Time machine for love

This spring, taking advantage of the annual leave, I took my parents from the countryside to stay with me for half a month to indirectly make up for the regret that I could not be with me.

A few days after I entered the city, I suddenly discovered a strange thing: Parents who had little common language in their entire life, after entering the old age one after another, the topic of each other had increased for no reason.

The sleep time of people who have reached the age is obviously reduced. When the mother couldn’t sleep, the father would always wake up immediately, and then the two began to talk about the country’s fun, the neighborhood’s customs, and the joys and sorrows of their relatives and friends. But the most talked about by my parents is the old things about my childhood, such as the embarrassment of sleeping and being caught and crying by cats, the dangerous thing of being fell from a tree and a tree, and the tears caused by the greedy drink of soda Awkward things. Whenever I talk about this, the second old man forgets time and space, and he laughs unscrupulously in the middle of the night, completely ignoring me who is sleeping fast across the partition.

The dining table at home has also become a place for parents to chat with each other. The topic of their chats here is mostly related to the staple food of coarse grains in the dishes. Whenever I eat the “Shandong pancakes” that are common in the market, my mother always scorns a few words, saying that although the color of this pancake is good, it tastes less than the energy that was spread on my own stovetop more than ten years ago. My father took the time to describe the old pancakes in the country: the cornmeal should be diluted, the stove should be simmered slowly, and the bottom of the pot should be smeared with a small amount of soybean oil. Spread the batter in the spoon evenly on the bottom of the pan, turn it over quickly after a few seconds, and a pancake will be cooked. At this time, the mother did not forget to say a few words of praise: this kind of pancake melts in the mouth, soft and sweet, very delicious. Seeing the happiness of the second elder indulging in the old days, my heart often felt sweeter than eating honey.

After a meal for a walk, the old couple like to go around the Yong Road in the community one after the other. But walking together, the two often kept their feet together, or laughed at a grass, or silently dazed by a tree. Once, my mother saw a peach tree in the community turning green and couldn’t help but mention the old apricot tree that had died for many years in front of the old house. As soon as the chat box opened, my father’s memory was awakened immediately. He simply sat with his mother under the tree and slowly told about the merits of the old apricot tree: at the turn of spring and summer, the apricot trees full of trees matured, and they looked golden; At that time, the family was poor, and several children went to school at the same time. The apricots full of trees all exchanged money; only a few dozen fruits fell into small snacks for children to eat… When the father secretly wiped his eyes, there were tears flashing on the bronze face. Seeing this, I hurried over and took the second elder’s hand lightly, and led them to the nearby lawn to hang out.

I read this book recently, and I read a sentence like this in a magazine: “You may not feel it when you are young, but when you are old, there is a person who has been with you for decades. You have participated in most of each other’s lives. , Familiar with each other’s everything, is each other’s time machine.” Suddenly know that in the passing time, years have turned the two parents into each other’s time machine, so there are some things, the mother mentioned a little, the father followed the memory The main thread of the past will dump the sesame past in the depths of the soul, which will warm each other.