How to choose a slim GaN charger

In the field of chargers, GaN gallium nitride plays a role of “slimming potion”. We all know that the size of the charger is proportional to the maximum output power it supports. For example, the conservative 10W charger requires only 1/5 of the palm (palm) size, the 30W charger requires 2/5, and the 65W charger is almost To fill the entire palm (Figure 1).

With the popularization of USB PD charging technology, whether it is a smartphone, tablet computer, Switch game console or a thin and light notebook, it has begun to incorporate it into the standard charging protocol. This means that a high-power USB PD charger will be compatible with most new digital devices on the market (Figure 2). In the future, only one charger will be needed to help all devices recharge at any time. In hand, I have the world.”

However, in order to charge the thin and light notebooks, the output power of the charger needs to be at least 30W-45W. For the thin and light notebooks equipped with discrete graphics cards, a 65W starting charger is required. But as mentioned above, the traditional 65W USB PD charger is huge and it is very cumbersome to carry out. In order to solve this problem, the 65W chargers represented by Lenovo ThinkPlus (73mm×35mm×70mm), Xiaomi AD651 (50mm×50mm×28mm) and Purple Rice HA712 (50mm×50mm×28mm) were introduced with models IPL60R365P7 and IPL60R185C7, respectively (Xiaomi and Zimi are essentially the same product) Infineon’s “Cool MOSFET” (Coolmos) primary switch tube finally achieved a sexy body with only 50% of the original Apple charger (Figure 3).

As a new semiconductor material, the biggest feature of GaN is that it can help any 65W charger to be compressed to the same compact size as Cool MOSFET products, while maintaining higher power conversion efficiency and lower Heat. Therefore, this kind of device has been welcomed by the most extensive users as soon as it came out. It is only slightly larger than the AirPods wireless earphone box (Figure 4). It can be easily tucked into any style of bag and does not seem cumbersome.

What is the difference between GaN chargers
With the large number of GaN chargers on the market, related purchase issues have also followed. Below, we will briefly talk about the purchase ideas of such products, the first is their differences in appearance design.

In terms of morphology, GaN chargers can be divided into two categories: strips and squares, and their absolute volumes are not much different. The main thing is to see if you like slender or more solid. If you are particularly concerned about portability, you can prefer to choose a model with a plug that can be folded at 90 degrees (Figure 5). This convenient storage design can prevent the charger from being entangled by the debris in the bag. It should be noted that the sockets on the walls of some hotels are very loose, and the foldable plug is sometimes easier to fall off.

In terms of positioning, GaN chargers are divided into “universal type” and “dedicated type”, the former is the most extensive compatibility, while the latter is mainly used for designated brand products. The method of differentiation is very simple. Look at the output interface on the back of the charger for USB Type-C (Figure 6). If so, it is a universal type. If there is only a standard USB-A, it is a dedicated type.

The GaN chargers represented by Xiaomi GaN chargers, Red Magic GaN chargers and third-party brands are all general-purpose and support high-power USB PD output, which can be used for charging other devices than mobile phones, such as supporting the PD protocol. Notebook.

Although the chargers represented by 65W OPPO SuperVOOC 2.0 and realme SuperDart also introduced GaN technology, their output interface is only one USB-A (Figure 7), so their 65W output power is only applicable to OPPO and realme. The mobile phone’s flagship phone is backward compatible with early VOOC charging protocols. When other devices use these two chargers, the charging standard will be reduced to 5V/2A or 10W, so they cannot be used for Switch and notebooks.

Power distribution and fast charging protocol
Similar to traditional USB PD chargers, GaN chargers also have models equipped with multiple USB output interfaces, which can meet the needs of charging multiple devices at the same time. For example, one USB-A+1 USB Type-C (Figure 8), or one USB-A+2 USBType-C (Figure 9).

It should be noted that the USB PD charging protocol needs to be equipped with a USBType-C type interface, so the multi-port GaN charger can only charge the Switch and notebook with USB Type-C, or charge the new mobile phone with about 20W of power (requires mobile phone support PD, such as iPhone 11 series phones support 18W PD fast charge). If you use this interface to charge an old mobile phone that does not support the USB PD protocol, you can only output up to 10W of 5V/2A. As for the USB-A interface on the charger, how much power it can output depends on the fast charging protocol it is compatible with.

In addition, the maximum power marked by the GaN charger is basically the maximum output power that can be achieved when only a single USB Type-C interface is used. When multiple interfaces are connected to the device at the same time, the total power will be evenly distributed (Figure 10). If your GaN charger is connected to a stand-alone thin and light notebook, don’t charge your phone at the same time when playing games, otherwise the laptop may appear to charge less and less (the charging does not consume fast power), and playing games will also There is a stuck problem (frequency reduction due to insufficient power).

