Identify the ecological niche and create new species

In nature, everyone who exists has his own “niche”.

Species that are closely related and have the same living habits will not compete for the same living space in the same place. If they are in the same area at the same time, there must be space division. Even if the weak and the strong co-exist in the same living space, the weak can still survive because of the different levels and levels of niches. Eagles hit the sky, fishes are in shallow bottoms, and tigers are in the forest. No two species have the same niche.

Food dependence is also completely different. If there is meat, there must be grass grazing. Both provide time-sharing. Lions show their power during the day, tigers run rampant in the evening, and packs of wolves forage late at night. These are all niche phenomena.

Niche is a very classic ecological term. When it is put in the business field, it becomes the new thinking of future business. Any creature must find a unique position, and any creature or species is connected to an ecological niche, otherwise it would not exist. The future of business lies in avoiding overlapping ecological niches, identifying suitable market spaces, establishing the most differentiated resource system, and avoiding unnecessary competition.

The ecology is changing, and the niche strategy is also changing.

Only by finding the niche can new blue oceans be discovered; only by finding the niche can new species be created. Of course, new species also need to be tested by the ecosystem. After all, the so-called blitz expansion is a short-lived existence, and the existence of rapid growth and extinction is meaningless to enterprises.

Nature’s measure of success for a species is to see whether the species can be delayed, and the measure of a company’s success is not a strong size or an astonishing speed, but whether it can survive for a long time.

In this rapidly changing business ecological environment, how to systematically analyze the market positioning and competitive strategy of enterprises from an ecological perspective? How to dig deep into the needs of users and foster a blue ocean of innovation? How to extend the scene and restructure the industry? How to get rid of pathological adaptation and long-term operation?

The new era and new problems require new solutions, let us face the niche strategy.