Why are you lying to me?

When renting a house in the past, the old house was not well soundproofed. At some twelve o’clock in the middle of the night, I heard the quarreling of the couple upstairs. Perhaps half of the community heard about it, and a woman with a broken heart repeatedly asked, “Why do you deceive me?”

I was aroused by curiosity, leaning against the window to hear why, but I heard nothing but roar and the intermittent irritability of men. Later, it seemed that the property came to the door, and the family was quiet. When I passed the property the next day, I actually had the urge to gossip. Hey, why did you quarrel with the family last night?

My friend told me a story, although it was miserable, but when listening to it, I couldn’t help laughing. The main reason is that she is really young, just like when I was young, I always feel that if a man is a leader, he looks very old-fashioned and outdated. We are in a hot relationship, and we should let go of our behavior. A friend is devoted to his boyfriend at first sight. He looks very handsome and talented, but only a little poor, it doesn’t matter. She is a big hostess, a man has no money and nothing. It’s the same with him. Please ask him to eat. He buys clothes, what are these?

Occasionally, she found that men always make long phone calls with people in the middle of the night. The man explained that it was a work phone or a home phone. He clearly lived with her, but he always went back to his sister’s house to sleep in the middle of the night, on the grounds that it was convenient to go to work the next morning. These two points alone do not make friends suspicious. Business women, busy with work, really have no time to doubt.

I heard it and wanted to laugh because it was because of this that a man who had no money actually moved out for work. The man’s wife added her WeChat, and she knew that the man who was entangled with herself turned out to be the father of a two-year-old son.

There is no way that married men in China are always very free, and it seems that they can spend a lot of time playing fun when they complete the mission of lineage.

Another story was seen on the forum. A married woman posted that after ten years of marriage, she has always felt that her husband is a beloved wife. Every time she comes home from work, she immediately sticks to her wife and keeps saying, “My wife loves you, my wife, I really like it.” you. This is true even with a daughter. She was very satisfied with it. After all, the couples who had been married for many years all looked like brothers, but she still had love.

One day, she accidentally turned on her husband’s spare work phone and found an amazing scene. It turned out that for so many years, her husband had been sticking to her husband, and she never gave up prostitutes. Most of them were when he was on a business trip, and sometimes they sent her to her parents’ house. When eating, there was also an afternoon when he said that he would deliver something to the elderly during the New Year. Husband often patronizes the same place and often can’t wait to start adding people to chat on WeChat when they are on a business trip.

Looking at the scene in front of him, his wife finally understood why her husband’s good buddies looked at his eyes a little bit intriguing.

She could have been deceived for so long, and she knew nothing about her husband and wife as if the love was deep.

I think any of the above stories can tell a woman to roar a series of “Why are you lying to me?”

And this woman didn’t need an answer at all. She just cried like she was crying, and she died.

Generally women see this kind of story, they always think, since men are so deceptive, should we adopt some strategies? Some women can’t help but be like a private detective, detect their own husband, from time to time peek at the phone, and occasionally check the bills for suspicious expenses, every time when the man comes home, he starts to ask the question, where did he go with whom, why? It will take so long.

I think these are unnecessary, a man who is good at lying, the time of the last bathroom is enough for him to flirt with another woman. You ask me what to do, I think it is best to believe in his own eyes. Before he shows any traces, he believes that the other half is really a loyal and good person, living an ordinary and ordinary life. It’s not too late to fight again when the bell rings.

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