Unicorn Development

How to create a unicorn?

The answer is to develop a gazelle or cheetah first.

In June, the Hurun Research Institute released the “2020 Hurun China Gazelle Enterprise List” and the “2020 Hurun China Cheetah Enterprise List”. However, many people are puzzled as to why the two animals “gazelles” and “cheetahs” are used to name the list.

In this regard, Hurun Report Chairman and Chief Research Officer Hurun specifically explained. Before that, he mentioned the unicorn first. The concept of unicorn comes from an American investor, referring to unlisted companies with a valuation of 1 billion US dollars. Because the investor believes that it is not easy to be able to invest in such companies, they are like a kind of virtual creature-unicorns.

Today, the unicorn concept is widely used worldwide. Using this as a reference, gazelle companies are those companies that are most likely to become unicorns within three years. Such companies are like gazelles. They can climb steep slopes and have reached a certain height, but as long as they take the wrong step, It may be overwhelming. Correspondingly, Cheetah companies are the companies most likely to become unicorns within five years. Such companies, like Cheetah, can run fast but not far because of limited funds and talents.

There are relatively more Chinese unicorn companies engaged in the e-commerce and artificial intelligence industries. Therefore, most people think that giants such as Taobao,, and Pinduoduo have already taken up all e-commerce opportunities, but the list shows that, There are still 11 e-commerce gazelle companies on the list. Even Hu Run sighed that although these gazelle companies have not yet reached the scale and relative stability of unicorns, they are currently some of the fastest growing companies in China and are the most sought-after investment targets for professional investors.

This is because although they have been established for a short time, they have shown high growth in the fierce business ecology and found their own living space by virtue of various forms of innovation.

Qianlong Tengyuan, scales flying. The tiger roars the valley, and the beasts are shaking. The eagle falcon tests its wings, and the wind and dust spread.

Nature provides a special environment for each species to adapt to its growth-niche, and niche refers to the position occupied by a population in time and space in the ecosystem and its relationship with related populations The functional relationship and role.

Each ecological niche has certain advantages, and only in its own space can it fully display its power. Competition between species is universal. In a competitive environment, the niche of a particular species will be compressed by the presence of competitors. At this time, species need to compete based on the existing resources and obtain a wider ecological niche through continuous evolution. In areas where niche overlaps, they must try their best to pursue balance and harmonious symbiosis, thereby obtaining the possibility of longer-term existence.

The ecological environment is changing. Whether it is a gazelle, a cheetah, or a unicorn, they all face the same choice: either migration or evolution. Otherwise, it will either be swallowed up in a contest between new and old species, or it will degenerate itself under the laws of nature.

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