Are you ready? These six new artificial intelligence jobs

Machine trainer
The development of artificial intelligence machines requires field training, teaches computers how to detect diseases, and uses existing labeled cases to demonstrate to the machine, such as X-rays to mark pathological areas. Generating, collecting, and managing artificial intelligence training data requires requirements ranging from entry-level (manual data labeling) to professional domain knowledge (such as legal case training for artificial intelligence judges) to affect its entire career.

The demand for entry-level and professional data labeling actually exists. When the team needs to complete the client’s project work, the necessary data set must be prepared in advance. It is a process that must be experienced for any artificial intelligence technology modeling.

Google, the search giant, is currently hiring 10,000 new employees to clean up YouTube content, and will be dedicated to training computer models in the future. In addition, even after artificial intelligence is activated, it still needs continuous training to improve its abilities and keep pace with the times in the evolving technology.

Artificial intelligence engineer
If you want to find an exciting job in this emerging technology field, then try artificial intelligence engineer. At present, there is a huge gap in the demand for artificial intelligence engineers in the market, which directly leads to the annual salary of senior artificial intelligence researchers at DeepMind reaching 345,000 US dollars. From physics and biology to software engineering, artificial intelligence, especially machine learning technology, needs to combine more analytical capabilities and creativity. For those with this skill, the future looks bright. According to the Gartner report, by 2020, artificial intelligence will be integrated into almost all software products. It will be used as a plug-in component and can also be modularized and customized.

Artificial intelligence tester
Many development teams are currently testing new technologies, hoping to find problems and errors at an early stage, and automatically evaluate and correct incorrect codes. But artificial intelligence is not good at this field, and it will take some time to mature. Therefore, machines need humans to help them evaluate their decisions. According to a report from the White House, many robots, even those that have been deployed on a large scale, require more extensive quality inspection and monitoring. These tasks require humans to complete. Software testers play an important role because they are responsible for modeling the testing workflow. In addition, the software testing supervisor needs to continuously monitor the progress of the project and take over when necessary.

social worker
People are always eager to learn more about others and empathize with others. Medical developments based on medical technology, such as automatic diagnosis technology, can make modern medical insurance systems affordable for everyone, including citizens of developing countries (automated technology is even more accurate than radiology Doctors are 15% higher). With this in mind, the lifespan of human beings will increase faster in the future. The United Nations has stated that by 2100, the average life expectancy of humans worldwide will reach 81 years. At the same time, the various needs of the elderly in human society will increase.

Artificial intelligence will take on more repetitive and universal tasks, allowing humans to set aside more time for other tasks. At the same time, differences in human health care are not so easily replicated.

New sales and marketing manager
The lack of empathy in computers can make up for the lack of insight and prediction accuracy. Therefore, artificial intelligence tools may make some existing sales or marketing jobs obsolete. But not all are so. Artificial intelligence is more likely to change the way marketers work, rather than replace them. For example, marketing managers will be more efficient. In fact, because artificial intelligence technology can undertake certain automated tasks, manual efficiency will be higher.

New entrepreneur
In the past ten years, the entrepreneurial rate of American startups has fallen by 36%, but now things have finally turned around, all thanks to artificial intelligence technology.

In addition to creating artificial intelligence software and solutions that require more talents, every technological revolution brings more freedom to people. As people continue to develop their hobbies and pursue higher dreams, we will see more and more entrepreneurs appear. According to a report in Inc magazine, in the future, more small business owners will regard artificial intelligence as an important competitive tool and use it to automate daily management tasks and analyze customer needs.

In the future, more free time and lower barriers to entry will allow more people to enter the door of entrepreneurship and realize their ambitions.

New technologies can not only create new departments and jobs within the company, but also create new types of businesses. With the popularization of automation technology, the demand for technology will increase. When a robot component fails, someone needs to repair it. Just like although cars will realize autonomous driving in the future, they still need mechanical equipment maintenance.

In addition, if you have carefully observed some major periods of human development, you will notice a kind of subversion. At the turn of the times, there will be more humanistic or mathematical geniuses, as will artificial intelligence technology.

As the computing power and analytical thinking of artificial intelligence have become commodities, economic development will have a great impact on creativity and human compassion, and this will be the last human skill that can be successfully replicated by machines.