Happy marriage from “make”

Like many ordinary girls, Moody’s life used to depend on the crowd to gain a sense of security. Stable car sales work, two-point and one-line life, peaceful days, and no fun. Until 28 years old, she met Mr. Xia.

Girls may not know who they want to find, but they must know who they do not like. Mr. Xia did not meet Moody’s spouse selection criteria. “I don’t like boys wearing sportswear and hate each other’s smoking.” Not to mention, a house, a wide range of hobbies, “may not be able to chat happily!”

When he was about to communicate for a year, Mr. Xia, who played, listed countless interesting plans, but even all holidays were not enough. The straight-hearted Moody had some regrets: “I only have marriage leave and maternity leave.” Mr. Xia blurted out: “Then get married!”

Marriage was like a family, and they were happily set on June 1st by two people, so that after having a child, they can celebrate Children’s Day together with the wedding anniversary. Moody didn’t want her son-in-law to see her mother-in-law. “Marriage is a matter of two people.” She used this reason to pass Mr. Xia; but she regarded seeing her in-laws as a test against Mr. Xia, and announced without any discussion: “If your parents If we don’t like me, we will break up.”

Mr. Xia touched his nose and agreed. He did not worry that his parents would embarrass Moody. The tradition of Laoxia’s family is to embrace everything with love. He just didn’t expect that his first meeting with his mother-in-law would be so dramatic.

Because the marriage was too hasty, the first year of marriage, the wife used various unreasonable ways to constantly test his bottom line to determine the man’s sincerity. At that time, the two had another dispute. Mr. Xia blocked Moody with his hands, and then stunned to see the other person sitting on the ground, crying and picking up the phone to complain to the mother-in-law: “Mom, he hit me.”

“How can I do it… I can’t beat someone… There will be a second one for the first time. That won’t work, I have to leave.” This is the first time Mr. Xia heard the mother-in-law’s voice, so clearly advised Moody gave up himself.

He smiled bitterly, like coaxing a child, surrendering to Moody. But this tolerance makes his wife more skeptical: is it because he doesn’t care about himself so much, so he never loses his temper? Later, when she was unhappy, she used “divorce” to talk about things. If you change a man, she might actually ignite the gunpowder barrel and she would blow up the marriage. But he knew a little bit about psychology, knowing that this was actually her extremely self-confident reaction, and she could not rebuke or fight back until she finally stepped on her bottom line.

Mr. Xia’s bottom line is not to run away from home because it is not safe. Every time Moody yelled and ran away from home, he stopped. But she didn’t pull that time, she fell out of the door.

This is Moody’s last test. Without a mobile phone, no money, no place to go, she ran downstairs and stayed. Every minute is so long, and the drama that Mr. Xia is looking for has not been staged. Fifteen minutes later, she ran home with a disgraced face. Although she still appeared as a winner, Mr. Xia was still coaxing, but she seemed to understand something. After working for a year and being tolerated for a year, Mr. Xia’s subtle transformation project finally achieved results.

Moody and Mr. Xia did not hold a wedding, which was troublesome, and because they had no money-less than a year in love, Mr. Xia spent all the 50,000 yuan he had saved. He felt that it was worth 50,000 yuan to change Moody’s way of life, let her know that in addition to eating instant noodles at home, she can also enjoy red wine steak in the highest revolving restaurant in Shenzhen; quarrel, except for apologies and concessions, She can also receive a diamond ring as a gift. But the biggest transformation was his spiritual enlightenment to her.

No matter before or after marriage, after every quarrel, Mr. Xia will silently give Moody a book, sometimes an emotional novel, sometimes a historical light, sometimes a collection of essays about life… At first, Moody disdain, but I can’t help but occasionally go through it, but I can always find words in my book that fit my mood. She can imagine how Mr. Xia spent all her effort to select, and how to secretly peep whether she would read.

Gradually, she would share her reading experience with Mr. Xia, exchange book lists, and give him the same gift. Later, reading became Moody’s favorite thing. She would insist on reading a book every week. When she opened the book again one night, she accidentally heard Mr. Xia’s words: “I like what you read It looks like you are very quiet at this time.”

