Every time is a good time

It was windy outside, it was spring wind. There is no poetic grace in Tang poetry and Song Ci in spring in the north. “The wind will not be cold in the willow wind.” Such gentle wind will have to wait. “Don’t worry, spring is here, can the warm days be far behind?” I muttered to myself. The wind was blowing, and the doors and windows were ringing. The barren land in the distance is still very desolate, only a few willows are covered with a layer of goose vaguely, and the willow branches have sprouted.

It was 9 o’clock in the morning. I walked into the kitchen and picked up a plastic bag that was blown off the ground by the wind. The wind ran into the neck playfully, chilling and chilling, so he walked over and closed the open window. Then start preparing lunch and wrap dumplings with leek and pork stuffing.

In fact, I have just eaten breakfast before everything is done and I have to prepare the next meal. At home, a glass of water, a dish, a bowl of rice must be prepared by yourself. Now once again experience the hard work of housewives. It’s not how much physical energy the housework takes, but there are thousands of trivial things, one after another, repeated day after day, and it’s a grind. More often, I think of many parents in the world who are struggling to raise their children, hoping that the children will start a family and start a business, and they are anxious to hug their grandchildren. Enjoy the most intimate free nanny in the world like your parents.

All day long, turning around behind the pan, counting the rice, oil and salt, it is indeed quite annoying. I was very anxious about this a while ago. There are so many books waiting for me to read, and so many inspirations waiting for me to capture. When I cook a meal in the kitchen, I can write a beautiful article; when I have time to clean up the housework and clean the table and the floor, I can memorize a song and read dozens of pages… thinking about these At that time, I was anxious in my heart, doing things in my hand, but under my heart I hated the housework chores that robbed me of my time ten thousand times.

Not long ago, reading “Xian Qing Ou Ji”, this idea gradually changed. Li Yu talked about two kinds of noodles in the Ministry of Health: Wuxiang noodles and Bazhen noodles.

“Who are the five spices? Sauce, vinegar, minced pepper, sesame chips, simmered bamboo shoots or boiled mushrooms and fresh shrimp…

What are the eight treasures? Within three things: chicken, fish and shrimp, the sun makes them extremely dry…”

When I read it, it was in a quiet night, but immediately ran to the kitchen to see what ingredients were available, and wanted to try these two kinds of noodles. Can’t help laughing, when do you care so much about cooking!

Li Yu is a southerner. North and south, Wuxiang noodles and Bazhen noodles are just two ways of pasta. There are too many pastas in the north. Wuxiang noodles and Bazhen noodles are very exquisite, and if people who can make pasta see it, they must think that this is simple in pasta. Pasta is delicious, not only depends on the strength of the noodles, but also pay attention to the side dishes. I grew up eating pasta, and seeing different noodles is inevitable. Only then did I find that the noodles that we usually eat have Li Yu’s talents and write them down. I don’t know how much art and wisdom there is in life.

Like the flatbread we often make, people who haven’t done it are not good at it. The softness, seasoning, and heat of the noodles are the keys, and these keys must be explored by experience. There is also one of the easiest dishes to cook in the family: shredded potatoes, how much oil to put, and when to put seasoning to make the shredded potatoes crisp and crisp.

Think of it this way, cooking is not only a waste of time, but also an interesting thing. When you are attentive and not attentive, when you are sad and happy, the taste of cooking is different.

Choosing leeks, washing, adjusting stuffing, mixing noodles, rolling dough… It takes more than two hours to make a dumpling. When I make these, I don’t want anything, I clean the leeks wholeheartedly, make the stuffing delicious, mix the noodles and Be soft and hard, roll each dumpling skin round, wrap each dumpling pleasingly.

What’s the hurry? Spring is not in a hurry. The article is written slowly, the poems are memorized slowly, the book is read slowly, and the good life slowly…