Chifeng, the dream of grassland

 Before we left, we had heard that Chifeng, which was originally dry and less rainy, had particularly abundant rain this year, so this year’s grassland scenery is also particularly beautiful. With such full of expectations and longings, we started our grassland journey. After a night of bumps, I walked out of the platform, and the cool morning breeze suddenly dissipated the fatigue of the overnight ride. After having a simple breakfast, we began the first stop of the Chifeng trip-Prince Karaqin.
  The Karaqin Prince’s Mansion was the residence of the Prince Gong of the Qing Dynasty. It was the former residence of the outstanding Mongolian thinker, politician, and reformer Gongsan Norbu. It has now been converted into the Karaqin Qi Palace Museum. There have been twelve generations of Karaqin Banner Mongolian princes attacking here. It is currently the largest mongolian prince’s house in Inner Mongolia. The mansion originally covered an area of ​​more than 300 acres, more than 490 houses, two-story courtyards, the main building is divided into lobby, second hall, Yimen, hall and Chengqing building, the pine and cypress in the courtyard, elegant and quiet, the pavilion hall, reflecting each other . We walked in the courtyard of the Wang Mansion. Today, the Wang Mansion is no longer a heavily forbidden place. Washing away the luxury of the past, only the quaint buildings and worn bluestone roads have witnessed the vicissitudes of history. Imagine the life scenes of the princes and jins of the past, walking in the time and space of the historical and realistic structure, and don’t have a taste.
  After leaving Wangfu, we drove to the Ulan Butong prairie. The weather in the prairie was really unpredictable. It was still a bit sultry and cloudy weather. At this time, it suddenly began to rain. Fortunately, we have got on the car. It seems that our sky is good. .
  Because it is raining, and it is a difficult Panshan Road from Karaqin Banner to Ulanbu Unity Road, the driving is slow, but it gives us the opportunity to see the scenery. Through the windows washed by the rain, we see There are green fields everywhere, green mountains, and green eyes everywhere, which makes people feel a bit monotonous, and the huge wind power windmills and flocks of cattle and sheep dotted on the slopes break the dull green. People are sparsely populated at the car dealership, and there is no figure for a long time. This is a rare cleanness for us living in a noisy city, but we also feel a bit lonely. The difficult mountain road took us nearly six hours to drive to Ulan Butong, where it was already dark, and what we were waiting for at night was the roasted whole lamb feast!
  When you come to the grassland, roasted whole lamb is a delicious thing that cannot be missed. The roasted whole lamb in Inner Mongolia chooses free-range high-quality lambs. After the whole sheep is slaughtered, it is slowly roasted on a charcoal fire. , The color is golden, the skin is crisp, the lamb is tender and fragrant, and after being marinated with a variety of condiments, the lamb is not fat or greasy. We roasted the whole lamb with a fragrant aroma, a deep matouqin and a melodious singing sound came from our ears. The boldness and unrestrainedness of the Inner Mongolians also ignited our enthusiasm. Everyone ate meat, sipped wine, and laughed in joy. Unleash the worries and stress of real life. Although there are still plenty of things to eat, I have to reserve some energy for the grassland tour of tomorrow.
  It’s already clear blue sky when I wake up in the morning. The sky of the grassland is fascinating and blue, and the white clouds seem to be within reach. The beauty of this is even unreal. As the car traveled farther away, the horizon suddenly widened, and I was about to see the vast grassland in my dream. I was inevitably excited. The Ulan Butong Grassland is located at the southernmost tip of the Keshiketeng Banner and is part of the Mulan Paddock in the Qing Dynasty. It is also famous for being the ancient battlefield of the Kangxi War and Galdan.
  The Ulan Buddhism is an interlaced area between hills and plains. The vast grasslands are undulating hills. The vast grassland is endless, the distant mountains and the blue sky meet, the mountain breeze roars, and it seems that it is an ancient iron riding clank, a battle flag hunting, and the sound of the war drum and horn is heard from the ear. However, the ancient battles have long since disappeared. The grassland in front of us brings us a quiet and leisurely time. At this time, it is summer and the most beautiful season of the grassland. Only by being in it can you feel that everything is so intoxicating. On the grassland, hundreds of flowers are in full bloom and vitality. Those famous and nameless wildflowers are in different shapes and colors, and they are woven into colorful carpets on the hillsides of Dadian. Outline the gorgeous European style. It is said that every ten days there will be a stubble flower. What we have seen this time is yellow wildflowers, maybe it will become pink and red in another ten days… Each stubble will always be dominated by the leading flower species, and the rest of the colors will complement it. If there is a chance, we hope to see the different Ulan Buddh Prairie next time we come again.
  Here also meets our desire to jump horses on the grassland, in the picturesque scenery, Yuema grassland, feeling the thrill of gallop, is really relaxed and happy. Ashamed to say, although my ancestral home is Inner Mongolia, I have never seen such a beautiful grassland, I hope this time can make up for the previous regret.
  Leaving the grassland reluctantly, we stayed overnight in hot water. The hot spring water here contains the chemical elements fluorine, radium, special gas radon, hydrogen sulfide, rare elements gallium, molybdenum, tungsten, lithium, strontium and other 47 trace elements. Hot water hot springs have a unique effect on the treatment of skin diseases, rheumatism, hypertension and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Because of the radium element in the water, the formation of low-emission water has a special effect on the treatment of diseases of the nervous system. It has always been known as “the natural prescription, the good doctor of the world”. Emperor Kangxi once said, “This is holy water, it is like a golden soup.” There are still ruins of “Kangxi Mujing”.
  After a hot bath, I slept till dawn. I’m really reluctant to leave this place. The water here is too holy. I ate breakfast with reluctance. I want to say goodbye to this lovely place. Goodbye, holy water! Goodbye beautiful and peaceful grassland!
  At about one o’clock in the afternoon, our car drove to the Askhatu Stone Forest Scenic Area, got off at the scenic area, bought tickets and transferred to the scenic CMB uphill to watch the stone forest. After going up the mountain, I changed to a tourist car and saw three scenic spots. The scenery is amazing and charming. We took a lot of photos. Watching an afternoon, I went down to the mountain at 6 o’clock in the evening and stayed in a scenic hotel. After a short break, I ate dinner, and then I saw some small commodities in the nearby yurt. There are local specialties, wild vegetables, alcohol, dairy products, dried beef, etc. I changed two sets of Mongolian national currency, bought three shawls, shopping in the mountains is very easy and very affordable, and the casual consumption feels good. While staying in the mountains for the night, although there are no hanging lanterns and bustling shopping malls, the rows of yurts and the salutes set in the night sky are extremely colorful… The
  journey is over, everyone has walked for a long day and has already entered the mountain road. I had a dream, but I still had insomnia. Looking back at the Chifeng journey, the journey was very bumpy, but it was worth seeing such a beautiful scenery. My friend said that we came to the grassland to stay away from the hustle and bustle. Now, we have to go back to the city, but we already have grassland in our hearts.