Books make people precipitate, and travel makes people love life. Moody’s first trip in life was a Xiamen trip arranged by Mr. Xia. After getting married, the two went to Yunnan to spend their honeymoon, and then became even more unruly: go to Nepal to hike the small ring road, go to Angkor Wat to see the ancient buildings that are disappearing, go to Malaysia to drive around the island, go to Sri Lanka to live at the Elephant Hotel…

This is a man who does not hide in front of her. He will run out of savings for several years, just to take her to the Maldives to live in the most distinctive hotel of his choice, with limited savings and unlimited love to let her experience as many lifestyles as possible. “He taught me how to live a cost-effective life.” Moody was grateful for meeting this man for life.

Moody’s vision was opened, and his ambition was awakened. At 31, she decided to take the MBA exam. She is not a fan of stable life. She is actually eager to change and eager to go higher.

But all she heard was blocking. “A 31-year-old woman should put a child on the schedule instead of taking an MBA.” Colleagues and friends advised her, “You should have a child at this time instead of going to school.” Mom and sister also advised her. Only Mr. Xia supports her, “Your happiness is the most important.”

After leaving school for many years, many contents have to be re-learned. Mr. Xia took the initiative to help her apply for the pre-examination counseling class. After finishing these, Moody found out she was pregnant.

Everything went according to the original plan, and Mr. Xia decided that it was just that his daily favorite work had more supervision content. She was lazy, did not want to move on weekends, and wanted to skip classes, so he personally pulled her out of the bed and forcibly escorted her to the cram school; when she came home, she worried that she could not find a companion to eat alone, he simply I ran again at noon to accompany her to eat bowl of noodles with Huaxi beef near the school.

All results are the result of the joint efforts of two people. She was admitted to the MBA as she wished, knocking on the door of BMW with an admission letter-after working in the automotive industry for many years, BMW was her last and most wanted place to go.

Moody’s was assigned to the MINI department and worked for 3 years, winning three MINI China’s “National Best Marketing Manager” awards. Because of her excellent work, she was quickly promoted to the group’s marketing director in China.

When the job lost the challenge, Moody had a new confusion, “Is this my boundary?” After a few months of unhappy, she made another decision that everyone opposed: resign, travel. This time, only Mr. Xia still supported, “You are not happy now, and I want you to be happy.”

The couple took their parents and their 2-year-old daughter on an 80-day trip to China. In the first 40 days, three generations walked together. “It’s not an experience to hold children under 2 years old on the top of Mount Tai and the Great Wall. This companionship is so meaningful.” After 40 days, the two went to Tibet.

After more than ten years of dealing with the automotive industry, Moody will not drive, and Mr. Xia did not ask her to learn, “You can just take the co-driver.” During the long journey, the driver was not tired, Moody fell in Golmud first Too. “I can hold on.” She took a lot of medicine to comfort her husband, not wanting to let Mr. Xia’s dream die halfway because of her illness.

When the car left Golmud, she soon fell into a semi-coma with a cold and altitude sickness. Waking up at two o’clock in the middle of the night, she found herself in a hotel a few hundred kilometers away, with a bowl of porridge on the table and remaining temperature. Moody wet his eyes, “In such a sparsely populated place, I don’t know how many places he ran to get a bowl of porridge.” Mr. Xia always pays for his willfulness and willingness, when can he pay for him once?

In 2015, Moody’s finally found an opportunity to return.

Mr. Xia always wants to do something to help others. A year ago, he also resigned from a large company to work full time as a charity. Coupled with Moody’s entrepreneurial plan, the income of the two fell sharply.

Life can be bitter, but life must be meaningful. Moody understands Mr. Xia’s choice, “He always said that there must always be something left in a person’s life, such as the meaning of life.” This made her adore him incomparably, “His pattern is higher than mine. Protect, who will protect?”

Today, the two have been married for 10 years. Every year on the wedding anniversary, both of them must make an annual summary of the marriage. Last time, Mr. Xia asked her: “Do you have any requirements, let me do it for you to make life happier and more complete?” The expression looked like a serious child. “If you choose someone else, you might be rich and expensive, but if you choose me, it will be hard to be rich in this life.”

Moody disagreed. Not being an overbearing president, but doing the job of a overbearing president; except for being poor, which one is not better than other men? This alone is enough for 99% of Chinese women to envy, jealous and hate themselves!