Mother does not have a “friend circle”

When I was a child, I envied my playmates, their mothers, all of them talkative, sociable, all around the square, there are excellent people, so the family often come to guests, often killing chicken to cut meat, table dishes and fresh soup Constantly, and our family serves vegetarian dishes every day.

Compared with them, my mother is not good at speaking, and she is not good at communicating with people. She rarely visits villages and towns, and no one comes to my house. The mother has no “friend circle” and is even less popular.

Mother, like a “Lone Ranger” all day long, traveling through fields, fields, mountains, streams… The wind and rain will not change! Back home, he walked around the stove, pigsty, chicken coop, firewood stack, and hurriedly. At night, I will do needlework alone under the lamp, day after day.

When it’s time for farming, other women sit down and entertain themselves: playing cards, nibbling seeds, and nagging, one is to increase the friendship between each other, and the other is to completely empty the exhausted body and mind, but the mother refuses. Join them-she will go to the kiln factory to sell pottery pots, pick firewood into the town to exchange money, open a fangfang to sell chicks, boil sugar sparsely… She is so busy that even her family rarely returns. Speaking of mother, outsiders think she is not taking care of others and is very lonely.

“Who do you think, who hangs around all day and makes friends, how about you?” Sometimes, I also complain to my mother. She responded calmly: “I’m not busy with them. I will make you friends when I pull you up!”

The mother was so busy until we were pulled.

We are older, but my mother is old too. I took her to the city and lived in the same community as me. Every weekend we gather.

I am afraid that my mother will be lonely and lonely on weekdays. She confessed that she should make more friends in the community, especially the neighbors in the same building. Someone can help in the future.

But his mother is still a “lone man.” Picking up waste and picking up trash became her new daily job. She went to the garage, next to the trash can downstairs, and even on various floors to pick up waste. There are several other old people picking up scraps in the community. The mother will fight with them every day, fighting with wisdom and courage. Sometimes they win, they take the lead, sometimes they are one step late, and they are taken first. She put a lot of waste products in the corridors, which were often blamed by the residents, which made people hate. Not only did her mother not make friends, but instead formed an “enemy”.

After picking up the scrap, the mother sorts it out, and then pushes the stroller to different scrap buying stations to sell. At first, I objected to her picking up and selling waste products, saying: “You can’t stay in the world of waste products. You have to communicate with people. There are people playing cards and dancing in the community. You also join their’friends’ circle Oh my friend.”

My mother said, “I am all in my 70s. When I was young, I didn’t make friends. When I was old, I didn’t want to make friends. Besides, who would like to make friends with my old lady in the country?”

I said: “Making more friends can prevent Alzheimer’s disease and prolong life.” The mother was silent for a while, and said: “If I have dementia, send me back to the country. In my hometown, I can’t lose my life.”

I was stunned. I didn’t know how to respond for a while. I realized that the atmosphere was a bit embarrassing. My mother said, “I have friends here too. You see that their numbers are stored on my mobile phone-clothes, boxes. , And scrap iron…” The mother put on reading glasses, took her old man’s mobile phone, and showed me one by one.

My nose was sore and my mother suddenly felt distressed. Her father passed away very early. She took the children and walked from those hard days. As a widowed mother, she is busy earning money to support her children every day, but also to allow them to study and go to school, so that three of our brothers and sisters went to college, which was rare in the whole town at that time. To good, drink fresh, but get the best irrigation of knowledge.

I remember my mother told me that she also wanted to make friends and invite outsiders into her life, but to make friends and pay attention to courtesy, it takes time, energy and money. She was not rich, so she had to give up, “Isolate” yourself, secretly digest the external evaluation of her injustice, plunge into a busy one, and replace the left shoulder with the right shoulder.

When I think of my mother’s life, I have been working hard for my children and bearing weight, and I have given up making friends and leisure. I am a little sad, but I think about it, my mother actually has a “circle of friends”, rural fields, crops, chickens and ducks. , Clay pots, firewood, chicks; scraps and old things in the city… aren’t they all the friends that she actively made and deep friends? She has never really been lonely in her heart, and at the same time I suddenly realized that in fact, the mother’s best friend now should be a child, the one closest to her! It’s time for me to love her.