Customer service has something to say

  Click to enter the official website of Jiahua Travel. There is a prominent dialog box in the lower right corner, “QQ Online Customer Service·Travel Consultant”. Click directly, and someone will answer your needs and questions in detail. And their work carrier is the QQ dialog box, which always makes people can’t help but think of them behind the dialog box. Now let’s listen to their voices.
  New department, new challenge, we are the new face of QQ customer service, Jiahua, customer service has something to say.
  Customer service Xiao Yu say:
  I started to come to the e-commerce department in March 2013 to do customer service consulting on the official website. Later, Meng Jie, Li Xin and Nana gradually joined the team. In my second year at Ka Wah, I am glad to learn new business in a new department, accept new challenges, and adapt to a new position change, which has made me grow a lot. Of course, I would like to thank Wang Kun, our e-commerce leader, for pointing out the new direction for us, as well as the support and help of our e-commerce department colleagues for our new department on the official website, and the joint efforts of our friends. We have gone through the initial run-in of the official website, the coordination of the arrival of the peak season, and the challenges when the new tourism hits. This year has deficiencies, confusion, and challenges, but these are the disciplines and memories brought to me by the e-commerce official website, which really filled the 2013 journey. Let us continue to work hard in 2014 to complete the new transformation of e-commerce!
  Customer service Xiao Pan Say:
  The customers I have received at work will be tracked and maintained in different ways. Before leaving the group, I will call or SMS to remind the customer at the appropriate time. This not only allows customers to appreciate our intentions, responsibility and intimacy, but also avoids the problem of confusing customer travel information due to busyness. After returning to the group, I will call or text the customer at the appropriate time to greet his satisfaction, thoughts and opinions about our products and work during the trip. And understand the customer’s intention to travel again, make a record, so that it is convenient to serve the customer again.
  Later, I will leave the customer’s relevant information, give him greetings, encouragement and comfort. So they no longer see me as a travel salesman, but a friend in life who is engaged in the travel industry. So whenever he or friends around him travel, I will appear in his mind.
  The company’s emphasis on and policy to regular customers have influenced me to realize them one by one in practice. This has enabled me to trust and support our regular customers. We have to learn to thank every old customer who brought us new customers, and only their support will make our reputation in Jiahua more and more loud.
  Customer service Xiaoxinsay:
  Jiahua Tourism official website has just been established, and no one knows how it will be in the first peak season. However, due to the particularly large amount of consultations and orders, three new recruits were drawn in the gate center, and one of them was just recruited. Whether it can survive this peak season, no one can tell.
  Due to the large number of orders, the amount of consultation is large. Start working without a break after dinner at noon, and the normal delay after get off work is commonplace. But no one complained. Everyone’s goal is to make the official website better and bigger. To contribute to the company’s prosperity. In this way, ordinary and simple, but full of fatigue!
  Customer service Xiaona say:
  It has been four months since I came to the company. I have made new colleagues and learned new knowledge. During this period, I was most impressed by the first time I participated in the company’s line-walking activities.
  After graduating from college, I was fortunate to enter the company and get the job I wanted. When I first entered the company, I was a little nervous and worried. But on the second day of entering the company, I participated in the company’s line-traveling activity. At that time, the company organized everyone to go to the Zhangqiu Sanwangyu Scenic Area. That line-stepping activity gave me a better understanding of my new colleague. We climbed the mountain together. I remember the temperature on that day was 38 degrees. The mosquitoes on the mountain buzzed, but nothing could stop our enthusiasm. Climbing to the top of the mountain, everyone’s clothes were soaked in sweat, no complaints. What I saw were my colleagues’ smiling faces full of sense of accomplishment, because we successfully reached the summit and saw the beautiful panorama of Sanwangyu.
  In this line-traveling event, I gained new colleagues, new friendships, felt the spirit and culture of Jiahua, the enthusiasm and responsibility of Jiahua employees, and thanked the company for giving us such a platform to let us go out.
  New jobs, new challenges, come on! Thank you for your attention to us. The customer service of Jiahua Tourism official website welcomes your consultation, we will do better!