Don’t get lost

“I can’t see it anymore”, a peculiar blindness outbreak in the city, the patient’s eyes will not have any discomfort, but it is like falling into a sea of ​​milk, everything seen is white. Eye diseases are extremely contagious, and more and more people lose their eyesight. Unexplained blindness caused panic among the public. In order to prevent further infection, all blind and infected people were put into an abandoned mental hospital for isolation.

This is the opening chapter of the novel “The Blindness”. This novel is also one of the masterpieces of the Nobel Prize winner José Saramago.

The story in the quarantine area is the main line of the novel. Without freedom, without medical staff, without enough food and water, as the time passed by with the infected people, the quarantine quickly became unbearable. Blind people experienced a series of losses: first of all, decentness was lost, then sympathy and shame, and finally dignity was lost in order to survive.

The ophthalmologist is one of the earliest infected people in the book. He once said that in a plague, there will be no perpetrators, only victims. But he was only half right. In the face of the increasingly cruel struggle for survival, the victims became the perpetrators. The blind people gradually panicked from the beginning to gradually adapt to the inhuman life, from blind date to ruthlessness, from blindness. To the “heart-blind”: the weak are bullying the weaker for an expired piece of bread; the husband dedicated his wife to the blind robber, just to ensure the food for the next day; Resistance… A plague is like a mirror, reflecting the evil of human nature, and all this is only seen by one person.

In the novel, the role setting of the doctor’s wife is intriguing. She has normal vision and is the only “lucky man” in this plague. She can be the queen of this cruel world, but she said: “I am just a person who was born to witness this tragic scene.” In a sound world, blindness is a misfortune; but in a blinded world, you can see It is a curse. Day after day, she carried this curse forward, because she could see that she had a responsibility-the responsibility of a person with normal vision in the case of blindness.

So, she became blind eyes. She is a cane for the blind to prevent them from falling; she leads the blind to fight and breaks through the dark cage; she does her best to make them live like this in the animal world. She has also become the eyes of readers: let them see the fear and indifference of the watchman, the blood and brutality of the blind robber, and also see a little warm emotions hidden under this “white darkness”.

At the end of the novel, the eye disease suddenly disappeared, just as it suddenly came, everyone seemed to have just had a nightmare. The nightmare woke up and everything went as usual. The streets are full of cars, and drivers are still scrambling to grab traffic lights; the husband and wife go home hand in hand to keep those bad memories out of the door; the child holds the mother’s hand and feels the long-lost warmth. But will everything be better after the disaster? Saramago conveyed his pessimism through the doctor’s wife-now, we are just blind.

To understand this sentence, we must understand the original intention of the author’s creation. During his lifetime, Saramago hoped to engrave such an epitaph on his tombstone: “An angry person is asleep here.” He once said: “Although I live well, this world is not good.” This is to a certain extent. Explained why he created this cold and dark story.

Contagious blindness is the biggest metaphor in the book. Under this ridiculous shell, Saramago really wants to expose psychological blindness and intellectual blindness-we are surrounded by environment, power, fear and suspicion Covering, turning a blind eye to the sufferings of people and the evil of human nature, and even contaminating with them. We fell into this “white darkness” and became visible blind.

Saramago is angry that the world is full of visible blindness. He is sober and helpless, just like the doctor’s wife in the novel. But Saramago was brave and determined. He chose to use words as a sword to cut through the darkness.

What about ordinary people like us? In the novel, when a blind writer discovered that the doctor’s wife was not blind, he approached her gently and took her hand and said, “Don’t get lost, don’t get lost.” As the novel’s inscription says: “If You can see, you must see; if you can see, we must observe carefully.” What we can do is to see, to observe, not to be disoriented by seeing blindness, let love, compassion, respect… Let those who make The reason why people are humans becomes our crutches and guides us forward.