Massager, improper use of injured bones

Older, often with low back pain, filial children bought massage devices for their parents. Some elderly people, after long-term use, cause cervical nerve damage, dizziness, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms.

Massage chairs and electric massagers are relatively common in modern life, and many people use them to relieve physical fatigue and soreness. However, when the elderly with physical problems use it, if the force is not accurate, it may cause fractures. If the elderly have symptoms such as cervical spine dislocation and osteoporosis, they will also cause insufficient blood supply to the brain, compression of nerves, and arm numbness and pain under greater intensity of shock stimulation. When the elderly with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases use the neck and shoulder massager, if the frequency is too high, the blood flow will be accelerated, and the pressure of the carotid sinus will cause the blood pressure to drop suddenly, causing dizziness and even fainting. More importantly, most elderly people have atherosclerotic plaques. Improper instrument vibration is likely to cause plaques in the neck blood vessels to fall off, and flow to the brain with the blood, blocking the cerebral blood vessels and causing stroke. In addition, some elderly people suffer from arteriosclerosis, and the vibration of the head and neck will cause the “otolith” to fall off, stimulating the semicircular canal of the inner ear, and appear dizzy and vomiting.

Therefore, any appliance that uses vibration and vibration to achieve a massage or weight loss effect is not suitable for the elderly, and long-term use will also damage the skin, subcutaneous tissue, and internal organs. When using high-tech products, the elderly should carefully read the instructions, understand the applicable population and efficacy, and try strictly in accordance with the instructions. It is best to let young people try it first, feel the strength and comfort, and then let the elderly use it slowly. In short, the elderly should choose local or acupuncture massage equipment as much as possible according to their physical conditions. They cannot experience free equipment blindly, and should use softness and comfort when using.