Grandma’s memory negatives

My grandmother entered the city at the age of 84 and lived with my parents. She was almost “kidnapped” into the city by us. She once vowed to live in the mountains to death.

After the grandmother entered the city, everything still lived in accordance with the rhythm of the mountain. She counted the time on the balcony looking at the sun. She slept in the dark and got up when the sky was dark. She ate a dish when eating and habitually thundered. He rushed out the door and said he was going to grab the grain for drying, and when he came to understand it, he laughed silly.

On the road, the sparrows chirped among the green trees. The grandmother stopped, slaps her hands and stomped her feet hard, screaming, “Oh, ooh, woo!” Getting used to it, grandmother worried that sparrows would steal food.

After more than 2 years in this kind of life, my grandmother’s body and bones seemed to have collapsed overnight. She was lazy to get out the door, her eyelids were drooping and her eyes were weak. She was sitting at home with my parents almost every day, often silently Speechless.

One day when my grandmother was 87 years old, she awakened my dad who was asleep on the sofa in the room and shouted: “Long Dacai!” “Mom, what are you calling me?” “Long Dacai.” Long Da It was a production team leader in our old village.

My dad’s heart twitched abruptly. The doctor told my dad that the elderly had severe brain atrophy and suffered from Alzheimer’s disease.

My dad shed tears in the room, his mother couldn’t recognize her son, he was suffering. Grandma Momo pulled out a handkerchief from her arms and came to my dad to wipe tears. My dad cried and grabbed my grandmother: “Mom!” My grandmother’s memory in the chaos was polished, and she called out my dad’s breast name: “Fa baby, hair baby.” But most of the sober moments like grandmother’s A flash of light.

My grandmother was 88 when she was urinating and urinating on the bed. My parents and my mother had to change the wash several times a day. The grandmother stared at her with fear and hatred in her eyes. More often than not, the grandmother, like a fish lying on the beach, lay down tiredly and immobile.

My dad fell into depression. One day, a native villager brought fresh lotus root to my parents’ house. My grandmother got up and called the person’s name at once. My father was very happy.

The villagers who came to my house almost recognized their grandmother and chatted with them intermittently, which made my dad even more confused. The villagers said that the old man has been living in the village, and her memory lives there.

My dad called my cousin to drive again, and took my grandmother back home to see it. Many houses in the old house were demolished. My dad helped his grandmother. The grandmother’s illusionary eyes were suddenly cleared by lightning. Her eyes traversed the hills and fields of her hometown. She called out those rooted names: crooked ladders , Baiyang Bay, Ma’an Bridge, Qiankou Mountain, Dawubao, Luojiaao…

My dad was in tears with excitement.

The grandmother sat on the stone of the mountain beam and said, I will not go back, I will not go back.

My grandmother returned to the city. At night, she was still mumbling about the place names in her hometown.

My dad always sits in front of her grandmother’s bed and accompanies her silently. The world of the mother and the child can’t blend together, but the blood flow of the mother and the child still sounds together. My dad said that as long as she sees her grandmother lying there, she doesn’t speak, but she also feels more confident. As long as my grandmother is still alive, my dad is still a child, an old child of an old grandmother.

On the eighth day after her grandmother’s 90th birthday, the lamp of her life quietly went out on the bed at home. Before her grandmother was dying, she took out a gray cloth pocket and gave it to my dad.

When the grandmother was buried in the land of his hometown, he came back and opened the pocket, which was filled with money, from 100 yuan banknotes to one yuan and two yuan, slowly cleaned up, a total of 1239 yuan, that was left by the old grandmother Legacy, her grandmother went to the village to sell walnuts, eggs, and sorghum for the money she earned.

The fortune teller in the village said that my grandmother would live 100 years old. My dad asked me later, if your grandmother didn’t enter the city, would she really live 100 years old? I shook my head and said, I don’t know.

Can the grandmother underground give us an answer floating in the fog.