Tolerance and optimism

Standing on a tall building and looking at the ground, you can see all the beautiful scenery, but when you look at the ground on the first floor, you will see dirt and garbage.

This shows that beauty is flawed. No matter how beautiful it is, if you look closely and zoom in, you will see that the beauty is inadequate. Therefore, we must have an inclusive attitude towards beauty.

If you reverse the order of looking at the ground, first stand on the first floor and then stand on the high-rise building. The dirt and garbage you see on the first floor will not be visible when you go to the high-rise building, and your eyes are full of beauty.

This shows that the dirt and garbage on the ground is after all small, and it is the minutiae, and the beauty is the mainstream, because once things are seen far away, we see the mainstream, not the minutiae. This also shows that in the world we live in, there are many beautiful things and few ugly things. Therefore, we must be optimistic about the United States.

Recently, Montreal, Canada discovered a pop-up zebra crossing that will bounce off the ground, blocking the passage of vehicles and protecting pedestrians from crossing the road safely. It was designed by Caitlin Gora of Canada.

Caitlin Gora is the director of Lg2, a creative design agency in Quebec, Canada. In the fall of 2019, she received this tricky planning case. It turned out that the Quebec Social Security Automobile Association wanted to design a special zebra crossing to remind drivers to court pedestrians and ensure that pedestrians cross the road safely.

After receiving the task, Caitlin quickly established a planning team. They came to the street to investigate the situation of vehicles and pedestrians crossing the zebra crossing. On the street, there is a huge white zebra crossing every 350 meters, reminding drivers to slow down or stop to let pedestrians pass safely. However, when the drivers passed the zebra crossing, they did not stop for pedestrians, but drove the vehicles past the pedestrians. Pedestrians dodge left and right in the car, like a small fish in the stormy waves. Caitlin was terrified, thinking: Drivers are not polite to pedestrians, no wonder Quebec has more than 2,000 people injured every year because of crossing the road, and more than 60 people died because of it.

Returning to the company, everyone felt like he was infused with lead. Everyone is working hard, hoping to design a new zebra crossing as soon as possible to stop the tragedy from happening. A few days later, they held a discussion meeting, and a planner came up with an idea: “Fill the zebra crossing with white, blue, and yellow colors to make the zebra crossing look three-dimensional, just like a roadblock, and remind drivers to court pedestrians. “Another female planner immediately rejected: “Even with this kind of zebra crossing, you can’t stop the drivers who don’t follow the rules. Hey, if the zebra crossing can stop the car going forward, just fine.”

How can the zebra crossing painted on the ground stop the car from advancing? Everyone is thinking hard, but there is still no ideal plan. At this time, someone sent Caitlin a mysterious gift. Caitlin opened the bag, and inside was a wooden box. As soon as she opened the box, a monster popped up, her head was radiated, her eyes glowed green, her fangs were frightened, and she was startled. After a while, she calmed down and saw a note in the box that read: Dear Mom, Happy Birthday! No matter how busy you work, you should pay attention to your health! Love you Louise.

“It turned out to be a tricky gift’. The little guy is really naughty!” After the shock, Caitlin showed a big smile. She was too busy with this planning case recently.

Playing with a wooden box, Caitlin suddenly got inspired: if we imitate “fright”, design a zebra crossing that can pop up, forcing the driver to stop, letting pedestrians go down after the past, so that they can’t be 100% sure of pedestrians Is it safe?

Everyone felt that this solution was feasible, so they began to discuss how to implement it: how to make zebra crossings, what materials to use, how to control… After all the details were considered, everyone started to work separately, and soon produced the first pop-up zebra crossing , And installed on the corner of a street in Montreal.

Can this zebra crossing actually work? Caitlin felt a little nervous. She stood by the road and observed. An aunt wanted to cross the road, the zebra crossing quickly sensed, the whole yellow zebra crossing bounced up, 7 steel plates 3 meters long and 0.5 meters wide, forming a wall, blocking the road ahead of the car. The driver was taken aback and stopped in a hurry, staring at the prompt on the fourth zebra crossing: protecting pedestrians, thank you for your cooperation in parking. The aunt was also taken aback, and then passed the road safely with a smile. After that, the zebra crossing automatically recovers. It looks like the ordinary zebra crossing. The driver drives on.

Seeing this scene, Caitlin breathed a sigh of relief, which was exactly the effect she wanted. Soon, this pop-up zebra crossing spread throughout the network, people praised it: this is the safest and most domineering zebra crossing in history.

Caitlyn solved the problem of pedestrians crossing the road safely in the most domineering way. In fact, behind domineering is respect for the rules and awe of life.

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