Your track is unique

  A friend who works in the IT industry complains to me every three days. She has no interest in her current job. She is muddled every day. Her future life is like being shrouded in a thick mist and unable to shine a beam of light. I asked her questioningly: “Your university major is in computer science, and you are in graduate school. How do you come here after graduating for so many years?” My friend sighed: “Not all because of my brother. .”

  My friend’s brother was a “child of someone else’s family” since he was a child. Since childhood, he has studied Olympics and was admitted to a key high school. He is still a leader in key high schools. He has won many awards in the mathematical and physical competitions in the province. Smoothly and smoothly, admitted to a key university effortlessly. Even so, there are people who sigh because he didn’t enter Tsinghua University or Peking University.
  My friends, who have been in trouble since childhood, are playful and do not like to learn. In order to ask for leave, they racked their brains to make up various reasons. Friends grew up under the nagging of “learning with your brother”. With a strong personality, she took her brother’s life trajectory as her goal. She was admitted to a key high school without disappointment. She was very good at the college entrance examination. She was lucky to be her brother’s university alumni and chose her brother to study computer science. It seems that everything is going smoothly along the established trajectory, but friends who have achieved their goals are not happy.
  I have always known that my friend’s liberal arts scores are outstanding. When I knew that my friend had chosen a relatively weak science subject in the liberal arts department, I was surprised. “I just wanted to go to my brother’s alma mater and study the same major.” My friend told the inside story.
  Standing at the fork in the path of life, the first thing you have to do is not to follow in the footsteps of others or look around, but ask yourself: what kind of scenery do I want to see along the way, and what kind of life am I willing to experience. Friends evaded their own choices and the moment they reached their goals, their hearts were filled with emptiness and confusion about the future, not the joy of harvest. Just like losing a guide, wandering around without knowing where to go, the derailment of your understanding of life means that it is difficult to master.
  When I reported my volunteers, I also received some interference. The mother had the opportunity to become a nurse to enter the hospital to work, but because of some yin and yang, the mother missed the beloved school, which also became a regret for the mother’s life. My mother hopes that I will fill in the nursing science. I know that my mother has always been good for me, but in this matter, my mother’s sensibility overwhelms reason. In fact, I hope that I can complete her unfinished dreams and take her to what she should Perfect life trajectory.
  Although I couldn’t bear it, I still rejected my mother. The perfect life trajectory should be the mother’s, not mine, I can’t replace the mother. No one knows me better than me. I’m so careless and hairy. I’m not suitable for a career that is life-threatening. I have only hung water once since I was a child. I am in this industry. What’s more, I have a major that I like and a career that I yearn for. After a long conversation, I finally persuaded my mother to fill in my favorite profession. At the age of 18, I was unprecedentedly firm: “I know what I like, even if I regret it in the future, I will bear it.”
  I went smoothly I chose my favorite major, I had a pleasant and fulfilling day, and every step was determined and calm. To this day, I am still grateful for my firmness and sobriety, and thankful mother for her understanding and tolerance. No two leaves are exactly the same, and no one’s life path will coincide with others. We admire the success of others, but also want to engrave the success of others. Dong Shi walked along the way, even if we reached the previous goal, put on the medal of the successful, and showed to everyone whether it was the joy of the heart or the smile of the face. I know that if people drink water, they are always cold and warm.
  Facing the ever-changing life trajectory, please keep an open heart and calmness. Because your trajectory is unique, there are no ancients before and no one to come.