Wait for me

Lian’er was born in a high-ranking household. Although he was not a golden-branched jade leaf, he lived a life in which clothes came to reach out and open his mouth. Daming Lake admires the lotus, Mount Tai observes the sunrise, the style of Mu Kong Mansion, draws the essence of Tang and Song poetry, accumulates talents. Wangfujing in Beijing, Broadway in Shanghai, West Lake in Hangzhou, and Taiping South Road in Nanjing have all left footprints.

At the age of eighteen, he married the Zhao family. The husband was not only a good man, but also a talented person. He established meritorious service on the battlefield against Japan, and was a staff officer of the national army at a young age. The Zhao family is also a large family. When Lianer got married, the wedding team was several miles long, and the dowry filled the street. When a pair of couples appeared in Qingdao’s resort beachfront, they attracted many eyeballs.

But things were impermanent, and the honeymoon was not full, and the husband received a telegram to return to the team immediately. Zhao Xianting took his wife to the car and only said gently in the ear of his wife: “Waiting for me.” Lian’er’s tears had already formed a string. After the wheel pulled away, Yier Er waved hard to the husband: “I wait for you!”

After several correspondence, Lianer Zhifu went to Taiwan. After that, Lian’er’s life turned upside down. She secretly ran to Qingdao several times and cried to the sea: “Xianting, I miss you, can you come back?”

To answer her, only endless waves…

Lian’er moved back to her mother’s house and squeezed a partial house with her mother (the main house has been used as a warehouse for the production team). She went to work every day to earn a living to support herself.

Twenty years later, Lian’er had been quiet like water, but suddenly received a letter that surprised her. The husband asked her to meet somewhere. She didn’t believe it, and felt that the Red Guards were tempting herself… The wind and waves made her sober. Although she had never been put on a paper hat and walked the street, she stood on the platform to fight. She didn’t dare to fantasize, but that word was indeed the husband’s, is it…

It was night, Lian’er stood in her yard, looking up at the sky with tears in her mind, silently thinking: Yinting, even if it is true, if you come back in disgrace, I will not see you. As God understood, suddenly it rained.

Zhao Xianting could not wait for Lian’er at the appointed place, so painful he could not restrain himself. He lost all thoughts, forgot everything, and wept bitterly: “Lian’er, I came to see you at the risk of being caught, but…”

After that, Liner listened to the broadcast on time every day. Finally, a thunderous news attacked her: Taiwan’s enemy agents sent to the mainland were wiped out by a net…

Lian’er was stunned. She didn’t eat or drink for a few days and was drowsy. The mother thought she was ill, and she only wept after several inquiries.

Lian’er’s heart was smoothed by time. She was able to work again, but she never saw her smile again. She planted a pot of white chrysanthemums. When there was no one around, she often chanted tears at the white chrysanthemum: “Both years of life and death are two vast, unthinking, and unforgettable. Thousands of miles of solitary graves, nowhere to be desolate. Face covered, temples like frost… Mutual silence, only a thousand lines of tears…” Su Shi’s “Jiang Cheng Zi” wrote all his thoughts and sorrows and was written by his wife Wang’s. Lian’er used it as a mourning speech for her husband, and often talked about it. After her mother died, she added another pot of white chrysanthemum.

Later, the production team returned the house to his elder brother’s family. When his nephew was in business, he often took care of his aunt. Lianer’s life settled down, but she still lived alone. She likes to live quietly. She reads dill and flowers every day. Kind of spiritual sustenance. She slowly walked out of the shadows, but also often sighed: Goose yellow does not understand the wind, cardamom is easy to decline. Once the time fell freely, frost and flowers came from Xiao Xiaodong.

In spring, an old gentleman dressed and elegant came to Lianer to stare at her for a long time. Lian Er wiped her dizzy eyes and asked, “Who are you looking for?”

“I’m looking for Lian’er.” The old gentleman replied tremblingly.

“I am. I don’t know you?”

“I am a virtuous pavilion.” The old gentleman said with tears.

“Don’t be kidding, what’s the matter?”

“Should the jade I gave you be still there? A horse, a pig, your animal sign.” Seeing Lian’er wondering, he chanted again, “Wen Erfurong looks like a drunken ink pond. Liangju hurriedly, I’m afraid it’s too late. Do you remember this poem? It was written for you when you were married. Twenty years ago, I wrote you a letter asking you to meet in the northern date forest of Songzhuang Village. You didn’t go.” At this point, the old gentleman was in tears.

Lian’er shook her body like an electric shock first, and carefully looked at the door frame with both hands, and then said with a crying cry: “You are not… I heard it really from the radio, you may still be alive? Just alive, also It’s not like this. It’s not old, but the face and facial features don’t change so much.”

“Alas, it’s hard to say a word.” The old man sat down with Fu Lianer, took out his handkerchief, wiped the tears, and sighed, “It’s a fool for 42 years, for the sentence’Waiting for me, I have a facelift again Back to Taiwan.” The old gentleman knelt in front of Lian’er.

“You, you…” Lian’er couldn’t say a word, and the husband with his white hair was full of tears on his chest…