Who is affecting the battery life to understand the parameters of laptop batteries and adapters

The battery life of the notebook is mainly affected by two levels. One is the power consumption of the entire hardware platform of the notebook, including hardware units such as screens, processors, graphics cards, memory, hard drives, and speakers. Among them, the processor and graphics card are large power users, and the life time of the thin and light books can generally reach more than 3 times that of the game book, because the thin and light books are equipped with 15W (TDP) low-power processors, and the maximum does not exceed 25W Discrete graphics. The game processors and graphics cards generally start at 45W and 50W, and stronger performance will inevitably lead to more power consumption.

The second is the battery capacity built into the notebook. Some notebooks choose to sacrifice battery capacity in order to be as slim as possible or to reduce costs, which leads to a sudden drop in battery life. In short, improving battery capacity is the only way to extend the battery life of the notebook.

At present, most laptop batteries use lithium polymer batteries. It is a flat-shaped battery structure that is fixed in the notebook body by screws and cables (Figure 1). If you disassemble the back cover of the notebook, and carefully observe the surface of the notebook battery, you will see numerous certifications and parameter information, such as the mAh capacity unit that we are most familiar with (Figure 2).

②·mAh is the unit of rated capacity in notebook battery field

In the field of smart phones, “mAh” is the standard unit of the battery. A cell phone with a built-in 5000mAh capacity battery must have a longer standby time than a 4000mAh cell phone. However, this common sense does not work in the notebook field, because the operating voltage of the notebook battery is not uniform, you need to use “Wh” to measure the actual energy of the battery, and the calculation formula of Wh is to use the rated capacity (mAh) × rated work Voltage (V). Taking the battery in Figure 2 as an example, its rated capacity is 7410mAh and its rated operating voltage is 7.6V, so its actual energy is 7410mAh×7.6V, and the calculation result is 65.3Wh.

In fact, the actual energy of the mobile phone battery should also be counted in Wh, only because the rated operating voltage of the mobile phone battery is standard 3.6V ~ 3.8V, so we can directly use mAh to distinguish the high and low. In contrast, in the notebook field, the operating voltage of their batteries is mainly 7.5V, 11.5V and 15V, so it is meaningless to simply compare the mAh unit. For example, a battery with a rated capacity of only 5550mAh can obtain 84.36Wh of energy at a rated voltage of 15.2V (Figure 3).

As for why there is a difference in the operating voltage of the laptop battery, it is because it looks like a whole lithium polymer battery, and its interior is also composed of multiple cells in different sizes in series and parallel connection. For example, most batteries with a voltage of 11.5V are made of Three 3.7V magnification batteries are molded in series (Figure 4). Generally speaking, 15V batteries are common in high-end game books, while mainstream game books and thin and light books are mostly based on 7.5V or 11.5V.

④·Apple MacBook battery array

It should be noted that the laptop battery also has a safe operating temperature and humidity range. The temperature is mostly from 0 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius. If the temperature is too low, it may fail to turn on or shorten the battery life. If the temperature is too high, there will be serious problems. Security risks. In addition, lithium batteries are also most resistant to squeezing, puncture and water staining, which are likely to cause serious safety accidents such as short-circuiting of the battery and deflagration (Figure 6). Therefore, if the location of the laptop battery is severely squeezed or collided, or if the laptop enters the water, be sure to carefully check the battery for deformation and bulging. If you have any questions, please contact the customer service center to deal with it.

Notebook manufacturers usually indicate the battery energy parameters of the notebook in the parameters (Figure 5). In the case of similar configurations, the larger the number Wh, the better the battery life of the notebook.

Power Adapter
For a laptop to “full blood output”, the power adapter needs to provide sufficient and continuous stable power. A few games used to be equipped with the GTX1050Ti alone, but only with a 120W power adapter. When paired with the Core i7 processor, it often appears that the power supply is “unsatisfactory” and affects performance.

In the surface nameplate of the power adapter, the two most important indicators are the output voltage and output current, and the two indicators can be multiplied to get the maximum output power it supports (Figure 7).

If you feel that the original power adapter is too large to carry with you, you need to match another compatible adapter at home, school or company. When you are sure that the charging interface is the same, select the model with the same output voltage and output current equal to or greater than the original adapter. Now many new thin and light books support USB PD charging. You can use a USB PD charger compatible with mobile phones. When purchasing such chargers, try to buy models with a power of 65W, which can “feed” more high-profile thin and light. Ben.

⑦This is a 230W (19.5V×11.8A) output power adapter suitable for high-end games