German Captain’s Choice

One day in 1941, the sky was just getting bright, and suddenly there was a huge explosion in the French town occupied by German fascists.

Then, many menacing German soldiers appeared on the street. They drove the residents of the town from their homes one after another, saying that the arsenal of the German camp was bombed by resistance elements. They were searching for the resistance elements.

A German colonel asked the residents of the town to surrender the resistance elements who bombed the German arsenal, otherwise, all the residents of the town were shot to death. Time passed by, and no one had surrendered the so-called resistance elements. The German colonel was furious and ordered a German captain to shoot at the crowd.

The captain did not seem to have heard the order, and stood there without a move, his face grim. The German colonel was so annoyed that he ordered the captain to shoot again. At this moment, the German captain suddenly pointed the muzzle of the carbine at his head, slammed the trigger, and then fell heavily to the ground. People were shocked by the scene before them. Someone kept drawing crosses on their chests. The German colonel gave the crowd a vicious look, then waved in frustration and ordered the soldiers to retreat.

After the end of World War II, the residents of the town erected a statue where the German captain was martyred, and inscribed a line like this: The bloody nature of soldiers is to shout and fight on the battlefield. When the boss ordered to fire on the unarmed civilians, this German captain’s actions made us feel the light of justice and conscience. This is a real soldier.

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