⑩·The maximum output power of each interface is usually marked on the product introduction or parameter page

Most GaN chargers come with USB-C to USB-C data cable, which supports 20V/3A-5A current transmission capability, but their data transmission capability is mostly USB2.0, suitable for charging, not suitable for connecting USB Type- C-port mobile hard disk to transfer data. If you want to charge your iPhone, please use a Type-C to Lightning charging cable with MFi certification.

Next, let’s take a look at the GaN chargers on the market that deserve attention.

Xiaomi GaN charger
The Xiaomi GaN charger has a long strip shape. Although the plug cannot be folded and stored, the size of the measurements is still mini and light. This product supports up to 65W power output, supports Apple 2.4A, AFC, FCP, QC and other common fast charging protocols. It is also compatible with the 50W (and 30W supported by the standard version) private protocol of Xiaomi 10 Pro. If you want to buy a laptop that can charge your laptop, and you happen to use a Xiaomi/IRedmi phone, this 149 yuan product is the first choice (Figure 11).

·Maximum output power: 65W

·Output interface: USB Type-C

· Output parameters: 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 10V/5A, 12V/3A, 15V/3A, 20V/3.25A

·Support fast charging protocol: Apple 2.4A, AFC, FCP, QC, PD3.0, 50W private protocol

· Volume: 30.8mm×30.8mm×56.3mm (without pins)

·Weight: 82g

·Accessories: USB-C to USB-C data cable

realme GaN charger

·Maximum output power: 65W

·Output interface: USB-A

·Output parameters: 5V/2A, 10V/6.5A

·Support fast charging protocol: SuperDart

·Volume: unknown

·Weight: 113g

·Accessories: USB-A to USB-C data cable

The tealme GaN charger is a product specially prepared for the true X50 Pro 5G mobile phone (Figure 12). It is not only backward compatible with the full range of Dart models of 50W, 30W and 20W, but also theoretically supports OPPO and OnePlus’ main VOOC. And Warp/Dash flash charging technology, and the price of tealme GaN is still the cheapest of the 65W chargers among the three brands, and the lowest threshold for starting is 169 yuan. Therefore, if you want to equip the latest high-end mobile phones such as OPPO Reno Ace and Find X2 series with a charger, it is enough to buy this one.

Anker GaN 60W PD charger

·Maximum output power: 60W (45W+15W)

·Output interface: USB Type-C, USB-A

Output parameters: 5V/2.4A, 9V/3A, 15V/3A, 20V/2.25A (USB Type-C) 5V/2.4A, 9V/1.66A, 12V/1.25A (USB-A)

·Support fast charging protocol: Apple 2.4A, AFC, FCP, Qc, PD3.0

·Volume: 68mm×69mm×28mm

·Weight: 142g

·Accessories: None

The specific model of Anker GaN 60W PD charger is A2322 (Figure 14), which provides two interfaces of USB Type-C and USB-A. The maximum output power supported by them is 45W and 15W, which is a total of 60W, so A2322 is not suitable for the use of thin and light alone. If you are Y, the quality of the JAnker brand has a special liking, you can consider the A2613 (60W) and A2029 (60W single-port output, 30W each for dual-port simultaneous use) of the GaN charger family (Figure 15).

Anker GaN 30W PD charger

·Maximum output power: 30W

·Output interface: USB Type-C

·Output parameters: 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 15V/2A, 20V/1.5A

·Support fast charging protocol: Apple 2.4A, qc, PD3.0

·Volume: 55mm×35mm×41mm

·Weight: 58g

·Accessories: None

The specific model of Anker GaN 30W PD charger is A2017 (Figure 13), and the price is about 168 yuan. Don’t look at its low output power of only 30W, “fed not enough” light and thin under high load environment, but its volume is definitely the smallest of the same power PD charger, charging than Apple’s own USB-C 30W The device is 40% smaller, which is very suitable for female users who use Apple products. As for boys, it is recommended to choose a more powerful charger to meet the power supply requirements of the thin and light full-blood operation.

Best GaN charger

·Maximum output power: 65W

·Output interface: USBType-C×2, USB-A

· Output parameters: refer to Figure 10 above

·Support fast charging protocol: Apple 2.4A, AFC, FCP, SCP, QC, PD3.0

·Volume: 75mm×36mm×32mm

·Weight: 125g

·Accessories: None

Beth GaN charger adopts a long strip design (Figure 16), which is slightly longer than the Xiaomi GaN charger, but its pins can be folded, and an additional USB Type-C and a USB-A interface are added. , When the three interfaces are used alone, the maximum output of 65W, 30W and 30W can be achieved respectively. The fast charging protocol supported by this product is very rich, and the price of 168 yuan is also very reasonable. It is suitable for users who need to charge the laptop and have multiple brand mobile phones at home.