inextricable links can never be cut off.

During this extraordinary period, most of us chose to withdraw from the hustle and bustle and wait for the spring to bloom. Thousands and thousands of angels in white and anti-epidemic people from all walks of life are fighting against the current. They are fighting forever in their lives, in order to give us a warm and loving world alone. It is precisely because of them that we have more reason to believe that victory is tomorrow and the prosperous future is quietly coming. The future is expected, and the world is worth it!