When you no longer ask

There were many people who took the subway that day. Next to me was a pair of mother and daughter. The little girl was four or five years old. She had big eyes and was cute and cute. The road is very far, I just think that the words of the mother and the daughter have not stopped from the moment they get on the bus. To be precise, the little girl is always asking questions, asking questions. I had to admire the mother, and patiently answered questions that were borderless.

“Mom, why…” As a mom, when you hear this, your heart will move. When my son was young, he kept asking like this. Sometimes I was holding a book and asking me why the seven-color flower can change what I want? Sometimes pointing at the big tree outside and asking me why there are no green leaves in winter? Why do people eat? Even asked me where he came from? I don’t know what he is thinking in his little head, and weird questions are emerging. When I couldn’t answer, I said: Why are you one hundred thousand? Later, when he was literate, I really bought him a set of “One Hundred Thousand Whys”, a set of books with pictures and texts, and a cartoon style, suitable for children to read. What surprised me the most was that after my son fell in love with this set of books, he not only read it over and over, but also started to fall in love with painting.

Although it is a children’s book, he still can’t understand a lot of knowledge in it. Often when I cook, when I take a nap, when I’m exhausted and tired, I come to point to a page and ask me why. He likes to watch the cartoon “Doraemon”, bamboo dragonfly, time machine, any door, every bridge section makes him obsessed. Once Daxiong is happy, Doraemon is leaving, and his son will ask me sadly: Why should I leave? Can’t we be happy together? The son’s young mind cannot fully understand the meaning of farewell, even in the fairy tale world.

Gradually growing up, his son owns many books such as “Encyclopedia of Children and Children” and “Ci Hai”, and also has a book borrowing card, so many “why” he can go to the book to find the answer. With the computer, he asked fewer and fewer questions. As if suddenly, those questions full of vitality and tenderness, the answer to why became a distant memory.

After my son went to high school, he had extensive knowledge because of reading and reading books. Often I asked him the other way around. I asked him what is a hacker, what is a ticket-picking software, what is inferiority, what is nano and digital TV, my son patiently answered me.

When did you change roles? That day the office colleague bought a book for her daughter, the title of which is “Mom Why”, in the form of a picture book, with a calm style. I actually couldn’t put it down and read it in one breath. There was a faint smell in my nose that made my nose sour, and the picture of getting along with my son as a child came to life vividly.

At this moment, my son was working hard in a foreign country. In a phone call for two or three days, I deeply realized that the growth and the loss are the cause and effect of each other, and each other is extinct. What a luxury it is to live happily together forever! Today’s son must understand the meaning of farewell, and the short-term difference is for longer companionship.